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HBO Schedule: 2017 Air Dates & Season Premieres

June 26th 2017

This HBO TV schedule is updated regularly with the most current air dates and premiere dates available anywhere on the web. You’re probably wondering when the new season of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley or Westworld will air, right?  When can I watch my my favorite series online with HBO Go?  You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the latest HBO season premieres in one place. Be sure to check back often as HBO schedule information is updated regularly. Note that some of our start times are estimated so it’s not a guarantee that your favorite show will come out at that time. HBO has fairly consistent seasonal time slots.  All airings and timetables will be updated accordingly as we get more information.

Want to know what’s on HBO right now? A more detailed schedule for May 2017 can be found here.
Here’s what we know about the HBO schedule which was last updated Monday, June 26th, 2017:

Series Premiere Date Countdown (EST/PST)
Game of Thrones
Season 7
Season 7 Confirmed
Air Date: July 2017
Game of Thrones Season 7 Airs: July 16th
Watch Game of Thrones Online

True Detective
Season 3
Season 2 Concluded
Season 3 TBD
True Detective Season 3 TBD
Stream True Detective Online
Season 6
Season 6 Confirmed
Watch Girls Online
Series Concluded
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date 2017
Insecure Season 2

Airs: July 23rd at 10:30PM
Streaming Insecure

Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: 2018
Season 2 Air Date TBD 2018.
Watch Westworld Online
The Deuce
Season 1
New Series
Air Date: Sept 10
Airing September 10th
Watch The Deuce Online
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season 9
Season 9 Confirmed!
Our Letter to Larry
Curb Season 9 Air Date: TBD 2017

Watch Curb Online

Sesame Street
New Episodes on HBO
Season 46
Air Date: Jan 16
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Saturday Mornings @ 9AM
The Young Pope
Air Date: January 15
Watch it Online
Limited Series Concluded.
Big Little Lies
Air Date: February 19th Series Concluded
High Maintenance
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: TBD 2017
Season 2 Air Date TBD.
Watch High Maintenance Online
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date: TBD 2017
Divorce Season 2 Air Date TBD.
Watch HBO’s Divorce Online
Vice Principals
Season 2
Season 2 Confirmed
Air Date TBD 2017
Season 2 Air Date TBD
The Wire HD
Complete Series
Now Available
HD Series on HBO Go Now , Blu-Ray Now!
The Mighty 8th
New Mini-Series
Mini-Series Confirmed
Air Date: TBD
Band of Brothers Companion TBD
Season 6
Season 6 Confirmed
Air Date: April 16th
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Sunday Nights @ 10PM
Real Time w/ Bill Maher
Season 15
New Episodes
Air Date: Fridays
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Friday Nights @ 10PM
Silicon Valley
Season 4
Season 4 Confirmed
Watch Silicon Valley
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Sunday Nights @ 10:30PM
John Oliver: LWT
Season 2
Season 3 Confirmed
Watch Online
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Sunday Nights @ 11PM
The Leftovers
Season 3
Season 3 Confirmed!
Watch Leftovers Online
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Sunday Nights @ 9PM
Animated Series
Season 2 Confirmed
Watch Animals Online
on-the-air-HBO-ShowsFriday Nights @ 11:30PM
Real Sports
HBO Sports Docs
Airing Monthly on
Tuesday Nights
on-the-air-HBO-Shows Monthly on Tues @ 10PM
Season 3
Season 3 Confirmed
Air Date: 2017
Ballers Season 3

Airs: July 23rd @ 10:ooPM
Watch Ballers Online

Hard Knocks
2017 Season
Watch Hard Knocks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Airs: August 8th

Season 5
Season 4+ Confirmed
Weekly News Coming!
Season 5 Debuts February 24

on-the-air-HBO-ShowsFriday Night @ 11:00PM
Watch Vice Online

HBO Documentaries
Various Documentaries
Monday Nights
on-the-air-HBO-Shows  Monday Nights @ 8PM

*estimated date based on HBO’s previous scheduling, updated as information becomes available


Confirmed New Series, Special Events & Series

The Young Pope Jude Law, Winter 2016/2017, Trailer
Lewis & Clark Mini-Series ConfirmedDelayed

Other HBO Projects In Development

Code of Conduct In Development
Maddaddam In Development
Utopia No Longer In Development
Virtuoso In Development
The Devil You Know In Development
The Normal Heart Sequel In Development
Game Change Sequel DOUBLE DOWN: Game Change 2012 In Production
Ken Burns Mini-Series The Life of Boxer Jack Johnson In Production
Bored to Death Movie Motion Picture Confirmed In Production
Napoleon Series In Development
American Gods Series not on HBO
Dark Tower Series not on HBO

We update this page continuously but with all of these air dates and premieres flying around, even we can mess up once in a while! If you see something that appears to be inaccurate or you’d like to see an HBO program added to this page please contact us or leave a comment below!

Recently Cancelled/Concluded HBO Series

Vinyl Season 2 Cancelled
Togetherness No Season 3
The Brink Season 2 Unconfirmed
Getting On No Season 4. Series Concluded.
The Newsroom Final Season 3. Series Concluded. No Newsroom Season 4
Boardwalk Empire Series Concluded. No Boardwalk Season 6.
True Blood FINAL Season 7; Series Concluded No True Blood Season 8.
Enlightened Series Cancelled after Two Seasons.
Entourage Final Movie Aired
Hello Ladies No Season 2. Final Special Movie Aired.
Life’s Too Short Series Concluded.  Finale Aired July 5th, 2013
Parade’s End Concluded. See On-Demand & HBOGo.
Eastbound and Down Series Concluded.  Finale Aired.
Family Tree No Season 2 on HBO
The Life & Times of Tim Series Concluded: Finale Aired February 17, 2012
Luck  Entire series cancelled due to controversy over horse deaths.
Bored to Death Cancelled: Motion Picture Confirmed In Production
How to Make it in America Cancelled: New episodes no longer on the air.
Hung Cancelled: New episodes no longer on the air.
Doll and Em Back for Season 2!
Treme Series Concluded.


New on DVD & Blu-Ray

View All HBO Series on DVD/Blu-Ray

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  • Shari Covens

    Please, please, please continue THE BRINK! So good!

  • Steven Mulroney

    Too many pussified new shows. The young pope, sucks, big little lies, sucks, girls, sucks!!!! Time for more action…..

  • Jim5757

    HBO line-up is politically correct fare with little to no entertainment value – SHO, which is also politically correct with a dose of the mainstream, offers entertainment for a more diverse community that is watchable on its own merit.

    • Bradley Adams

      Huh? That’s crazy. The only notable show on showtime is shameless.which is absolutely not politically correct. hbo has game of thrones and westworld. There haven’t been two better shows imo.

  • Bruce Robert’s

    when will be the next game of thrones marathon?

  • Wasn’t girls on to be shown on february????? I’m sure I heard it from u guys ?!!! Why it’s tbd now?

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  • demonweber666

    Anyone know how to get the upcoming movies for February 2017 on HBO?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I’m not sure what you are asking. Do you want a list of the Saturday night premieres for Feb? A list of all the movies on the channel and its sites for the month?’s Schedule module can provide answers or you can clarify your inquiry here and we will assist.

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  • racewme

    I hope you are bringing the 3D back soon. What a horrible time to remove it…Thanksgiving weekend???

    The 3D content is the only reason I kept HBO….

  • Dana

    where are the 3D movies? I always looked forward to new 3D movies, now there are none, what happened?


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  • We cannot wait for “Fumes” to premier.

  • Josh Jennifer

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  • Erica L.

    Love the new series “The night of” Will there be a new series now that Episode 8 had such an anticlimactic end?

    • Selassie Pickney

      How was the end anti-climactic? We’re so used to writers not wrapping up stories, we forget how stories are supposed to end.

  • Aria Kumar

    Really loved the Newsroom. I hope it wasn’t a ratings issue that drove the decision to cancel that show :(( Jeff Daniels was FANTASTIC as an ego-centric news anchor!

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Aaron Sorkin is the one who killed it himself.

    • shanauer

      Agreed. But I LOVE anything by Aaron Sorkin.

  • Dylan

    Will the free preview weekend be available in Canada??

