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DISH is arguably one of the oldest satellite TV providers also referred to as Dish Network. DISH is owned by the same company that runs Sling TV. Apart from a physical installation, Dish subscribers also get access to the company’s subscriber-only video streaming service. The streaming service includes a lot of HBO programming. You call DISH to ask them about adding HBO to your subscription or what programs are part of the package by calling the number below.


Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:

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Add HBO to Your Existing DISH Plan

HBO can easily be added to any one of the so-called ‘America’s Top Package’ via the website. The channel is available as an add-on to all four of the packages. You can add HBO by either calling the number above or logging-in to the website with your subscription details. Then add HBO or a couple of other channels to your subscription, and you’re done!

Wait for a Special Free HBO Preview Week Special from DISH

Now on the off chance that DISH does happen to announce a free HBO preview week, that’s another great way to enjoy HBO programming for free. It will seemingly be called “HBO Preview Weekend Special” or something to that effect. Guess you’ll know it when you see it!

The announcement is often made on Twitter or Facebook so make sure you subscribe to their page or follow them. Expect a similar announcement at least a few times a year.

The DISH Official Press Release Page also carries the latest announcements.Free-HBO-on-DishTV-300x158

Add HBO to a non-Dish Streaming Account

Thanks to today’s excellent internet speeds cheap streaming services are an excellent way to watch HBO without having to subscribe to conventional cable TV. You can just as easily and for the same price, but 2x the convenience add HBO to your Hulu Live, Amazon, and a Sling account. Here too you’ll be informed of so-called free HBO weekends and loads of other deals.

Add HBO to Prime Add HBO to Hulu Add HBO to Sling

Regardless of how you add HBO to your Dish plan, make sure to also use the associated streaming app. The HBOGo app login and pass is in most cases going to be the same as your Dish log-in.

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