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Time Warner Cable was one of the largest cable television networks operating in around 29 states before it was acquired by Charter Communication and rebranded as Spectrum. Charter continued to operate the network as TWC in most states before a rebranding in 2016. Though Spectrum for some reason uses the same and email address even for new customers. So, getting HBO on TWC is going to be the same as getting it on Spectrum as they are one in the same thing. You can call the number listed below to find out more about getting HBO with your Spectrum subscription. Call anytime for new service and deals with HBO:


Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:

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Add HBO to Your Present Time Warner Cable TV Plan

If you already are a Time Warner customer, start by signing into your account. Click on HBO once signed in add it to your present subscription. HBO does cost you an extra $15 per month so keep that in mind. The same goes for a couple of other channels.


Maybe Sit Tight for TWC’s Special HBO Free Preview Weekend

The HBO Free Preview Weekend is generally available in summer, sometime during the first half of any given year. Though TWC is not known for keeping things strictly timed and so you can expect an announcement at any time.

The best way to keep up to date with the latest from the Time Warner Cable company is to like their Facebook page or hang with them on Twitter. Since all the announcements come via social media, it is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on HBO Free Preview Weekend.



Add HBO to a non-Time Warner Cable Streaming Account

Now you don’t need to have a TWC subscription to watch all your favorite HBO shows. The internet allows you to stream HBO via various online-only streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu Live and Amazon Prime. You can also subscribe and stream HBO via their official GO app which is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Add HBO to Prime Add HBO to Hulu Add HBO to Sling

Once HBO is part of your Time Warner Cable account, just log-in to start streaming it via the mobile app. You can use the same username and password associated with your TWC account to log-into your HBO app to start streaming.


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