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Not likely. You can easily find out though as it is underway. Search on your schedule guide of your cable or satellite provider and see if they have unscrambled the channel.

      • Dylan

        Ah that’s unfortunate. Thanks anyways for the reply.

  • Dan75

    Is HBO Go airing GoT as the same time on tv?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      GAME OF THRONES will appear on HBONow/Go at the same time as it airs on TV. However, the streaming sites are NOT a part of the free preview weekend. You will have to have a subscription in order to watch on the sites.

  • billy

    it now looks like Westworld will start sun sep 11 instead of the summer

    • Jef Dinsmore

      How do you know that?

      • billy

        Well it looks like of the night will get the 9 o’clock summer slot. That series ends right before Labor Day. HBO takes a break Labor Day weekend for their series. Sunday, September 11. Would be when HBO would start up the fall lineup. I was one that thought Westworld would start in the summer but I guess extra time was needed for Westworld

        • Jef Dinsmore

          I am not arguing the logic behind the premiere date it is just no official declaration that it will be WESTWORLD..

          Though we all hope for it sooner than later its actual arrival is one of the great mysteries still. Half of what you read states it will appear yet in 2016 while others say it will make a great launch for Winter 2017.

          WESTWORLD has been back in production for a while and only had a final few episodes to shoot so it could easily make it in 2016 yet if post-production work is not overly extensive. We all eagerly await.

          • billy

            I agree, It my pure speculation that WESTWORLD will start in Sept. Though, Hbo web site has WESTWORLD 2016 and with production ending soon, my guess ,is now WestWorld starts this fall. The Deuce and 2nd season of Vinyl this winter… but will see. Maybe more info will be provided prior to sunday night premier of GOT

    • xyz

      i hope its 10pm…..twd will be on in oct at 9pm

      • billy

        WestWorld this fall !

  • Kaguya

    wow almost forgot about games of thrones airdate just like DD, just 4 more days left.

  • Jessica Alves

    When will Girls season 6 start shooting and when will it air? Any clues?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Usually something pops up where Lena a crew are seen filming in NYC, but so far nothing. As for air date we are assuming that the final season will roll around this same time next year.

      • Jessica Alves

        Thanks for the reply! :D

  • Youssef Alhalwagii

    When is this Dark hunters series gonna be released starring Chris Hemsworth and Colin O’donogune or whatever??

  • Thatsmia

    I dont see anything about Issa Rae’s series, insecure..was expecting to see it under in
    development. Any updates on it??

  • TimSPC

    What will be on Sunday nights after Game of Thrones finishes its season?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      HBO has not officially announced that far ahead, but we are still saying that WESTWORLD will be the summer drama hour. Most of its premiere season is ready and they have resumed production already to complete the remaining episodes in the production.

      If we are wrong then likely a couple of the limited series could slip into the schedule to fill the void before THE LEFTOVERS airs in the fall.

  • katie

    does anyone know what song that is playing during the promo?

  • rudster69

    When will season 7 Game of Thrones air?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      April of 2017 more than likely.

    • Let season 6 air first :P

  • Masha Yastrebova

    the knick HAaaaaaaaaaa the show is dead

  • Bill

    season 4 Banshee any word

    • Jef Dinsmore

      BANSHEE will return for its eight-episode fourth and final season Jan. 29, 2016, exclusively on CINEMAX.

  • Fucking BALLERS instead of Looking or The Brink?????

    Thanks. I feel better now.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Yeah, I wish we were privy to HBO’s decisions on what stays and what goes.

  • jholgate

    Should I torrent Game of Thrones, or get a subscription to HBO Go? :-D
    Seriously, though I have Kabletown, but I’d rather pay you guys direct…

  • J•••••a

    I miss boardwalk empire

  • Jasoomian

    Cinemax has a series called QUARRY in post-production….

  • Matt Eagan

    Will there be a “True Detective, Season 3?” If so, any ETA for its premiere? The first season was absolutely phenomenal! Woody and Matthew had awesome chemistry! The second season, though not horrible, left much to be desired after such an amazing 1st season. I think a Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman cast would be great for a show of this genre (Think back to the movie “Seven”). Or how about a Tom Hanks/Liam Neeson, or even a Al Pachino/Robert Deniro reunion? Personally, I couldn’t get enough of the first season, and I pray they don’t end this series after laying an egg in season 2!

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Check out our Yearender/Speculation post for our thoughts on TRUE DETECTIVE. We don’t think it will appear in 2016 at all.

  • David

    This schedule is listing outdated news as 2015 schedule information. It says The Wire is running in marathon Dec 26, but that’s from 2014, not 2015 as described here.

  • NoOne

    Any news on the foundation series rumored way back when?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sadly, there is not any word. That is a colossal undertaking and if it happens it will take a long while to write the screenplay alone I would think. We will jump on any news the second we have any.

  • Brad Delaney

    Any word on when “Sesame Street” season 46 debuts on HBO?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Unfortunately not but any day now. The Press Release said “late fall 2015,” but we haven’t seen any notice of it coming in Dec. I suspect it will launch in Jan.of 2016. We will post something when we find out.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We now have a post regarding SESAME STREET’s debut. Check it out.

  • dragonfan

    we don’t have internet & would like to watch reruns of game of thrones….any idea when they will start the reruns??

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sadly, with HBO’s whole 2016 season pushed back we don’t even know when the next season will premiere let alone see any reruns.

    • nick4158

      get down to you’re local library and watch it there, that’s probably how you’re making this comment, right?

  • Kelly Idzi

    Did I just watch 7 season of true blood, for it to just end like that!!! Shocking!!! At least they could of done a few more episodes!!!

  • dannielle hankin

    Where is the live action adaptation of the manga “monster”?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sadly, we have not heard anything. It is supposed to be by del Toro and he always seems to have so many irons in the fire that he never can keep up with them all.

  • paka lolo

    Need more True Blood

  • Kathleen Robertson

    1st time since 1997 considering canceling; Newsroom should have stayed, then True Blood gets a little stale & gone. Where’s shows Paquin was going to do…PLEASE look at Sarah Durant books HUGE variety reading thru all. East of China Sea! Great books out there waiting for creativity to bring to TV

  • jeb1

    Capadocia – why did HBO cancel it. Should seriously consider bringing it back.

    • Gomorra76

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Currently rewatching it all again.In my top 5 shows of all time! Alot of people didn’t like season 3,so I doubt they will bring it back.I didn’t mind s3,just wasn’t as good as the first two.

  • shyla

    Not sure which idiot thought it was a good idea to cancel boardwalk empire, second best show they have under GOT. Disappointed.

    • Brooke

      where else could the story have gone????? they pretty much exhausted themselves because they were trying to stay close to the true history…..

  • Augustus

    I would love to see a revival/ spin off of Rome showing the reign of Octavian, perhaps past Tiberius into the rule of Caligula

  • Looking forward to ‘The Leftovers’ returning.

  • spidermonkey

    Bring back Kenny Powers… East Bound and Down.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Kenny Powers is not returning anytime soon, but the next best person is when Danny McBride returns to HBO with VICE PRINCIPALS.

  • bcanndid

    SO sad to see “The Newsroom” has run its course. That was a series I was hoping would be around for years. SO well written, SO well executed. Sadly, not even a full final season…..

  • Magoo

    Will HBO show the rest.of Boardwalk Empire episode’s if so when??

    • Lauwchauw

      Already aires like 8 months ago

  • Rita Carter Thomas

    Well you made my day seeing The Leftovers will be back. However my heart was broken when I seen it in writing NO MORE TRUE BLOOD… I watched the series finale and I liked the way it ended. You could continue it with that ending!!! Thanks for airing all the awesome shows, true detective, ballers, the brink, and so on…

    • Brooke

      yes they should!

  • Loombie

    Do we know when 7 Days in Hell will have a Western Canada debut?

  • Zay

    So no season three of Looking?

  • Jo Powers

    What the hell i thought HBO picked up the Dark-Hunter series. Now that is something iv been waiting for. I just really hope they don’t mess it up like True Blood. now that show had a good start but the quality just kept going down hill with every season.



  • avcpl

    “Banshee (Season 3) Third Season to Air Winter 2015*”
    shouldn’t that read Season 4?

