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Centurylink is one of the largest DSL providers in the United States. The company also happens to have one of the best online streaming services and offer regular TV Cable in collaboration with DIRECTV in some parts of the country. Centurylink boasts of several hundred channels based on the package you subscribe to. HBO is a part of a few of these packages in which case if you subscribe to the package you get HBO. However, HBO can also be added to a qualifying subscription which apparently will cost a bit more.

For new CenturyLink service it’s easiest to just call:



visit this website.


Add HBO to an Existing Centurylink Subscription

If you are an existing Centurylink subscriber adding HBO requires that you log-into your account. Then scroll down to “HBO” click ‘add,’ and you’re done. Keep in mind that you’ll be billed extra for all premium channels.

The Centurylink subscription with HBO added to it, can be used to log-in to your HBO Go account and stream any shows you want on the go.


Get Special Offers on Free HBO with a Centurylink Subscription

One way to get free HBO is to start by buying a Centurylink package which includes 3 months of premium channels for free. However, existing subscribers will need to wait for the ‘Free HBO Weekend’ which runs a couple of times a year and is announced usually on Friday or Thursday. One way to keep up to date and find out when the next “Free HBO Weekend” is scheduled for is to check our news feed. You should also ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ Centurylink on Facebook and Twitter because that’s where all the freebie related announcements are made.

Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:

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