Sign Up for Xfinity with HBO Today

The great thing about Comcast’s Xfinity is that your home is probably already connected to their service and just awaiting activation. It’s easy to get HBO on Comcast because it’s included (sometimes for free) with many of the bundles you’re going to be offered when you call in. Give Xfinity a call now and ask about their current HBO deals.


or visit the Xfinity website here:

Get Xfinity with Free HBO

Add HBO to Your Existing Xfinity/Comcast Plan

If you’re already a subscriber to Xfinity or Comcast you can either call the above number to upgrade or just login at and choose “Manage Your Plan” towards the bottom of the page.


From there you’ll be able to add or remove any number of channels from your plan. You’ll probably do what I did and login to cancel something only to end up subscribing to RedZone, Starz and Cinemax too!  Login here to add HBO to your existing Xfinity account.

Get Xfinity with Free HBO

Wait for a Special Free HBO Preview Week or Weekend from Comcast

free-weekend-hbo-comcast-300x300Sometimes cable providers like Comcast offer a free weekend of HBO to their existing customers. They usually call it an”HBO Freeview weekend” or something similar.

They announce them on Facebook and other social media platforms so if you’re trying to stay on top of the free HBO weekends from Xfinity that might be the most direct feed.  These happen several times per year often as traditional TV seasons begin (~January, April and September)! also has all of those announcements as well.

Add HBO to a non-Xfinity Streaming Account

Perhaps, in this age of cheap online streaming services you’re not looking to sign up for a classic Comcast cable package that includes HBO.  That’s fine, there are a ton of other options out there to try. You can add HBO to your Amazon, Sling or Hulu Live account for about the same price as adding to to your Xfinity plan. They also offer free HBO weekends and deals as well.

Add HBO to Prime Add HBO to Hulu Add HBO to Sling

However you choose to add HBO to your Xfinity plan be sure to utilize the streaming app associated with your account. For Comcast/Xfinity users you’ll get an HBOGo login and password that matches your normal Xfinity login.