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HBO Schedule: 2017 Air Dates & Season Premieres

August 17th 2017

This HBO TV schedule is updated regularly with the most current air dates and premiere dates available anywhere on the web. You’re probably wondering when the new season of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley or Westworld will air, right?  When can I watch my my favorite series online with HBO Go?  You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the latest HBO season premieres in one place. Be sure to check back often as HBO schedule information is updated regularly. Note that some of our start times are estimated so it’s not a guarantee that your favorite show will come out at that time. HBO has fairly consistent seasonal time slots.  All airings and timetables will be updated accordingly as we get more information.

Want to know what’s on HBO right now? A more detailed schedule for August 2017 can be found here.
Here’s what we know about the HBO schedule which was last updated Thursday, August 17th, 2017:

Series Premiere Date Countdown (EST/PST)
Game of Thrones
Season 7
Season 7 Confirmed
Air Date: July 2017
ON THE AIR: Sundays @ 9PM
Watch Game of Thrones Online

True Detective
Season 3
Season 2 Concluded
Season 3 Confirmed!
True Detective Season 3 TBD
Stream True Detective Online
Season 6
Season 6 Confirmed
Watch Girls Online
Series Concluded
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date 2017

ON THE AIR Sundays @ 10:30PM
Streaming Insecure

Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: 2018
Season 2 Air Date TBD 2018.
Watch Westworld Online
The Deuce
Season 1
New Series
Air Date: Sept 10
Airing September 10th
Watch The Deuce Online
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 9
Our Letter to Larry
Air Date: October 1
S9 Airs October 2017

Watch Curb Online

Sesame Street
New Episodes on HBO
Season 46
Air Date: Jan 16
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Saturday Mornings @ 9AM
High Maintenance
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: TBD 2017
Season 2 Air Date TBD.
Watch High Maintenance Online
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: TBD 2017
Divorce Season 2 Air Date TBD.
Watch HBO’s Divorce Online
Vice Principals
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date TBD 2017
Season 2 Air Date TBD
The Wire HD
Complete Series
Now Available
HD Series on HBO Go Now , Blu-Ray Now!
The Mighty 8th
New Mini-Series
Mini-Series Confirmed
Air Date: TBD
Band of Brothers Companion TBD
Season 7
Season 7 Confirmed
Air Date: Spring 2018
Season 7 Airs Spring 2018
Real Time w/ Bill Maher
Season 15
New Episodes
Air Date: Fridays
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Friday Nights @ 10PM
Silicon Valley
Season 5
Season 5 Confirmed
Air Date: Spring 2018
Watch Silicon Valley
John Oliver: LWT
Season 2
Season 3 Confirmed
Watch Online
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Sunday Nights @ 11PM
The Leftovers
Season 3
Series Concluded
Watch Leftovers Online
No Season 4.
Animated Series
Season 2 Confirmed
Watch Animals Online
on-the-air-HBO-ShowsFriday Nights @ 11:30PM
Real Sports
HBO Sports Docs
Airing Monthly on
Tuesday Nights
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Monthly on Tues @ 10PM
Season 3
Season 3
On the Air
ON THE AIR Sundays @ 10:ooPM

Watch Ballers Online

Hard Knocks
2017 Season
Watch Hard Knocks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ON THE AIR: August 8 at 10PM

Season 5
Season 4+ Confirmed
Weekly News Coming!
Season 5 Debuts February 24

on-the-air-HBO-ShowsFriday Night @ 11:00PM
Watch Vice Online

HBO Documentaries
Various Documentaries
Monday Nights
on-the-air-HBO-Shows  Monday Nights @ 8PM

*estimated date based on HBO’s previous scheduling, updated as information becomes available


Confirmed New Series, Special Events & Series

The Young Pope Jude Law, Winter 2016/2017, Trailer
Lewis & Clark Mini-Series ConfirmedDelayed

Other HBO Projects In Development

Code of Conduct In Development
Maddaddam In Development
Utopia No Longer In Development
Virtuoso In Development
The Devil You Know In Development
The Normal Heart Sequel In Development
Game Change Sequel DOUBLE DOWN: Game Change 2012 In Production
Ken Burns Mini-Series The Life of Boxer Jack Johnson In Production
Bored to Death Movie Motion Picture Confirmed In Production
Napoleon Series In Development
American Gods Series not on HBO
Dark Tower Series not on HBO

We update this page continuously but with all of these air dates and premieres flying around, even we can mess up once in a while! If you see something that appears to be inaccurate or you’d like to see an HBO program added to this page please contact us or leave a comment below!