  • Wayne Cole

    Has HBO scheduled a date for Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Unfortunately not yet.

      For those who don’t know it Audra McDonald’s performance in this piece quickly became legendary. I wouldn’t be surprised if the filmed version is being saved as a big gift at Holiday time. I’m going to throw out a guess that it will air in November 2015. .

  • Jean Caldwell

    Any idea as to about when we might hear more about THE DEVIL YOU KNOW?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      The Jeni Kohan project has completed shooting its pilot episode with Gus vas Sant directing. It filmed in the Old Salem area in Mass.

  • Mark Lucas

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  • Richards


  • kaylin

    When will “The leftovers” air?

    • We’re not sure yet! We’re hoping this year either Fall or more likely Winter.

  • Corey

    this list is seriously incomplete and inaccurate. American Gods and the Dark Tower are now not on HBO and never will be (Gods went to Starz, Tower was axed entirely.) If it’s cancelled, why keep it on the list?

    A whole slew of pickups have came out this week. Living on Video, Divorce, Brothers in Atlanta and aren’t mentioned here. It would be good to have the info of confirmed series rather than ones that are out of date/never to air.

    If wants to be the place for HBO news, update this thing already!! Create a “series ended” category. Do some research! Check out the pilot page/deadline etc.


    • Jef Dinsmore

      Thank you for your feedback Corey and I agree. The Editor-In-Chief and I were discussing an update just yesterday. We are working on it.

      We have successfully reported on the three shows you mentioned above. however, in our current structure we only list those shows on the schedule with a CONFIRMED premiere date. We will look into whether we will remain to use that criteria.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Corey

        Thanks Jef, I’ll check out those other articles here and thanks for reading my comment.

        • Hey Corey,

          I’ve updated the schedule quite a bit. It’s a BEAST to maintain! Please comment with any further corrections you see. Also, if you’re interested in writing for us or covering HBO news do shoot us an email!

      • Corey

        oh and “getting on” season 3 is confirmed

      • Corey

        also “the leftovers” will not be airing in the summer

  • Kiki

    Does anyone know when girls season 5 will start? On another HBO site it says TBD and this one says presumed. What’s happening?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      A fifth season has been confirmed.See this post –

      It won’t likely return until January 2016.

  • Mcbt

    Does anyone know when the new season of the Project Greenlight documentaries are scheduled to air?

  • Sansa

    WATCH GAME OF THRONES SEASON 5 —–> http://gameofthronesseason5episode1hd[dot]com

    GAME OF THRONES SEASON 5 EPISODE 1 ONLINE —-> http://hbogameofthronesseason5news[dot]com/

  • Alex

    So there isn’t going to be a Newsroom season 4?

  • Sam

    Eagerly waiting for Tommorow night premier ready with everything HBO Now subscription and VPN. :)

  • Kat2808

    A series really cool to come this 2015 and you can not miss the excellent plot that manages it ; Magnifica 70 , a series produced by HBO. He is obviously a very good dramatic serie, the script is original, instigator and the dramatic flair of the series will take the audience to the 70s .

  • Kat2808

    A series really cool to come this 2015 and you can not miss the excellent plot that manages it ; Magnifica 70 , a series produced by HBOSe see it is a very good dramatic series . The script is original, instigator and the dramatic flair of the series will take the audience to the 70s .

  • ReaderV

    A really well done Historical fact based romantic drama would be Exllecent.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sorry, but “Outlander” is on another network.

  • Clara Johnson

    I really wish you would give Ryan Murphy’s show Open a chance, I mean your reason for passing on it after ordering the pilot, made no sense, saying that after your success with The Normal Heart you didn’t think it was right for HBO, why? I figure you brought up that movie because of it being about gay men and Open having a lesbian character, am I right? That makes me think that ether you thought you had done enough gay centered shows/movies, so you didn’t want another, or you didn’t want to do one with a lesbian character and not a gay male character! So which is it? Ether way its not a good reason! Right now there are no shows with a lesbian lead character that is for adults, not sense The L Word has there been a show that centered at all on lesbians! Most shows that have a gay character only have gay male characters, the few that have a lesbian in it, has them more in the background and not as a lead character! Please be fair and give Open a chance, instead of leaving it in limbo! I see on IMDb it had it as first in pre-production, then in post-production, now it say TV movie, I hope that means that your going to give a chance as a series too, especially if the movie does well! I really want to see it, and know allot of others who want to see it too, sure this is because Anna Torv is in it, but you shouldn’t care why as long as they watch! If you really are going to have it as a movie, when are you going to have it?

    • Ulysess31

      You have just fabricated two reasons why they might not have decided to proceed and asked them to choose between them. It is more likely secret option C was the reason for their decision.

      • …….

        Don’t you know everything is a conspiracy lol. Really though, he has a spotty record, and even though nip/tuck and AHS have their high points, they also have VERY low points. My guess is they just weren’t impressed with the pilot, which is not totally unbelievable.

  • Reverseflinch

    Newsroom great but please let Sorkin know we tire of the immediate quick witted fast talking banter from every character. Becoming like a water torture chamber.

  • DR

    FUcking bullshit. Newsroom was highly entertaining as it went beyond the typical boring socio status of young pop hip shit, it’s intelligent that targeted sensitive political issues was hihly knowledgable. HBO are cunts for cutting it from season 4.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We get tried of saying it, but your outburst demands we repeat once again – Aaron Sorkin himself ended THE NEWSROOM not HBO.

    • Joe

      Hated it

  • Richard Ilaner

    Screen Variety 2015/2016 OPTION :

    1. Join -> w w w . g a m e o f t h r o n e s . s c r e e n v a r i e t y . c o m

    2. Game of Thrones + Access to Channels from around the Globe for only $1.49/Month

    3. Access to All Game of Thrones episodes, best sport and TV channels !

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    5. No install, watch directly online

    6. Great Replays section

    7. Just Enjoy :)!

  • david

    what happened to the adaptation of the psychological anime series “Monster”? its been two years already….

    • Nothing new to report! All quiet.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      G. del Toro always seems to have too many irons in the fire and then moves quite slow when he does create something. It might be a long wait.

  • Jonas

    Didn’t Dwayne Johnson already say/leak that Ballers premieres in June?

    Interesting that HBO doesn’t teaser it when it’s known/planned, perhaps they use the announcements in the silence between Girl/Looking/Togetherness and GoT/Veep/SV

  • JulianPope

    looking forward to Westworld a lot

  • Tek

    Outcast (Season 1) in production for Cinemax. Air Date: 2015

  • AlisonB

    What about the documentary series TIME OF DEATH? please have another season of this beautiful and educational topic that we all must deal with in life.

    • shanauer

      I absolutely loved that beautiful series. More, please HBO?

  • sal cardinale

    Thanks for the list!

  • Ian Riley

    You can watch all these season from anywhere in the world with PureVPN

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  • Snafunk

    Still nothing on The Spark. Guess at this point its not going to happen..

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Unfortunately it seems you are correct. We have heard nothing about it.

  • Jason

    Please die!

  • bigdsworld

    I’m so happy to see that HBO’s Getting On is getting renewed for the 3rd season. I never really gave this show a chance up until maybe a month ago and periodically over the past year or 2 and I have to say I feel goofy for sleeping on it, I’m addicted and I’m stalling on watching the last 2 episodes in fear of only having a couple of shows that I really like to watch. Being that Comcast wants to charge me to watch the final season of SOA thru on demand ain’t that about a bitch. I’m already paying a grip just to have xfinity HD.

  • Hodor

    Deadwood was a great show. Why did they cancel it?

    • joe

      best show ever

  • johnny_sordid

    I wish someone woukd pick uo Terriers after FX canceled it. It was such a good show,definitely up there with Justified and The Shield for best shows FX had,hell i found ita better show than SOA and AHS and i really like those shows as well. But Terriers is much better than stupid shows like The League,Anger Management, and Russel Brands show which all had multiple seasons. It would be awesome if HBO would pick it up

  • Mike Smith

    Why not have a biker tv show? I have one. I just cannot get to pitch it.

