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What is Up With Max’s DUNE Series?

by Jef Dinsmore
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The Denis Villeneuve series of movies is certainly holding strong for the DUNE franchise, but what about the Max series? If you recall it started out as DUNE: THE SISTERHOOD and now has changed the title to DUNE: PROPHECY. We’ve already reported on some of the challenges for the series that was supposed to drop sometime in late 2024, but now we are just not sure when we will see this prequel series roll out. 

People_JohanRenckJohan Renck was at the helm, last we knew, with a vision to match the look of the series to sync with Villeneuve’s Dune Part I and Dune Part II. WBD hit stop on the production and opted to creatively overhaul it. Renck stated, “There was a lot of stuff that was going on, but no one can be held responsible, or showrunners that got exchanged, and the original idea of the story completely changed course also because it used to be called, ‘Dune: Sisterhood,’ and then it changed names and became a completely different thing. Again, that’s something that can happen in episodic TV, and it’s just like, either you are okay being in and functioning in that environment of that kind, but it never has been or will it be something for me.”

So, just like the drifting sands of any desert environment, this series has drifted into something else. Anna Foerster came on as showrunner. PROPHECY is now different from SISTERHOOD, but it still follows the Harkonnen Sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the fabled sect known as the Bene Gesserit. The mystical coven seeks to acquire power and influence to direct humanity on an enlightened path, a concerted effort planned and executed over centuries.


It has been reported that the first season had completed its filming by December 2023. Therefore, you would think, some sort of visual hint of the series should be seen by now. Yes, there will be plenty of FX-based post-production to be done still, but marketing should be exciting fans already. THE PENGUIN has been giving us solid glimpses and it isn’t targeted until Fall either. Yes, we know there is not much new to report here, but that is the point.

Yes, we know there is not much new to report here, but that is the point. Surely, by now more solid word should drop. Here is to the hope that some snippets of the show surface soon. It would be advantageous to ride the dune crest that the DUNE movies have generated to get fans onboard DUNE PROPHESY. Or perhaps we are to wait for DUNE Part II to hit its steaming window on Max to couple it with teasers for the upcoming series? So, will we still see DUNE PROPHESY in 2024 or perhaps Winter 2025? We await some sort of ‘Coming Soon’ announcement soon. How about you?

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