Recently Cancelled/Concluded HBO Series

Vinyl Season 2 Cancelled
Togetherness No Season 3
The Brink Season 2 Unconfirmed
Getting On No Season 4. Series Concluded.
The Newsroom Final Season 3. Series Concluded. No Newsroom Season 4
Boardwalk Empire Series Concluded. No Boardwalk Season 6.
True Blood FINAL Season 7; Series Concluded No True Blood Season 8.
Enlightened Series Cancelled after Two Seasons.
Entourage Final Movie Aired
Hello Ladies No Season 2. Final Special Movie Aired.
Life’s Too Short Series Concluded.  Finale Aired July 5th, 2013
Parade’s End Concluded. See On-Demand & HBOGo.
Eastbound and Down Series Concluded.  Finale Aired.
Family Tree No Season 2 on HBO
The Life & Times of Tim Series Concluded: Finale Aired February 17, 2012
Luck  Entire series cancelled due to controversy over horse deaths.
Bored to Death Cancelled: Motion Picture Confirmed In Production
How to Make it in America Cancelled: New episodes no longer on the air.
Hung Cancelled: New episodes no longer on the air.
Doll and Em Back for Season 2!
Treme Series Concluded.


New on DVD & Blu-Ray

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  1. Magoo /

    Will HBO show the rest.of Boardwalk Empire episode’s if so when??

  2. Rita Carter Thomas /

    Well you made my day seeing The Leftovers will be back. However my heart was broken when I seen it in writing NO MORE TRUE BLOOD… I watched the series finale and I liked the way it ended. You could continue it with that ending!!! Thanks for airing all the awesome shows, true detective, ballers, the brink, and so on…

  3. Loombie /

    Do we know when 7 Days in Hell will have a Western Canada debut?

  4. Zay /

    So no season three of Looking?

  5. Jo Powers /

    What the hell i thought HBO picked up the Dark-Hunter series. Now that is something iv been waiting for. I just really hope they don’t mess it up like True Blood. now that show had a good start but the quality just kept going down hill with every season.

  6. JAVILE /


  7. avcpl /

    “Banshee (Season 3) Third Season to Air Winter 2015*”
    shouldn’t that read Season 4?

  8. Wayne Cole /

    Has HBO scheduled a date for Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Unfortunately not yet.

      For those who don’t know it Audra McDonald’s performance in this piece quickly became legendary. I wouldn’t be surprised if the filmed version is being saved as a big gift at Holiday time. I’m going to throw out a guess that it will air in November 2015. .

  9. Jean Caldwell /

    Any idea as to about when we might hear more about THE DEVIL YOU KNOW?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      The Jeni Kohan project has completed shooting its pilot episode with Gus vas Sant directing. It filmed in the Old Salem area in Mass.

  10. Mark Lucas /

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  11. Richards /


  12. kaylin /

    When will “The leftovers” air?

  13. Corey /

    this list is seriously incomplete and inaccurate. American Gods and the Dark Tower are now not on HBO and never will be (Gods went to Starz, Tower was axed entirely.) If it’s cancelled, why keep it on the list?

    A whole slew of pickups have came out this week. Living on Video, Divorce, Brothers in Atlanta and aren’t mentioned here. It would be good to have the info of confirmed series rather than ones that are out of date/never to air.

    If wants to be the place for HBO news, update this thing already!! Create a “series ended” category. Do some research! Check out the pilot page/deadline etc.


    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Thank you for your feedback Corey and I agree. The Editor-In-Chief and I were discussing an update just yesterday. We are working on it.

