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HBO Documentary Series: THE JINX – PART TWO Premiere | Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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We’re going back in – back into the life of Robert Durst. We were shocked the first time around when we watched THE JINX: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF ROBERT DURST back in 2015. Will we be shocked again as the story moves into the trial phase of this man’s crimes? THE JINX – PART TWO  continues the investigation over the next eight years. It brings to light material including interviews with Durst associates who had never before come forward, phone calls Durst made from jail to his friends, family, and lawyers, and video footage from the interrogation room where prosecutors interviewed him after his arrest. Remember, just hours before that last episode aired, Durst was arrested in New Orleans for the murder of his longtime friend Susan Berman back in Los Angeles. He managed to evade justice for over three decades. HBOWatch is here to see just how the rest of Durst’s saga plays out.

Chapter 7: “Why Are You Still Here?”

I knew from the opening shots that director Andrew Jarecki once again had this covered. He gave us the telephone communique between Durst and his lawyer the day he was picked up by authorities, which was Docs_TheJinx2-KeyArtthe day before the final episode of THE JINX aired. Was Jarecki afraid that Durst was coming for him? My point here is that if Jarecki could access that phone call, he was in touch with getting everything on Durst that was required to see this saga carried to its conclusion. It illustrates that no stone would be unturned in the hope of getting all the dirt on Robert Durst there was to get. We just need to sit back and let it unfold. I recall in real-time when Durst matters would appear in the news and I gravitated to it because, at that time, there was no word that Jarecki would pick up the investigation and see it through to the bitter end. I was pleased to see JINX 2 come into play and knew, despite the news beat following it, it wouldn’t be definitive and conclusive until Jarecki made it so. 

Based on what was exposed on THE JINX, cold case investigators opted to pursue the one solid case they could – the Susan Berman case. But before they could do that, Robert Durst was on the move. He was agitated by what was playing out on HBO and fled his Houston Texas apartment. This was learned by cameras at his apartment complex, bank withdrawal records days before his fleeing attempt, and tracking his cell phone pings. He was on the run. But little tips and clues, like in any investigation, started to appear. One such tip that this first installment of THE JINX – PART TWO runs with is Durst’s unusual friendship with Chris Lovell. He was a juror on the Morris Black case whom Durst was acquitted of murdering. Who befriends a juror of your case? It is a relationship worth investigating because it appears that Lovell aided Durst in his getaway. Lovell and his wife were caught on camera seemingly cleaning out Durst’s apartment of belongings. This is worth a follow-up indeed. 


Director – Andrew Jarecki

The good detective work evidentially pins Durst to a Marriot hotel in New Orleans, Louisana where he is arrested. In his hotel room were found drugs, lots of money, a loaded firearm, a well-made latex face mask, and a map of Cuba. So, just so we get this clear, Robert Durst is arrested on Saturday night BEFORE Sunday’s final installment of THE JINX and the shit hit the fan. He is asked during initial police interviews, once again information utilized by Jarecki, to answer the question “Why are you still here” and Durst responds either boldly or stupidly, (you decide) that he never thought he’d get arrested.  That’s because, I think, Durst, in his way, plays his incarceration so close to the vest, so cool, despite being a doddering 71-year-old; it boggles the mind.   

In the last ten minutes of this installment with the help of his second wife, Debrah Charatan, Durst assembles a defense team, including the lawyer who helped get him acquitted in the 2003 murder trial of Morris Black. Not only does he have lawyers to fight for him, as recorded conversations prove, but Durst also has a loyal band of friends to support him and he lets them know that “you don’t tell them shit!” Durst is ready to duke it out! 

HBOWatch is ready to let THE JINX- PART TWO play out. We hope you join us. 

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