    • Melissa29

      FX already did it…it’s called “Sons of Anarchy”

      • Mike Smith

        So they never should have done True Blood; since someone already did a
        vampire show? About a million times before? And SOA was just about
        California and not that good and the last two seasons just sucked.
        MAYBE, HBO could work some of their magic on the idea? Set it in the
        South where they have had so much luck of late. Or they could listen to
        you and let A&E and NBC have all the cool shows.

  • Marren Bond

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  • Beamer Beamer

    Would be nice to see some shows with black people playing positive roles instead of drugs, hookers and jail.

    • SorryBoutit

      itd be nice to see that in real life as well

    • not politically correct

      Well maybe they are trying to make the show as real as possible since that’s the democratic of the population that are these people in real life. Al Sharpton included. Check the u.s. crime statistics before you blab your racism. The truth shall set you free

      • Xav

        Well most of the shows on TV now shows white people in jail, doing drugs, or soliciting hookers so maybe that’s also reflects reality.

        The truth is that most minorities are charged more harshly for crimes, hence the high stats, and I do believe that is the definition racism. So please do check the stats, the truth is plainly there.

        I think it’d be a needed change for positive black roles, maybe the it’ll start mirroring reality!

        • joe

          They show white people in jail , doing drugs and other such crimes because they don’t want to ofend blackish people. They also show that black people buy all the right consomer products , insurance ect. in the commercials.

          • Xav

            So they make a whole show about white people doing illegal shit just to not hurt Black people feelings and so Black people can buy products? Bwahahaha!! Good one buddy! Good Laugh! Thanks!!

      • Chris T

        Nice. Just watch bait car on true tv, shits on camera.

      • whitey

        67% of all arrests in the United states are of white ppl. Check ur info. Black ppl are overrepresented by the media to promote the demonization and fear of the black man

        • JulianPope

          you don’t know what you’re talking about

          • joe

            Damm, thats enough black guy’s for a Tarzan moive ( Red Fox)

      • Liane Blanco

        The democratic of the population? LOL – it’s funny when a dumb-ass tries to sound smart! You’re the racist here, bubba.

      • DontCareBoutYa

        Lmao! This idiot said, “Democratic of the population.” What the hell are you talking about? Please change your name to, “Not correct.” Lol

      • kentuckywoman2

        Do you mean demographic, instead of democratic?

    • Jim Lally

      I’d like to see a historical series about the Buffalo Soldiers from the Indian Wars through Korea. I want a real historical drama not like that “Redtails” movie that Hollywood pooped out.

    • Kelly

      The no.1 ladies detective agency with Jill Scott was wonderful. I have no idea why HBO canceled it after only one season. I wish someone would pick it up again.

  • john

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  • BeeFrmNYC

    HBO needs to make that “Harry Potter TV Show: The Aurors” a thing because that trailer on YouTube for the show is sickening good! HP with more adult themes could be dope showing voldemart rise to power like a prequel series.

  • CompletelyAverage

    What about John From Cincinnati?
    Still very angry that they abruptly stopped Deadwood so David Milch could pursue that passion piece (of shit).

  • Chuck

    Is there any discussion about any of the previous concluded series being brought back or purchasing the rights to other series that were on other networks? I would love to see what HBO could do with Spartacus.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      HBO doesn’t seem to entertain the notion of taking on the saving old series from other sources, except from the BBC. For example, GETTING ON is adapted from a Brit show; DOLL & EM is British and one in development called UTOPIA is a American remake of a BBC series.

  • Mateo


  • Blair Fox Love

    I need help there’s anyone know if The Comeback going to return for season 3 if you know please respond thank you!*

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sorry, we do not have any official news at this time. Though it took nine years for Kudrow to return this time, if it is going to happen again, it will not be as long a wait.

      • J Springer

        I understand that but it sucks. I loved the show. This just sucks, that show was one of two reasons I got HBO, now I am not sure if I want to keep the subscription.

        • Jef Dinsmore

          Wow, slow down. the final episode just aired on 12.28. We will hear something soon.

    • BeeFrmNYC

      The comeback is already airing..saw a couple of episodes already for season 3. You might want to go to “HBO Go” to catch up on episodes you’ve missed already.

    • BeeFrmNYC

      The comeback has returned as of November 9, 2014. You’ve missed a couple of episodes as they’re currently airing on HBO so you may want to go to “HBO Go” to catch up on the ones you’ve missed.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but this one THE NEWSROOM question keeps on getting asked over and over. HBO did not cancel the show! Aaron Sorkin, was finished with it. He no longer wanted to make it.

  • kalgcatwoman

    Why in the world was Newsroom cancelled? It was brilliantly written, had current event issues and was superbly acted, especially by Jeff Daniels.

  • Helena

    SAD about Newsroom. What the Hell. I was all invested.

  • Helena

    I suggest watching the british version of shameless – much better. honestly funny. as usual HBO robbing a series of british formats – like Getting On and others… I loved TD. Thought it was brilliant.

    • N

      Shameless is a Showtime series.

      • helena

        If you look closely it has been remade by paul abbott but it is most defiantly a british show first. You can watch it on netflix and see what I mean. Sure it has been adapted for Showtime and american audiences but it us a british sitcom. Many of its themes work better in England then here. For example the neighborhood pub vs a local bar. Or living in council housing vs living on disability- like in the american adaptation.

    • Devonte Cole

      its a showtime series and it is NOT better than the American version. The States version is excellent t.v. i loved “how to make it in america, they shoulda kept that one.

      • BeeFrmNYC

        Yes how to make it in America was the bomb! So surreal if you actually live in New York which makes the show all the more interesting.I like “looking” & “the leftovers” too

  • Dreama Everson

    Give me something to watch soon or bye bye HBO.

  • criss


    • helena

      read the books to tide you over. The books have so much more then the series can fit in.

  • Ian

    The Newsroom is one of the best series on TV, best written and best casting. I suppose since there is no violence and little sex( as apposed to other HBO series, Sopranos,Game of thrones, Boardwalk Empire etc..)
    it did not garner the audience needed to keep it going. The Irony is that just like the Newsroom by delivering real news was always threatened by its’ parent company because it lacked an entertainment component, would in the end the program would not be renewed for the same reason. What a shame.

    • James

      Not at all true. Hbo wanted more shows and seasons but Aaron sorkin said he was finished and was ending the show.

  • Tournament

    R.R. Martin will be a fan guest of honor at norwescon 2015

  • Tournament

    Why was newsroom canceled? Aaron Sorkin is a fantastic writer of intelligent dialogue. Why? Why? Why?
    FYI Terry Goodkind the “the seeker ” was done…

  • Mark Brown

    What about “Seeing Red”

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We didn’t know anything about it at all !! We didn’t know of it until your question prompted us to look for it.

      • Mark Brown

        Thanks…… I was just curious

  • Mark Brown

    What do you guys know about “Seeing Red”

  • Mtoomb

    Finish Deadwood goddamnit!

  • chad

    Terry goodkinds sword of truth series should be made into an HBO series. We need HBO to know this cause it will be a much loved show

    • AveralFirst

      Sword of Truth was made into a TV series. Wasn’t very good though and wasn’t even close to the story.

    • BigRodAG

      I’d rather see Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time”.

      • Hodor

        Horrible ending

  • That Evil Nigga Lucifer


  • Henry Westwood

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  • Rachel

    Can anyone please tell me when Game of Thrones season 4 will air on HBO on demand Cox??? I can’t find this info anywhere. Not HBOgo but the on demand. Thank you.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      According to the On Demand schedule module GAME OF THRONES does not appear through the first half of November and that is as far as we can look right now.

      If you go to and click on the module you can track down exactly what is airing on On Demand.

      • Rachel

        Awesome thank you! It’s been such a struggle trying to find out this simple information. The only reason I have hbo is for Game of Thrones and haven’t finished season 4 yet. Was really disappointed to see it wasn’t on demand. I’m thinking they will have to air it sometime before season 5 starts. Thanks again for your response.

        • Brandon Twiford

          It’s been on HBOgo for a while now if you just want to link your computer to your TV instead of going through your cable provider. The HBOgo service is free with your cable subscription.

  • L Vorenus

    Bring Rome back! Or give us a movie, with Vorenus! Make it a few years after the end of season 2 showing the reign of Augustus. Pretty please, its the best show ever made in my humble opinion, even better than game of thrones. I have so many ideas for it. Please, DO IT!