      We have successfully reported on the three shows you mentioned above. however, in our current structure we only list those shows on the schedule with a CONFIRMED premiere date. We will look into whether we will remain to use that criteria.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Corey /

        Thanks Jef, I’ll check out those other articles here and thanks for reading my comment.

      • Corey /

        oh and “getting on” season 3 is confirmed

      • Corey /

        also “the leftovers” will not be airing in the summer

  14. Kiki /

    Does anyone know when girls season 5 will start? On another HBO site it says TBD and this one says presumed. What’s happening?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      A fifth season has been confirmed.See this post –

      It won’t likely return until January 2016.

  15. Does anyone know when the new season of the Project Greenlight documentaries are scheduled to air?

  16. Sansa /

    WATCH GAME OF THRONES SEASON 5 —–> http://gameofthronesseason5episode1hd[dot]com

    GAME OF THRONES SEASON 5 EPISODE 1 ONLINE —-> http://hbogameofthronesseason5news[dot]com/

  17. So there isn’t going to be a Newsroom season 4?

  18. Eagerly waiting for Tommorow night premier ready with everything HBO Now subscription and VPN. :)

  19. Kat2808 /

    A series really cool to come this 2015 and you can not miss the excellent plot that manages it ; Magnifica 70 , a series produced by HBO. He is obviously a very good dramatic serie, the script is original, instigator and the dramatic flair of the series will take the audience to the 70s .

  20. Kat2808 /

    A series really cool to come this 2015 and you can not miss the excellent plot that manages it ; Magnifica 70 , a series produced by HBOSe see it is a very good dramatic series . The script is original, instigator and the dramatic flair of the series will take the audience to the 70s .

  21. ReaderV /

    A really well done Historical fact based romantic drama would be Exllecent.

  22. Clara Johnson /

    I really wish you would give Ryan Murphy’s show Open a chance, I mean your reason for passing on it after ordering the pilot, made no sense, saying that after your success with The Normal Heart you didn’t think it was right for HBO, why? I figure you brought up that movie because of it being about gay men and Open having a lesbian character, am I right? That makes me think that ether you thought you had done enough gay centered shows/movies, so you didn’t want another, or you didn’t want to do one with a lesbian character and not a gay male character! So which is it? Ether way its not a good reason! Right now there are no shows with a lesbian lead character that is for adults, not sense The L Word has there been a show that centered at all on lesbians! Most shows that have a gay character only have gay male characters, the few that have a lesbian in it, has them more in the background and not as a lead character! Please be fair and give Open a chance, instead of leaving it in limbo! I see on IMDb it had it as first in pre-production, then in post-production, now it say TV movie, I hope that means that your going to give a chance as a series too, especially if the movie does well! I really want to see it, and know allot of others who want to see it too, sure this is because Anna Torv is in it, but you shouldn’t care why as long as they watch! If you really are going to have it as a movie, when are you going to have it?

    • Ulysess31 /

      You have just fabricated two reasons why they might not have decided to proceed and asked them to choose between them. It is more likely secret option C was the reason for their decision.

      • ....... /

        Don’t you know everything is a conspiracy lol. Really though, he has a spotty record, and even though nip/tuck and AHS have their high points, they also have VERY low points. My guess is they just weren’t impressed with the pilot, which is not totally unbelievable.

  23. Reverseflinch /

    Newsroom great but please let Sorkin know we tire of the immediate quick witted fast talking banter from every character. Becoming like a water torture chamber.

  24. FUcking bullshit. Newsroom was highly entertaining as it went beyond the typical boring socio status of young pop hip shit, it’s intelligent that targeted sensitive political issues was hihly knowledgable. HBO are cunts for cutting it from season 4.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      We get tried of saying it, but your outburst demands we repeat once again – Aaron Sorkin himself ended THE NEWSROOM not HBO.

    • Hated it

  25. Richard Ilaner /

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  26. david /

    what happened to the adaptation of the psychological anime series “Monster”? its been two years already….

    • Nothing new to report! All quiet.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      G. del Toro always seems to have too many irons in the fire and then moves quite slow when he does create something. It might be a long wait.

