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A bit of detail about the upcoming Dunk & Egg tale has hit. First, its working title seems to be just A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS thus, dropping the “The Hedge Knight” portion of the title. That could change between now and screentiTheHedgeKnight_Titlecard-300x186me, but we’ll run with it. We will await the official keyart before we will know for sure. 

Also, we learn that the first season will consist of six episodes as opposed to the usual ten for a GoT title. Before you grumble about that, it makes sense. The Hedge Knight, the source material for this series, was a 160-page novella from George R. R. Martin not one of his 900-page opuses. Unnecessary and fabricated filler would have to make this plotline large enough for a full 10 episodes, so it is smart to contain it to the tight, concise story we are given. Each continuing novella would then be fodder for the next season of the series going forward. All makes sense to us. 

People_OwenHarris-218x300And to ensure the title gets that proper treatment, a director has been assigned to helm the first three episodes. It is Owen Harris who will also sit as an executive producer as well as the one establishing the directorial vision for the series. 

If you don’t know of Owen Harris’s work you never watched Black Mirror. Harris is best known for helming two of the British Twilight Zone-ish series’ finest episodes — “Be Right Back” and the widely acclaimed “San Junipero.”  

With this key player in place, plus the leads cast for A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS announced the series is moving forward as expected. It will offer a different approach to the style seen by the GoT franchise to date. The adventures of Dunk & Egg will be a more close, intimate small-scale tale than the big epic sagas we’ve seen. It is all good, as there is more than one way to tell the stories of Westeros and the surrounding region and all the myriad persons that live there. We’ll keep you posted.

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