    • T Pullo

      Agreed. Best show ever made.

      But I don’t think it’s ever coming back.

  • notjesus

    really jesus… ur clearly one of a kind, true detective was amazing and woulda been the best of this year if fargo didnt happen and game of thrones was great as always, couldnt pay me to watch looking

    • Jesus Romero

      Really notjesus, you haven’t even watched the show and yet you are ragging on my opinion you hypocrite. Why don’t you open up your mind some you homophobe. Anyways I like showtime penny dreadful, shameless and ray Donovan are my crack.

  • Jesus Romero

    Sweet looking is coming back. That was a surprisingly good show. The rest of the shows are crap. True detective sucked. And game of thrones has gone downhill.

    • B. McCarthy

      You don’t have a damned clue. Looking sucks, True Detective no doubt went right over your head, and Game of Thrones is always great. Hipster wank

      • helena

        it must not take much to go over your head. True Detective is brilliant. No need to criticize if you don’t like it.

    • Mick Brogden

      lol you know nothing jesus romero jon snow

  • Tony C.

    I think that they should bring back or do a new version of OZ. Kenny Powers is the man and hit the end way to damn soon. More importantly I wanted more DEADWOOD!!!! God I miss Deadwood. Also I can’t believe Rome ended. I loved it so much and want more then anything to bring back both Rome and Deadwood. PLEASE HBO. Game of Thrones is amazing and my favorite though.

  • Sherree Holster

    Since all the good shows on HBO are gone after this season of Boardwalk this season there’s really no reason to keep HBO.

  • Todd

    HBO is screwed… All they have is Game of Thrones. It’s been a long
    time since we’ve seen HBO go through such a major transition. Last year
    brought the end of Treme, Enlightened, and Eastbound & Down; this
    year, they’ll be followed out the exits by True Blood, The Newsroom, and
    Boardwalk Empire. All we are left with is Looking, a dramedy about an
    ever-evolving gay culture in San Francisco. Stupid, no one cares, and no
    one will watch. The Leftovers which just boring, True Detective which
    was just okay, and that was because of the actors, the story was crap.

    happen HBO? Where is the epic story telling like ROME, Band of
    Brothers, Deadwood, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones? What
    is so good about HBOGO and MAXGO if there is nothing good to watch? I am
    going to cancel my subscription until Game of Thrones comes back on,
    then cancel again…

    HBO you have really let me down with your
    up coming series, I am not going to pay 18 dollars a month for Gay,
    Boring, and Crap… for the first time Showtime is kicking your ass,
    with Homeland, Ray Donovan, Shameless, Masters of Sex and Nurse Jackie.
    Even Starz has Black Sails… Both are only 14 dollars a month. You
    can’t live off of 3 month Subscriptions for Game of Thrones alone…
    There are millions of book series out there try Science fiction for a
    change… Gay, Boring, and Crap is just not going to do it…

    • B. McCarthy

      Speaking of crap, Shameless and Homeland are both just that.

      • Devonte Cole

        shameless is the truth, but not evryone gets it, if that doesnt mirror your life in some way or another. using terms like”hipster wank” kinda speaks volumes tho lol

  • ICanHazPants

    What about How to Make it in America? I really loved that show and the mixtapes they published. Every time ‘I Need a Dollar’ is played I get a bit nostalgic about the show. *sigh*

  • Juan Rulfo

    Are past seasons of Game of Thrones not available on HBO OnDemand? I’m house-sitting for someone who has HBO and can’t find it.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I just did a quick search for you and have discovered that GAME OF THRONES is not on HBO On Demand. Sorry about that. It is on HBO Go.

      • Juan Rulfo

        Thanks for your help! Muy amable!

      • Hodor

        All four seasons are on my “On Demand”

  • Rena Embry

    Last night, 10-10-14, on Coast to Coast, George Noory mentioned another series on HBO which he believed was as good as Breaking Bad. Does anyone know what series this is?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I’m not familiar with the show you refer to or the personality. Your guess is as good as ours. THE NEWSROOM, perhaps?

  • Todd

    YA ABY

  • Curious In Michigan

    Does anyone know the name of the adult show that was on around 2 am this morning. what I caught of it. was about 2 lesbian lovers that host a party to introduce their new line of adult toys. I really liked what I saw, but would love to watch the whole show. Thanks

    • Jef Dinsmore

      The show was a repeat of REAL SEX # 25 from 1990. It repeats on HBO East on Thursday, 10.16 at 11:00pm or is available on HBOGo.

  • Sharon Cox

    Anyone know when The Game of Thrones is out ???

    • kels

      April 2015

      • Hammer

        Spring is on March 21 not April so the Game of thrones will be available on March.

        • Hodor

          April 15

    • Prettybreezy

      Spring 2015 is what it says above

  • GoldenRobot

    Can’t wait for the new season of “Girls”. I hope they bring back a new season of “Treme” as well.

    • Miche

      Treme has wrapped. For good. Sorry bout it. Buy the complete set on dvd in all its exquisite glory and enjoy.

  • Kina Yah Irby

    Bring the Wire back miss that show love it and I been waiting all summer long for Game Of Thrones now I have to wait until April this is going to be a long winter lol

  • Tom

    When will hbo reair game of thrones season 4

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Most likely they won’t. If they do it would be on HBO Signature not the main channel. Or subscribers can watch on HBOGo now.

  • Mike

    Do what I do I watch my hobo programs when season over I cancel until new season an I agree they have alo of series that are garbage a only a few are good yet execs are brain dead to what views want old age I guess

  • Rob Romero

    When is I Claudius airing?

  • Alex

    What the hell is with the cancellation of the newsroom? It’s ratings are through the roof, it’s actors are top notch, and I can’t think of anyone who watched that show and would ever want it cancelled so what’s going on?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      A. Sorkin flamed out. He burned hot and bright on it and it is now flickering out.

      • Alex

        Such a shame, I’d hate for it to be cancelled over that.

        • Margo

          Same as with Sports Night. He’s probably doing a new show that has his attention. Too bad for us!

          • Alex

            Yes too bad for us and the rest of the fans.

          • Linda

            Such a disappointment losing the Newsroom! Makes me not want to watch any other HBO series. Can’t trust them to give a damn about their viewers.

    • Aimee M Parent

      ill miss the newsroom

      • Alex

        As will I.

  • 1Maenad

    You mean Stephen King’s Dark Tower is on hold? How could that not be a sure-fire hit. Home run if you could get King to input, like GRRM is doing for GoT. I need something to replace the void left by TB ending.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      THE DARK TOWER has been in limbo for so long that there is even debate among our writers if it is a dead concept or still going to happen on HBO or anywhere.

      • 1Maenad

        That’s a shame considering that Stephen King’s books are still very popular and I have heard that The Stand will be made into a Hollywood film.

        • Jef Dinsmore

          Yes, TRUE DETECTIVE’s Michael McConaughey is now circling around that one.

          • 1Maenad

            That’s what I heard. To play Randall Flagg. He would be excellent in that role.

          • Jef Dinsmore

            It is all a waiting game. Mr. King thrives though so something will happen. Watch for it.

      • Judy

        Someone has GOT to do Dark Tower!! Incredible story- all the angles are there, come on Steve K, kick it up!

    • Abigail Carter


      • Superman1792

        True Blood

  • jason

    plz u must do another show with the true blood cast please they were all perfect together true blood was the best 7 years of my life

  • Diane

    Please tell me when Season 3 of The Newsroom is airing. I will not pay for HBO without it. I plan to suspend my subscription until we have a firm date.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We have no confirmation of a premiere date yet. It is a frustration for the fans for sure. It seems as if Aaron Sorkin and/or HBO has almost given up on it. We look forward to the announcement soon.

      • Jef Dinsmore

        and BOOM… your answer is 11.04.14.

        • ICanHazPants

          This American thing you guys do with dates, it’s utterly revolting. Seriously though, I cannot wrap my head around this format, putting the months first. Who put Moon Moon in charge of the measurement department?

  • jay67

    Boardwalk, GOT, TD, veep, SV, vice – rest of confirmed are garbage. order for boardwalk and then drop till spring.