  27. Didn’t Dwayne Johnson already say/leak that Ballers premieres in June?

    Interesting that HBO doesn’t teaser it when it’s known/planned, perhaps they use the announcements in the silence between Girl/Looking/Togetherness and GoT/Veep/SV

  28. JulianPope /

    looking forward to Westworld a lot

  29. Outcast (Season 1) in production for Cinemax. Air Date: 2015

  30. AlisonB /

    What about the documentary series TIME OF DEATH? please have another season of this beautiful and educational topic that we all must deal with in life.

  31. sal cardinale /

    Thanks for the list!

  32. Ian Riley /

    You can watch all these season from anywhere in the world with PureVPN

  33. Stacey Bruno /

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  34. Snafunk /

    Still nothing on The Spark. Guess at this point its not going to happen..

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Unfortunately it seems you are correct. We have heard nothing about it.

  35. Please die!

  36. bigdsworld /

    I’m so happy to see that HBO’s Getting On is getting renewed for the 3rd season. I never really gave this show a chance up until maybe a month ago and periodically over the past year or 2 and I have to say I feel goofy for sleeping on it, I’m addicted and I’m stalling on watching the last 2 episodes in fear of only having a couple of shows that I really like to watch. Being that Comcast wants to charge me to watch the final season of SOA thru on demand ain’t that about a bitch. I’m already paying a grip just to have xfinity HD.

  37. Deadwood was a great show. Why did they cancel it?

  38. johnny_sordid /

    I wish someone woukd pick uo Terriers after FX canceled it. It was such a good show,definitely up there with Justified and The Shield for best shows FX had,hell i found ita better show than SOA and AHS and i really like those shows as well. But Terriers is much better than stupid shows like The League,Anger Management, and Russel Brands show which all had multiple seasons. It would be awesome if HBO would pick it up

  39. Mike Smith /

    Why not have a biker tv show? I have one. I just cannot get to pitch it.

    • Melissa29 /

      FX already did it…it’s called “Sons of Anarchy”

      • Mike Smith /

        So they never should have done True Blood; since someone already did a
        vampire show? About a million times before? And SOA was just about
        California and not that good and the last two seasons just sucked.
        MAYBE, HBO could work some of their magic on the idea? Set it in the
        South where they have had so much luck of late. Or they could listen to
        you and let A&E and NBC have all the cool shows.

  40. Marren Bond /

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  41. Beamer Beamer /

    Would be nice to see some shows with black people playing positive roles instead of drugs, hookers and jail.

    • SorryBoutit /

      itd be nice to see that in real life as well

    • not politically correct /

      Well maybe they are trying to make the show as real as possible since that’s the democratic of the population that are these people in real life. Al Sharpton included. Check the u.s. crime statistics before you blab your racism. The truth shall set you free

      • Well most of the shows on TV now shows white people in jail, doing drugs, or soliciting hookers so maybe that’s also reflects reality.

        The truth is that most minorities are charged more harshly for crimes, hence the high stats, and I do believe that is the definition racism. So please do check the stats, the truth is plainly there.

        I think it’d be a needed change for positive black roles, maybe the it’ll start mirroring reality!

        • They show white people in jail , doing drugs and other such crimes because they don’t want to ofend blackish people. They also show that black people buy all the right consomer products , insurance ect. in the commercials.

          • So they make a whole show about white people doing illegal shit just to not hurt Black people feelings and so Black people can buy products? Bwahahaha!! Good one buddy! Good Laugh! Thanks!!

      • Chris T /

        Nice. Just watch bait car on true tv, shits on camera.

      • whitey /

        67% of all arrests in the United states are of white ppl. Check ur info. Black ppl are overrepresented by the media to promote the demonization and fear of the black man

      • Liane Blanco /

        The democratic of the population? LOL – it’s funny when a dumb-ass tries to sound smart! You’re the racist here, bubba.

      • DontCareBoutYa /

        Lmao! This idiot said, “Democratic of the population.” What the hell are you talking about? Please change your name to, “Not correct.” Lol

      • kentuckywoman2 /

        Do you mean demographic, instead of democratic?

