watch-john-oliver-onlineIf you call yourself a fan of The Daily Show you know full well who John Oliver is. When he made his way to HBO it was a big moment for both his old show, and HBO as well. While Real Time with Bill Maher has been a Home Box Office subscriber favorite for years, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a little bit different format for HBO.

There are several streaming options for watching Last Week Tonight with john Oliver online. Here are some of the more convenient choices.

Watch John Oliver Live with Sling Premium

The days of traditional cable are numbered. The prices are too high (and getting higher). There’s an cheaper and easier way to watch shows like Last Week Tonight online without the extra stuff you dont need. Sling is a package of streaming cable channels and HBO is an add on to that. Packages start at only $25 a month so it’s a great way to save.

Take advantage of the 7-Day free trial and see if you’re happy streaming John Oliver’s show that way.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Hulu Live has HBO and John Oliver Streaming for a Discount

Want all of the channels those big cable packages offer but none of the price gouging? Hulu live is the future of TV where you’ll get all those channels without the commitment or price tag. John Oliver is truly live streaming on their platform, not just a next-day recording:

Get HBO on Hulu Live

Is John Oliver on Netflix or Hulu?

Neither Netflix nor Hulu has much access to late night talk. That, and the fact that HBO keeps it’s content close to the vest and you’ll know that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is not on Netflix or Hulu.  We wouldn’t expect the show to appear on these streaming platforms any time soon either because, if anything HBO is keeping their content even more exclusive these days.

To clarify, John Oliver is on Hulu Live but not the classic Hulu streaming service.

Watch John Oliver Online with HBO Go or HBO Now

You can always get John Oliver on HBO with their two streaming apps and websites. HBO Go is what you have if you’re a cable subscriber. You’ll need a log in and password from Comcast or whoever your provider is. The app is free with your normal subscription.

watch-john-oliver-free-streaming-1024x522As for HBO Now, you won’t need a cable subscription at all to use this, of course. John Oliver can be streamed the following day with both of these services. Because the show is live, like Real Time with Bill Maher, you won’t get it instantly online.

Is there a John Oliver HBO Live Stream?

Not officially. That’s the only bummer about HBO Go and HBO Now is that these live shows aren’t available via streaming. John Oliver and Last Week Tonight will have to wait until the following day if you’re wanting to stream them legally.

Illegally, however you can always do a Google search for an unofficial live stream. Be aware that viruses, malware, sexually explicit ads and choppy streams await you inf you choose this method!

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight Free on YouTube

Another free option is to wait until the following day when HBO uploads the best of John Oliver to YouTube on their official stream. Check those out if you don’t want to subscribe and don’t need the full thirty minutes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver online necessarily.