    • horsey shrink

      Then sir or madam, you are truly a connoisseur of garbage for television. Please kindly remove your anal-cranial inversion and continue on in a forward motion.

      • theNOLANDER


  • Joe Zoulious

    bring deadwood back dam cocksuckers

  • Johnny

    OK it’s almost Fall, give me a date on The Newsroom. Best show on TV can’t end with 3 seasons, but I understand it’s not an HBO decision.

  • optimus

    plzz dont end the newsroom with season 3 we want season 4,5,6,…….n.please

  • BS601

    With True Blood ending can we please get the Dark Tower for its replacement, please!

    They missed out on American Gods and they need something to fill their SyFy void.

    I don’t understand why networks keep passing on The Dark Tower, science fiction / horror tv shows are really hot right now & there hasn’t been a better time for it to premier.

    Plus.. Plus.. Look at how well Under the Dome was received. I think people are ready for the next wave of Stephen King.

    If not The Dark Tower then how about The Silmarillion with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings being big hits why not try out Tokens last book. They can do each section as a new season and maybe tie all of the seasons together in the final season.

    Although that might be more appropriate to follow Game of thrones when it ends.

    Either way I’d be happy if either ever get the green light.

    • Prop87

      Tolkien. He was one of the greatest storytellers in history. Please spell his name correctly. Thanks!

      • Nite Bizzarre

        Spelling fascist!

      • Kayt


    • Rhiannon Kavity

      You’re not alone in hoping these things! I think there’s going to be a very big hole left behind once True Blood ends and I, for one, am hoping they’ll find something amazing to fill it! All we can do is cross our fingers and wait!

    • Kayt

      I agree! I LOVE The Dark Tower! It is an absolutely amazing story and I need it to re-enter my life! :)

  • jabbar

    Ah! its hard to wait too long for Game of thrones s5.

  • Carl

    What happened to Hung

  • EssBee

    Please do keep The Newsroom going. I do not watch TV shows much, for I feel like I’m wasting my time, but The Newsroom is an absolute exception! I love, love, LOVE that show. Also let us know the release date of season 3!! I am so excited about it!!!!!

  • Newsroom Fan

    Newsroom is the best show out there!! Please don’t end it! More people are hearing about it every day! We want a season 4!

  • mnorm

    When will we have a premiere date for Newsroom?

  • Max Boye Hollensted

    Glad Deadwood is running, in Northend Europa….. But best new series is gommorah…..

  • Patti and Tom

    PLEASE PLEASE don’t end The Newsroom! It is the smartest show I’ve ever seen. You need to promote it, so many people haven’t heard of it. We have Newsroom parties to watch the show! Please keep it going!

  • soniairisweinrib

    I woes

  • miz

    when is boardwalk season 5 starting?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      It premieres on a Sunday in September.

    • Krissi Cox

      Sept 7, Sunday

  • Pittsburgh king

    last season of boardwalk empire that is down right bull shit

  • sukkTHEfacc

    NO more Hello Ladies? WTF? That was surprisingly good. Silicon Valley is getting a Season 2 though. SO sad. This is a failed NBC series with few more swear words and tits…

  • BJ

    Please consider picking up Legit with Jim Jeffries, DJ Qualls. Was dropped by FXX but is a great comedy. All viewers were greatly disappointed.

  • MadMen

    Boardwalk Empire S5 and True Detective S2 are the ones to be watching.

    GOT is much to predictable now and the rest are decent at best.

  • Sabrina Samurai

    Please, please, pretty please, American Gods!!

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sorry, Starz got it instead.

      • Sabrina Samurai

        I got Starz. That’ll work.

  • Aileen

    Newsroom is intellectual and entertaining. Probably the only series I watch, other than Girls. It has comedy, drama, and most importantly a great series that covers main events/topics that the world should be paying attention to.

    • Tom

      I really enjoy the Newsroom. Aaron Sorokin is such a clever writer and the actors do a wonderful job. Please continue this series, it is wonderful entertainment.

  • Peckish

    What about ray donovan

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Ray Donovan is on ShowTime not HBO. the second season premieres on July 13 at 9:00pm.

      • Peckish

        In our country it was broadcasted by hbo that is the netherlands

  • freddy showtime

    boy, its gonna be a loooooooong summer

    • Woodtown Tokiyo

      Don’t worry Winter Is Coming

  • Snafunk

    Any word about The Spark?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      No we haven’t seen anything but we are keeping a close eye for anything about it believe me.

  • Matthew Roscoe

    Didn’t seasons 1 and 2 of The Newsroom premier in the Summer? Why do we have to wait until Fall for season 3?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Not really sure of the reason Matthew. Production began in March of this year and either Mr. Sorkin wanted plenty of time to get the season just right pushing it until Fall or it was moved to accommodate HBO schedule.

      I think it is a combination of both. The showrunner didn’t want the final season rushed and Sundays (the only night HBO debuts its series) in Summer were full with TRUE BLOOD and THE LEFTOVERS.

    • Dave S.

      Because Aaron Sorkin is famous for writing characters that make people fall in love with them and then losing interest and effectively flipping the bird at his fans. Ever heard of Sportsnight? He could have kept that going on HBO or USA but chose not to…We get to wait until November because he didn’t want to do season 3 at all.

  • LadybugJohnson62

    What is the airing date for Foo Fighters Sonic Highways?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      No official date has been announced for its premiere, but we are anticipating November to snyc with the release of the new album. I’m sure we will have a piece on it shortly. Look for it.

  • Andres

    When will Season 5 air? Spring of 2015?

    • I assume you mean Game of Thrones season 5. Spring 2015 is correct! Looking at the calendar we’d guess either March 29 or April 5, 2015.

      • Jessica

        A whole year?! Are you kidding me!! :'(

        • Quink

          Always been 1 year per season.

    • Quink

      Well GoT is renewed for both Season 5 and Season 6. So you have alot to look forward too!

  • Debbie H.

    Seriously HBO – you are cancelling Newsroom? It is a completely amazing show and I can’t even imagine why it is being cancelled. It puts all other shows to shame with the brilliant writing and ultra talented actors. Please reconsider this bad decision.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      It is typical Sorkin actually. He appears to flame out too soon.

  • Mimi Caesar

    What about ‘Open with Anna Torv? I’ve been waiting and waiting, and it’s not even on this list!

  • Victoria St. Ambrogio

    The Newsroom is not only brilliant and meaningful but also supremely entertaining. I agree it’s the best tv out there. It has everything (except people shooting each other–so far at least). Only one more season, what a crime. If you’ve never seen it, just watch the opening scene on YouTube.

  • Victoria St. Ambrogio

    The news

  • Diena Cameron

    To Peggy Hoover, Ray Donovan is on Showtime.

  • Diena Cameron

    My husband and I are just sick about the ending of “Newsroom”. We love that show, one of if not the best drama series television has ever shown. It seems like every time there is a really good show on, it has to come to an end for one reason or another. Very sad indeed. The Camerons.

  • Peggy Hoover

    Wasn’t Ray Donavan an HBO series? And is it coming back???

  • Tobias Spring

    HBO needs a new mob series. Set in new Orleans involving underground boxing. I have a pitch and a synopsis.

    • Steve Brockmeyer

      Boxing isn’t popular enough to keep the publics interest.

  • Sooooo disappointed that this is the last season of True Blood. The worst move HBO ever made was canceling True Blood.I will be canceling my HBO subscription as soon as True Blood ends.

    • All good things come to an end. Luckily HBO keeps cranking out the hits.

    • Masa

      True Blood has got worse with each season, as a fan i’m glad it to see it coming to an end.

      • Steve Brockmeyer

        I agree

  • Neaz

    True detective will be nothing without martin and mccohnaughey, lisa, maggie and so on…Brad pitt, stone,kate mara.. are over rated and are not actors for crime, detective, or anthology shows…season two will be a disappointment without mcchonauhey and woody.
    season 1 was great and please dont change the intro its one of the best intros and fits the show perfectly and even the intro has mccohnaughey and woody it in. please dont change the season one cast, season 1 was amazing. I hope hbo gets everything figured out and hopefully the cast stays the same and please make season two just as good or even better! Thanks.