    • Jim Lally /

      I’d like to see a historical series about the Buffalo Soldiers from the Indian Wars through Korea. I want a real historical drama not like that “Redtails” movie that Hollywood pooped out.

    • The no.1 ladies detective agency with Jill Scott was wonderful. I have no idea why HBO canceled it after only one season. I wish someone would pick it up again.

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  43. BeeFrmNYC /

    HBO needs to make that “Harry Potter TV Show: The Aurors” a thing because that trailer on YouTube for the show is sickening good! HP with more adult themes could be dope showing voldemart rise to power like a prequel series.

  44. CompletelyAverage /

    What about John From Cincinnati?
    Still very angry that they abruptly stopped Deadwood so David Milch could pursue that passion piece (of shit).

  45. Is there any discussion about any of the previous concluded series being brought back or purchasing the rights to other series that were on other networks? I would love to see what HBO could do with Spartacus.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      HBO doesn’t seem to entertain the notion of taking on the saving old series from other sources, except from the BBC. For example, GETTING ON is adapted from a Brit show; DOLL & EM is British and one in development called UTOPIA is a American remake of a BBC series.

  46. Boo

  47. Blair Fox Love /

    I need help there’s anyone know if The Comeback going to return for season 3 if you know please respond thank you!*

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Sorry, we do not have any official news at this time. Though it took nine years for Kudrow to return this time, if it is going to happen again, it will not be as long a wait.

      • J Springer /

        I understand that but it sucks. I loved the show. This just sucks, that show was one of two reasons I got HBO, now I am not sure if I want to keep the subscription.

        • Jef Dinsmore /

          Wow, slow down. the final episode just aired on 12.28. We will hear something soon.

    • BeeFrmNYC /

      The comeback is already airing..saw a couple of episodes already for season 3. You might want to go to “HBO Go” to catch up on episodes you’ve missed already.

    • BeeFrmNYC /

      The comeback has returned as of November 9, 2014. You’ve missed a couple of episodes as they’re currently airing on HBO so you may want to go to “HBO Go” to catch up on the ones you’ve missed.

  48. Jef Dinsmore /

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but this one THE NEWSROOM question keeps on getting asked over and over. HBO did not cancel the show! Aaron Sorkin, was finished with it. He no longer wanted to make it.

  49. kalgcatwoman /

    Why in the world was Newsroom cancelled? It was brilliantly written, had current event issues and was superbly acted, especially by Jeff Daniels.

  50. SAD about Newsroom. What the Hell. I was all invested.

  51. I suggest watching the british version of shameless – much better. honestly funny. as usual HBO robbing a series of british formats – like Getting On and others… I loved TD. Thought it was brilliant.

    • Shameless is a Showtime series.

      • helena /

        If you look closely it has been remade by paul abbott but it is most defiantly a british show first. You can watch it on netflix and see what I mean. Sure it has been adapted for Showtime and american audiences but it us a british sitcom. Many of its themes work better in England then here. For example the neighborhood pub vs a local bar. Or living in council housing vs living on disability- like in the american adaptation.

    • Devonte Cole /

      its a showtime series and it is NOT better than the American version. The States version is excellent t.v. i loved “how to make it in america, they shoulda kept that one.

      • BeeFrmNYC /

        Yes how to make it in America was the bomb! So surreal if you actually live in New York which makes the show all the more interesting.I like “looking” & “the leftovers” too

  52. Dreama Everson /

    Give me something to watch soon or bye bye HBO.


    • helena /

      read the books to tide you over. The books have so much more then the series can fit in.

  54. The Newsroom is one of the best series on TV, best written and best casting. I suppose since there is no violence and little sex( as apposed to other HBO series, Sopranos,Game of thrones, Boardwalk Empire etc..)
    it did not garner the audience needed to keep it going. The Irony is that just like the Newsroom by delivering real news was always threatened by its’ parent company because it lacked an entertainment component, would in the end the program would not be renewed for the same reason. What a shame.

