streaming-Real-Time-Bill-Maher-HBOEasily the most consistently controversial program on HBO’s air, Real Time with Bill Maher is a pillar of HBO’s weekly lineup. Bill Maher has been doing a program of this type for two decades so he knows how to make it work comedically and politically. They try to keep a fair and balanced panel but it usually skews left just a bit.

There are a few different ways to watch Real Time with Bill Maher online or streaming. He’s on HBO so you know the apps and website are going to be polished and beautiful, just like Bill (ha!)

Watch Real Time Live with Sling Premium

Sling is one of the leading cable alternative packages you’ve probably been hearing about. People are ditching cable and switching to services like these which, for Sling, starts at only $20 per month with the option to add HBO and in turn, Bill Maher’s show.

There’s also a 7-Day free trial so you really have nothing to lose on this one.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Is Real Time with Bill Maher on Netflix or Hulu?

HBO pulled all of its content from Netflix and Hulu many years ago, including Real Time with Bill Maher. In fact, Netflix has yet to figure out how to make a variety show such as Maher’s at all. This is the kind of content they’ll need if they want to compete with the Home Box Office. Needless to say Real Time is also not on Hulu Classic but it is on Hulu Live:

Get HBO on Hulu Live

Watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO Go or HBO Now for Free

HBO’s twin apps, HBO Go and HBO Now are the best way to stream Real time with Bill Maher online. There are some key differences between the apps, though they both function exactly the same once booted up on your devices. HBO Go, however, requires you to log in with your cable company credentials. So if you subscribe to HBO in a traditional manner, through a cable company, this is the app you want. All episodes are there the next day.


HBO Now does not require a subscription through Comcast or any cable company. You simply sign up for 15$ a month or so and you can even log in with Facebook at that point. Easy.

Download Full Episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher

If you’d rather download an episode and own it forever you can find them on They’ll cost you two dollars a piece or twenty dollars per season. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to us because the episodes are so timely but we won’t judge. Maybe you were on this episode or something! Or maybe you just need to find a quote or segment for a presentation. Either way, you can grab the episodes for a small fee on Amazon.

Watch Clips and Major Bill Maher Events on YouTube

The Real Time team often posts important Bill Maher content on their YouTube channel. Sometimes it’s content that you won’t see on HBO proper such as the “Overtime” segments. Other times it’s a particularly funny “New Rule” or interview. Maybe this is all you need of the show each week! True fans will want the entire program but YouTube is absolutely free.