    • Noah Bleakley

      The whole point of the series is to be a different mini series each new season. I don’t know why Nic Pizzolatto would change his format, its what he was planning the whole time. Yes, Woody and Mcchonauhey are great and yes all the above actors are overrated, yet they are who they are for a reason. They are capable actors who can perform with the best. The show has most likely reached its high point, but I doubt season 2 will be a disappointment. The writing, directing and potential cast is too promising.

    • domusvita

      True Detective was nothing before those actors as well. HBO has earned my faith. I couldn’t stand Matthew McConaughey before True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club…now, through gritted teeth, I’m a huge fan. If there was a lifetime subscription, I’d buy.

    • Andrew

      Did you really just say Pitt shouldn’t be in a crime/detective show? One of the best crime movies of all time was Se7en….. Which he starred in…

  • cheesy

    HBO should try to get joss weadon to get firefly back on the air, HBO would skyrocket with as many followers it has

    • Elspeth Furey


    • Nick

      Netflix already picked it up.

  • please

    Can HBO please bring back the #1 Ladies Detective

  • Barnabus

    “Veep” has a spelling error. It says “Seaosn 4 confirmed”.

    • I love when people point this stuff out, thanks :)

  • Joie Williams

    Bill Maher is beginning to bore me. (Yawn) But I have this secret weapon… it’s called a remote, and I can tune him out as I continue to enjoy the other programs on HBO… So you hate Bill Haher for being an atheist? You need to ask yourself… What would Jesus do???? LOL LOL

    • cowhater

      shut up cow

      • jj89

        Is name calling seriously necessary?

        • Jerry Vaughn

          Bill would call her a cow . . . . he’s a prick, I hate em.

  • you cant handle the truth


    • Fool on the Hill

      With all those capital letters you are simply “considering” cancellation, regardless how strongly. Really? Wow what conviction you have!

    • Religious Conservative

      Yeah, don’t you hate disrespectful people

    • Johnny Thunder

      You are a true hero with strong convictions for writing a posting declaring your intention to possibly cancel HBO.

    • Barbara Bollinger

      Bill is a comic and political genius. If you don’t like his point of view, oh well. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in the bible or God. It shouldn’t matter to you, its not your business anyway. Don’t stress the small stuff man.

      • Mark

        He’s a Lib! None of you are very bright, especially H. Clinton!

        • jgutierrez81

          i’m sorry to tell you Mark, but the reason liberals are considered elitist is because they tend to look down on conservatives. this is due to the fact that most conservatives like you and captain Jesus freak up their aren’t exactly known for being bright. you think i’m being facetious? how many time have you heard the term sister fucker, racist, homophobic, inbred redneck used to describe a liberal? and how many times have those terms been used to describe conservatives? while not all Conservatives are stupid, and the vast majority aren’t, its inbred rednecks like yourself that give them the wrong name.

          • Mark

            Fuck you very much for the wonderful comments!

          • Randy

            Liberals are elitists? LMAO. Just ask them, they will tell you how great they are. Can’t even balance a budget…. Sounds very intelligent to me.

    • xtians2thelions666

      Do the world a favor, after you cancel your hbo subscription take your bible thumping family and friends to go see the grand canyon and while you’re there jump off.

    • domusvita

      It’s in caps so it must be true. I’m no Bill Maher fan to be sure but there’s room for everyone.

    • FSM follower

      All hail the flying spaghetti monster!!! and his noodly appendages!!!

  • HBO Series Watcher

    True Blood, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones is the only reason I have HBO. I could stop paying for the channel and watch Game of Thrones Free online! HBO is dumb for getting rid of some of their most popular series! When AMC and FX have just as many upcoming series and current series that rival their own! Just doesn’t make sense HBO… again DUMB move!

    • HBO has a lot of great stuff coming to replace those shows. Check out True Detective, The Leftovers coming this summer and also Scorsese and the gang are following up Boardwalk Empire with another series starring Bobby Cannavale.

      Shows come and Go. The Wire, Sex and the City, The Sopranos all ended too. The thing about HBO is they keep coming back with hit after hit. Follow our home page for development news and I dare you not to get excited. Here’s the latest about a Ridley Scott Ancient Aleins in Egypt series on HBO just from today:

    • domusvita

      HBO is like life, when something good ends then you have to give the next thing(s) a chance. Holy crap that was so freaking zen.

  • Kristi Maners Bryant

    I saw where HBO is going to air a new series called ‘Normal’ something or other about AIDS and now I can’t find any info on it. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Ryan Woods

    HIlarious Game Of Thrones Video here:

  • Bess

    Loved ‘Newsroom’ and hope it will be back soon. Once upon a time, I worked in a TV newsroom, so I really appreciate it. So real!

    • domusvita

      I can’t believe the hate I see for that show. I think it’s Sorkin’s best work since West Wing.

  • Ine

    Just finished binge watching season 2 of the newsroom. And wow, that is one great show!! I can’t wait for season 3 :-)

  • Melanie

    Bring back How to Make it in America!!!! at least a movie!!!!!

  • Alain

    A “season” is 10 or 12 shows – and then you wait a year.
    Are they kidding?

    • Demigod05

      You’re an idiot. Most good shows focus on great content in a small amount. Many British shows do six to eight episodes. Apparently you need a soap opera.

  • Brad

    I wish they would reboot tales from the crypt. So many stars were scattered throughout the show and it was fun to watch different unrelated stories every week.

  • KingNutso


  • KingNutso

    Bring back HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA you assholes!!!!


    i have givin up on these kinds of shows. tics me right off how i have to wait a year or two to find out what happens next.

  • Kimkung

    Entourage., CANT WAIT.,!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Let’s be honest. HBO has yet to develop anything as good as The Wire since it ended. The only thing even close has been True Detective. Very hard to find good television these days.

    • chrisyygirl6218

      True dat. Can’t wait for season 2!

  • thomas kelly

    I cant wait for game of throans season 4. I wonder what denaries will do next!

    • der spoiler

      nothing much. she isn’t in the second half of the third book very much. And she isn’t in the fourth book at all…. the same also applies to Tyrion and Jon Snow as well.

    • Elspeth Furey

      * daenerys

      hard name to spell! I had a coutdown as my homepage for months

  • Rich

    Oh Crap Really! Newsrooms finale season? This show is the best show ever! I loved The West Wing and they went on for many GREAT YEARS Newsroom should do the same’ I want to see “Newsroom Season 12 Will be the last for HBO” Nothing Less Will Do!

  • def leaopard

    I dont get why they cancel what are clearly really good shows only to bring in crappy ones. subjective, I know. but seriously, its pretty obvious which ones I’m talking about… they have cancelled so many GREAT shows in recent years. people would go ape shit (in a good way) if they brought back a couple of these that deserved to carry on.

  • Dario

    Looking scheduled for next winter?! Come on! Who’s gonna wait that long?
    You better make more than 8 episodes that last more than just 20 minutes!

  • Miles Fontenelle

    No season 2 for hello ladies wtf! I loved that show

  • Tiffany

    I really have been enjoying True Detective. I wish Matthew McConaughey was going to stick around for season 2 though.

  • grimschilkx

    Oh no! Final season of true blood? Such a build up to work with…
    But whatever, it’ll be a treat to see. Now game of thrones is a whole other story, that shit is great on another level! (:

  • Vickie

    I’m really going to miss True Blood watched every Sunday… Can’t wait til the new Games of Thrones to start. Both are really cool shows

  • Lisa

    Love Newsroom happy it’s coming back but not happy it’s the final season. Such an intelligent witty show. Such wonderful characters!

    • Dawn

      Yay!! I was so sad when I heard that there wasn’t going to be a season 3.

  • adnihil

    Someone at HBO must be reading a lot of good books lately. I’m happy to see interest in translating some good writing to film. Song of Ice and Fire is doing well, Dark Tower was great until the ending, American Gods is a great idea even though they should totally do Sandman.

    Hoping to see The Sprawl or Book of the New Sun get a film/TV update someday. Both would translate well.

    If only Walking Dead wasn’t so butchered… If only I Am Legend wasn’t so butchered… We need more authentic adaptations of the good stuff, just change the stuff no one likes about them, don’t change what’s great about them. I don’t think you can go wrong that way.