    • Not at all true. Hbo wanted more shows and seasons but Aaron sorkin said he was finished and was ending the show.

  55. Tournament /

    R.R. Martin will be a fan guest of honor at norwescon 2015

  56. Tournament /

    Why was newsroom canceled? Aaron Sorkin is a fantastic writer of intelligent dialogue. Why? Why? Why?
    FYI Terry Goodkind the “the seeker ” was done…

  57. Mark Brown /

    What about “Seeing Red”

  58. Mark Brown /

    What do you guys know about “Seeing Red”

  59. Finish Deadwood goddamnit!

  60. Terry goodkinds sword of truth series should be made into an HBO series. We need HBO to know this cause it will be a much loved show

  61. That Evil Nigga Lucifer /


  62. Henry Westwood /

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  63. Rachel /

    Can anyone please tell me when Game of Thrones season 4 will air on HBO on demand Cox??? I can’t find this info anywhere. Not HBOgo but the on demand. Thank you.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      According to the On Demand schedule module GAME OF THRONES does not appear through the first half of November and that is as far as we can look right now.

      If you go to and click on the module you can track down exactly what is airing on On Demand.

      • Rachel /

        Awesome thank you! It’s been such a struggle trying to find out this simple information. The only reason I have hbo is for Game of Thrones and haven’t finished season 4 yet. Was really disappointed to see it wasn’t on demand. I’m thinking they will have to air it sometime before season 5 starts. Thanks again for your response.

        • Brandon Twiford /

          It’s been on HBOgo for a while now if you just want to link your computer to your TV instead of going through your cable provider. The HBOgo service is free with your cable subscription.

  64. L Vorenus /

    Bring Rome back! Or give us a movie, with Vorenus! Make it a few years after the end of season 2 showing the reign of Augustus. Pretty please, its the best show ever made in my humble opinion, even better than game of thrones. I have so many ideas for it. Please, DO IT!

    • T Pullo /

      Agreed. Best show ever made.

      But I don’t think it’s ever coming back.

  65. notjesus /

    really jesus… ur clearly one of a kind, true detective was amazing and woulda been the best of this year if fargo didnt happen and game of thrones was great as always, couldnt pay me to watch looking

    • Jesus Romero /

      Really notjesus, you haven’t even watched the show and yet you are ragging on my opinion you hypocrite. Why don’t you open up your mind some you homophobe. Anyways I like showtime penny dreadful, shameless and ray Donovan are my crack.

  66. Jesus Romero /

    Sweet looking is coming back. That was a surprisingly good show. The rest of the shows are crap. True detective sucked. And game of thrones has gone downhill.

    • B. McCarthy /

      You don’t have a damned clue. Looking sucks, True Detective no doubt went right over your head, and Game of Thrones is always great. Hipster wank

      • helena /

        it must not take much to go over your head. True Detective is brilliant. No need to criticize if you don’t like it.

    • Mick Brogden /

      lol you know nothing jesus romero jon snow

  67. Tony C. /

    I think that they should bring back or do a new version of OZ. Kenny Powers is the man and hit the end way to damn soon. More importantly I wanted more DEADWOOD!!!! God I miss Deadwood. Also I can’t believe Rome ended. I loved it so much and want more then anything to bring back both Rome and Deadwood. PLEASE HBO. Game of Thrones is amazing and my favorite though.

  68. Sherree Holster /

    Since all the good shows on HBO are gone after this season of Boardwalk this season there’s really no reason to keep HBO.

  69. HBO is screwed… All they have is Game of Thrones. It’s been a long
    time since we’ve seen HBO go through such a major transition. Last year
    brought the end of Treme, Enlightened, and Eastbound & Down; this
    year, they’ll be followed out the exits by True Blood, The Newsroom, and
    Boardwalk Empire. All we are left with is Looking, a dramedy about an
    ever-evolving gay culture in San Francisco. Stupid, no one cares, and no
    one will watch. The Leftovers which just boring, True Detective which
    was just okay, and that was because of the actors, the story was crap.

