HBO is one of the best networks out there especially if you’re looking to watch premium quality content. Perhaps most of your friends have friends because they watch a whole lot of HBO and the only way to get in and start socializing is to be able to watch all that premium content. Shows like Broadwalk Empire, Game of Thrones (GOT), Silicone Valley, etc. are all pretty addictive. You may also want to find a way to stream HBO shows because the flat screen back home is always occupied by the kids. Regardless of your reasons, there are several ways you can start watching HBO. We’ve covered the best, most economical methods below. So, you can choose what works best!

Get an HBO NOW Subscription

The easiest way to start watching HBO is with NOW, which is HBO’s streaming service. Keep in mind that for $14.99, you will be able to stream just about every HBO show even the premiers. Also, thanks to HBO’s Now app for Android and iOS devices it is possible to stream on the go if you have a 4G connection. The network is also throwing in a free trial for a limited time only. So, this may be the best time to get in on the action.




The only drawback with HBO Now is that you can only stream HBO and no other channels. So, if you want to watch other networks or channels choose one of the options below.

How to Get HBO for Free on Comcast/Xfinity?

You probably already have a Comcast/Xfinity cable service which means that all you need is to activate HBO on your connection. Depending on your package it may be included for free, or it may be bundled with your existing package. Even though you may have to call up Xfinity to find out about the current status of your cable package, you can also follow the steps here to activate HBO. We also cover how you can get HBO for free on that same page.

Get Xfinity with Free HBO

How to Get HBO for Free on DISH?

The DISH Network is one of the oldest satellite TV service providers. The good news is that in addition to HBO the service includes hundreds of other networks. Plus, DISH also operates Sling TV, so they are pretty deep into the streaming and broadcasting ecosystem. That means that their streaming services also include HBO. One way to get HBO is to call up DISH and get it added to your existing package. You can also follow through with the steps we discuss in detail here to add HBO to your subscription or watch it for free.


How to Get HBO for Free on Charter Cable / Spectrum

Another way to start watching HBO on your TV is to subscribe to Spectrum formally called Charter Cable. If you’re already a subscriber, call the company and ask them to add HBO to your subscription. It will cost a little extra since HBO is considered a premium channel. Sometimes Spectrum offers HBO for free but only for a limited time. You can find out more about adding HBO to your existing Spectrum subscription here.

How to Get HBO for Free on DIRECT TV

If you are into AT&T’s ecosystem, then there is a good chance that your TV is hooked up to a DIRECT TV subscription. There are some DIRECT TV packages which include HBO, and with others, it will have to be added on. You can do that by either logging into your DIRECTV TV account and adding HBO, or you can call up the company. If you need more help we have a detailed article which will walk you through the steps here.

How to Get HBO for Free on Time Warner Cable?

Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable companies in America, and there is a good chance you’re already hooked up to it. If Time Warner is your cable service provider adding HBO is a matter of either upgrading to a package which includes it, or you can add the channel. We walk through all the steps required to get HBO for Time Warner Cable customers here.

How to Get HBO for Free on Cox Cable

If you want to watch HBO at a great price Cox Cable can help you do it. Their packages come bundled with HBO, and the prices are competitive. Also, you can add HBO to an existing bundle. Sometimes they even offer HBO for free. You can check out our detailed guide on getting HBO on Cox Cable here.


Online Streaming Options

Now if you’d instead stream HBO and avoid using cable television, there are a number of good streaming options. Also unlike HBO Now you’ll be able to stream several different networks.

Get HBO on Hulu for Free

Hulu is one of the leading online streaming services, and they even have apps for mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Plus, you can subscribe to Hulu in addition to various other channels. Hulu is indeed worth a shot for anyone looking to stream a load of channels like HBO and not have to pay for it through the nose. You can find out more about Hulu here.

Try HBO Free on Hulu Live


Stream HBO on Sling for Free

Sling TV is one of the leading online streaming services which now offers several different packages. Not all of them qualify you to add HBO. However, those that do allow you to add HBO to an existing package for a small fee. Plus Sling TV may also offer HBO for free for a limited time on short notice. You can find out more about that here.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Get HBO on CenturyLink

CenturyLink operates through DIRECTV with bundles starting at $35 a month. Some packages include premium channels like HBO. That said it is also possible to existing subscribers to add HBO. We walk you through the entire process of setting up HBO on CenturyLink here.