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If you are part of AT&T’s ecosystem, then there is a good chance that you’re an existing DIRECTV Subscriber. DIRECTV also has a live streaming counterpart that does not require a set-top box and a bunch of cables running to and from your TV. That said DIRECTV is one of the best ways to get a leg up on all HBO programming. In most cases depending on the package you’ve subscribed to HBO should be part of it but if not you can always call them (at the number below) to get it added on for an extra charge of course.


Or grab HBO directly, without a cable subscription from HBOMax:

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Add HBO to Your Existing DIRECTV Plan

Adding HBO to your existing DIRECTV plan is as simple as going to Account overview, then click My DIRECTV. Click on Manage My Plan, then add HBO, after which don’t forget to click on Activate Now. Alternatively, you can also add HBO by texting HBO to 223322.

Wait for a Special Free HBO Preview Week Special from DIRECTV

One other way to watch HBO for free on DIRECTV is when they announce a free preview for a few days. Generally, it is called something like “July FREE Preview” or “4-Day FREE Preview”. You’ll know its free and has HBO because those will be the words in the announcement!

Generally, DIRECTV makes those announcements via Facebook and Twitter, so you’ll want to follow them on those social networks. You can also check out DIRECTV‘s official website for the latest updates.


Add HBO to a non-DIRECT TV Streaming Account

Now you don’t need a conventional wired cable TV connection to keep up the latest HBO shows. Thanks to the internet and the fact that HBO is available for streaming with a Sling TV, Hulu Live and Amazon account means that you can watch the latest and greatest on the go. Every now and then these live streaming services also run HBO for free along with other premium channels.

Add HBO to Prime Add HBO to Hulu Add HBO to Sling

Now regardless of how you add HBO to a DIRECTV account, you’ll want to log-in and also use the streaming app on your mobile device. HBOGo uses the same log-in and password info as your DIRECTV account, but you can always contact support if that’s not the case.

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