    happen HBO? Where is the epic story telling like ROME, Band of
    Brothers, Deadwood, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones? What
    is so good about HBOGO and MAXGO if there is nothing good to watch? I am
    going to cancel my subscription until Game of Thrones comes back on,
    then cancel again…

    HBO you have really let me down with your
    up coming series, I am not going to pay 18 dollars a month for Gay,
    Boring, and Crap… for the first time Showtime is kicking your ass,
    with Homeland, Ray Donovan, Shameless, Masters of Sex and Nurse Jackie.
    Even Starz has Black Sails… Both are only 14 dollars a month. You
    can’t live off of 3 month Subscriptions for Game of Thrones alone…
    There are millions of book series out there try Science fiction for a
    change… Gay, Boring, and Crap is just not going to do it…

    • B. McCarthy /

      Speaking of crap, Shameless and Homeland are both just that.

      • Devonte Cole /

        shameless is the truth, but not evryone gets it, if that doesnt mirror your life in some way or another. using terms like”hipster wank” kinda speaks volumes tho lol

  70. ICanHazPants /

    What about How to Make it in America? I really loved that show and the mixtapes they published. Every time ‘I Need a Dollar’ is played I get a bit nostalgic about the show. *sigh*

  71. Juan Rulfo /

    Are past seasons of Game of Thrones not available on HBO OnDemand? I’m house-sitting for someone who has HBO and can’t find it.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      I just did a quick search for you and have discovered that GAME OF THRONES is not on HBO On Demand. Sorry about that. It is on HBO Go.

  72. Rena Embry /

    Last night, 10-10-14, on Coast to Coast, George Noory mentioned another series on HBO which he believed was as good as Breaking Bad. Does anyone know what series this is?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      I’m not familiar with the show you refer to or the personality. Your guess is as good as ours. THE NEWSROOM, perhaps?

  73. YA ABY

  74. Curious In Michigan /

    Does anyone know the name of the adult show that was on around 2 am this morning. what I caught of it. was about 2 lesbian lovers that host a party to introduce their new line of adult toys. I really liked what I saw, but would love to watch the whole show. Thanks

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      The show was a repeat of REAL SEX # 25 from 1990. It repeats on HBO East on Thursday, 10.16 at 11:00pm or is available on HBOGo.

  75. Sharon Cox /

    Anyone know when The Game of Thrones is out ???

  76. GoldenRobot /

    Can’t wait for the new season of “Girls”. I hope they bring back a new season of “Treme” as well.

    • Treme has wrapped. For good. Sorry bout it. Buy the complete set on dvd in all its exquisite glory and enjoy.

  77. Kina Yah Irby /

    Bring the Wire back miss that show love it and I been waiting all summer long for Game Of Thrones now I have to wait until April this is going to be a long winter lol

  78. When will hbo reair game of thrones season 4

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Most likely they won’t. If they do it would be on HBO Signature not the main channel. Or subscribers can watch on HBOGo now.

  79. Do what I do I watch my hobo programs when season over I cancel until new season an I agree they have alo of series that are garbage a only a few are good yet execs are brain dead to what views want old age I guess

  80. Rob Romero /

    When is I Claudius airing?

  81. What the hell is with the cancellation of the newsroom? It’s ratings are through the roof, it’s actors are top notch, and I can’t think of anyone who watched that show and would ever want it cancelled so what’s going on?

  82. 1Maenad /

    You mean Stephen King’s Dark Tower is on hold? How could that not be a sure-fire hit. Home run if you could get King to input, like GRRM is doing for GoT. I need something to replace the void left by TB ending.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      THE DARK TOWER has been in limbo for so long that there is even debate among our writers if it is a dead concept or still going to happen on HBO or anywhere.

      • 1Maenad /

        That’s a shame considering that Stephen King’s books are still very popular and I have heard that The Stand will be made into a Hollywood film.

        • Jef Dinsmore /

          Yes, TRUE DETECTIVE’s Michael McConaughey is now circling around that one.

          • 1Maenad /

            That’s what I heard. To play Randall Flagg. He would be excellent in that role.

          • Jef Dinsmore /

            It is all a waiting game. Mr. King thrives though so something will happen. Watch for it.

