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HBO Gets into Your Head With SCANNERS!

by Jef Dinsmore
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Scanners_InDevelopmentHBO is planning on getting into your head with nefarious results with SCANNERS! Are you old enough to remember the 1981 sci-fi film of the same name by David Cronenberg? It starred Stephen Lack, Jennifer O’Neill, Michael Ironside, and Patrick McGoohan and was about “scanners” or psychics with unusual telepathic and telekinetic powers. They could be used for good; like in law enforcement, but could also be used for nefarious and criminal means. The movie showed just how it could be used for evil intent.  

Instead of WESTWORLD’s Hosts with their agenda think of persons with strong mental powers set in the world of SUCCESSION or INDUSTRY and what havoc they could wreak. Below is a clip from a favored scene of the movie to illustrate just how intensely invasive the “scanners” talents can be. The first person in the clip wants to demonstrate his psychic ability but unbeknownst to him the volunteer for the exercise has stronger abilities and the exercise backfires.

Now think of HBO updating and giving that scene a spin. William Bridges (Emmy-winning writer for Black Mirror) is acting as writer and showrunner for the series. He will team with Yann Demange (LOVECRAFT COUNTRY) who is directing some or all of the project. Both will exec produce as will David Cronenberg himself. This project will be a co-production between HBO, Media Res Studio and Wayward Films. It is being developed as a full drama series for HBO. Though we do not know much at this early development stage it was announced that the series is set in the “mind-bending world” of Cronenberg’s film. Pursued by relentless agents with unimaginable powers, two women living on the fringes of modern society must learn to work together to topple a vast conspiracy determined to bring them to heel. 

We can’t get into their minds to learn anything further about the project but we will keep a close watch. Who knows, perhaps Micael Ironside at the age of 72 can appear to once again play an explosive “scanner.”  

(Source: Deadline)

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