      • Someone has GOT to do Dark Tower!! Incredible story- all the angles are there, come on Steve K, kick it up!

    • Abigail Carter /


  83. jason /

    plz u must do another show with the true blood cast please they were all perfect together true blood was the best 7 years of my life

  84. Diane /

    Please tell me when Season 3 of The Newsroom is airing. I will not pay for HBO without it. I plan to suspend my subscription until we have a firm date.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      We have no confirmation of a premiere date yet. It is a frustration for the fans for sure. It seems as if Aaron Sorkin and/or HBO has almost given up on it. We look forward to the announcement soon.

      • Jef Dinsmore /

        and BOOM… your answer is 11.04.14.

        • ICanHazPants /

          This American thing you guys do with dates, it’s utterly revolting. Seriously though, I cannot wrap my head around this format, putting the months first. Who put Moon Moon in charge of the measurement department?

  85. jay67 /

    Boardwalk, GOT, TD, veep, SV, vice – rest of confirmed are garbage. order for boardwalk and then drop till spring.

    • horsey shrink /

      Then sir or madam, you are truly a connoisseur of garbage for television. Please kindly remove your anal-cranial inversion and continue on in a forward motion.

  86. Joe Zoulious /

    bring deadwood back dam cocksuckers

  87. Johnny /

    OK it’s almost Fall, give me a date on The Newsroom. Best show on TV can’t end with 3 seasons, but I understand it’s not an HBO decision.

  88. optimus /

    plzz dont end the newsroom with season 3 we want season 4,5,6,…….n.please

  89. BS601 /

    With True Blood ending can we please get the Dark Tower for its replacement, please!

    They missed out on American Gods and they need something to fill their SyFy void.

    I don’t understand why networks keep passing on The Dark Tower, science fiction / horror tv shows are really hot right now & there hasn’t been a better time for it to premier.

    Plus.. Plus.. Look at how well Under the Dome was received. I think people are ready for the next wave of Stephen King.

    If not The Dark Tower then how about The Silmarillion with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings being big hits why not try out Tokens last book. They can do each section as a new season and maybe tie all of the seasons together in the final season.

    Although that might be more appropriate to follow Game of thrones when it ends.

    Either way I’d be happy if either ever get the green light.

    • Prop87 /

      Tolkien. He was one of the greatest storytellers in history. Please spell his name correctly. Thanks!

    • Rhiannon Kavity /

      You’re not alone in hoping these things! I think there’s going to be a very big hole left behind once True Blood ends and I, for one, am hoping they’ll find something amazing to fill it! All we can do is cross our fingers and wait!

    • I agree! I LOVE The Dark Tower! It is an absolutely amazing story and I need it to re-enter my life! :)

  90. jabbar /

    Ah! its hard to wait too long for Game of thrones s5.

  91. What happened to Hung

  92. EssBee /

    Please do keep The Newsroom going. I do not watch TV shows much, for I feel like I’m wasting my time, but The Newsroom is an absolute exception! I love, love, LOVE that show. Also let us know the release date of season 3!! I am so excited about it!!!!!

  93. Newsroom Fan /

    Newsroom is the best show out there!! Please don’t end it! More people are hearing about it every day! We want a season 4!

  94. mnorm /

    When will we have a premiere date for Newsroom?

  95. Max Boye Hollensted /

    Glad Deadwood is running, in Northend Europa….. But best new series is gommorah…..

  96. Patti and Tom /

    PLEASE PLEASE don’t end The Newsroom! It is the smartest show I’ve ever seen. You need to promote it, so many people haven’t heard of it. We have Newsroom parties to watch the show! Please keep it going!

  97. soniairisweinrib /

    I woes

  98. miz /

    when is boardwalk season 5 starting?

  99. Pittsburgh king /

    last season of boardwalk empire that is down right bull shit

  100. sukkTHEfacc /

    NO more Hello Ladies? WTF? That was surprisingly good. Silicon Valley is getting a Season 2 though. SO sad. This is a failed NBC series with few more swear words and tits…

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