    • Nick

      Sometimes the stuff people don’t like is subjective. E.g. Some people prefer constant zombie-killing in zombie movies. While I love that stuff, I much prefer group dynamics and how people adapt.

  • mirco from italy

    when the second season of “LOOKING”?

  • Lesli

    A friend told me about watching a series on HBO No 1 Lady Detective agency On Demand.
    I was so entertained with this delightful series that I watched all episodes in one day. I am so disappointed and sad to learn that this series was cancelled.
    The characters of the series are so rich. I just loved the African scenery and Jill Scott’s acing is superbly breathtaking. Disappointed ………………………..

  • ReelTalka

    It’s really crazy that “How to make it in america” was cut short so soon, it had a great fan base and was growing a really strong following. I really hope another network picks it up and give it another shot, it was a really good show with great potential!

  • onlyforbrian

    I hope one of the story lines in the final season of Boardwalk Empire, I’d like to see a reconcilliation between Nucky and his wife.

  • Pam Hall

    Is Anna Torv’s new project OPEN still going to happen?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Yes, it is. We should have some news forthcoming in this next month. Watch for it.

      • Pam Hall

        I saw Scott Speedman on Chelsea Lately this week (of February 17th) and he actually mentioned OPEN and that they were starting filming this week, in fact the very next morning. Yea!!!

        • Jef Dinsmore

          Pam, I don’t have any confirmation on anything, but I did use your comment above in a post. Check it out.

          • Pam Hall

            Very cool!

      • Pam Hall

        If filming has started on OPEN, do you have any idea when it will be premiering on HBO? or going to series?

      • Pam Hall

        If filming has started on OPEN, do you have any idea when it will be premiering on HBO? or going to series?

  • johnzig138

    Hey carl, learn to spell, sport. I was confused w what u wanted until i realized u meant “shows” , not “shoes”!
    I agree about Sopranos though. What happened to that supposed movie HBO?

  • carl

    get some new classic shoes like curb your entusiasm the sopranos dead wood boardwalk empire true blood stop ending the classics and giving us these crappy ass shoes

  • Trixie

    Bring back Deadwood ffs

    • Mark Nelson

      What she said.

    • Jon show

      You cant end of story

  • Patsy McMichael

    I am sooo sad to hear that Boardwalk Empire will only have one more season. I love that series!! I will miss True Blood too. Can’t you find new story lines for each of them? I watch The Game of Thrones every so often but I don’t look forward to it like BE and TB….so when they go, I guess I wont need HBO anymore….Showtime never had any series that I liked…My Dish Network doesn’t have the contract with Starz and it’s associated channels for me to watch on line while I am on the road working so….I guess it is back to basic cable for me….save a bit of money. I can watch all the movies I want with Roku and Hulu Plus for less money.

    • I’ll miss BE and TB too. Game of Thrones is one
      of my very favorites. Isn’t it neat how we all have our own personal favorites?
      I love The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Justified, although those
      aren’t HBO shows.

  • Ashriel_Gi17

    Please don’t end The Newsroom! Make some cuts, maybe just have a few minor characters per episode and just alternate. Season 2 ended really strong and more people are bound to get into it! It’s a really entertaining, intelligent show with alot of creativity and enough material to go on for a number of seasons!

  • Kaya5

    It’s not fair at all what happened to The Newsroom. It’s smart, original, has a spectacular cast… Yeah, maybe too idealistic sometimes, but isn’t that the point of watching any TV series? It’s gonna be a great loss, for journalism students above all.

  • Sskinnef

    Mourning the loss of family tree!

  • some guy

    Well hopefully dark tower is whats replacing true blood that is all I have to say…

  • GoT S04

    Your countdown reads:

    Game of Thrones
    Season 4 S4 Filming DONE!
    Air Date: April 6th Season 4 Premiere is in ~85 days

    It’s actually 75 days until April 6th. You might want to make that correction on your website here.

  • Sweet45

    Love, love, love the game of thrones… Pls don’t stop showing…


      Me too. Games of Thrones is the best. Although, I love True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Newsroom.

    • Plato

      Book is way better ;)

  • jeff dh

    Veep is hilarious! Girls meh. Newsroom boooring. Getting On whats that all about? Bring back the Sopranos! MORE Games and don’t cancel Boardwalk.

    • some other guy

      you cant bring back sopranos silly James Gandolfini is dead…

      • dave smith

        all the more reason to bring it back.. just like in real life ala gotti etc, the son or next in line takes over innit ;)

    • Patrick

      Newsroom is by far my favorite show ever. Specifically episode 4 is the best show.

  • Garnette

    Way too long!! Too long!! who cares.. who cares…who cares… who cares…

  • k123123123

    Also the golden globes totally snubbed hbo this year. Seriously nothing for game of thrones? Its amazing.

    • Tom Anderson

      Amazingly boring.

      • Kboatwright

        If you think Game of Thrones is boring then you obviously have no imagination. I bet you think sex and music are boring too. Neanderthal.

        • Tom Anderson

          Actually im a big sci-fi / fantasy buff, and have read and watched and loved this genre all my life.

          Nothing happens in each episode. Save maybe 5 mins of action (if you are lucky.)

          I tried to read the first book years before the series, that was boring too.

          Be honest, I dont know how long each series is. But it could easily have been edited down into a two hour film and lost nothing.

          Oh and if your sex session is 35 mins of nothing, and 5 mins of fun I bet your partner is equally bored as I am of this.

          • Shutup

            Shutup you suck

          • Anna

            Ah yes, if things don’t go boom and pow they’re boring -_- this is why good american shows (firefly, carnivale in particular) get cancelled too often. Sucks that in Oz we generally have to rely on your tv which means relying on your audience base to approve. Actual character development and plot requires too much brain power.

  • k123123123

    Just so you know this will be the final season of boardwalk empire in 2014

  • Brad

    Where are all the 3D movies?!

  • Ptpickles

    Please please please renew Getting On…it’s a clever, well written disturbing series

    • suzanna

      yes it is best new series- so well done!


    Getting On is Poignant, Funny, Smart and well played by all actors. The ensemble cast, balanced in such a way you can see the importance of each character realistically within the plots. The development of each
    character artistically peals their layers to revealed true depth. This is a tough subject matter, yet it is the white elephant in many homes today. I
    think Getting On is not just a funny sit-com, but a compassionate and humorous way of introducing into the American public dialog a taboo subject too many of us have been avoiding. PLEASE RENEW!

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We reviewed each and every episode of this show and enjoyed it as well. Check out what we said.

  • Wendy Carson

    I have really enjoyed the New comedy Getting On. I really hope this is renewed for a full season. the acting is superb and the story while at times funny is quite dark and is written so well

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We will let you know when the show is renewed or cancelled, but we hope for that first option and more episodes per season as well.

  • richard davidson

    Gervais isn’t funny anymore. Success has made him arrogant.

  • richard davidson

    “Strangers With Candy” is one of the best TV shows ever.

  • GWEN

    I found this website looking for the start date of Veep. It’s one of the few HBO shows that I still watch. I think it’s well worth the 1/2 spent watching it. I like Boardwalk Empire, but it’s no Sopranos (I guess it’s not supposed to be), and nothing compares to the Wire for me. For those of you who are looking for a great series and have not checked that one out, I highly recommend it. Also, if you’re bored with HBO programming or unsatisfied with their current line up, there are a few other series on Netflix definitely worth watching.

  • CC3TC

    “Girls” may be the worst series ever put on HBO. I wish it a quick and painless ending.

    • Martyhome

      I am old, a retired HS English teacher, and smart. This series is witty, apt, and a creation of talent. One need not be young to appreciate Dunham’s talent, but one must recognize that times change. Those girls represent that age; yes, they are all white and obviously self-indulged kids of quasi wealth. Americans are not churning out young people of integrity and sound ethics. Just look at their elder role models, to wit, our members of Congress, our celebrities and sports figures. Where are the heroes?


    Family Tree was funny, witty, and entertaining with that classic British humor that is subtle as well as ironic. Make another Season…………NOW!

  • Picasso

    The North Remmembers. Can’t wait. HBO…..give us some video!

  • The North Remembers

    Winter is coming.

  • YOLO

    i miss the wire

    • GWEN

      I miss the wire too. I didn’t think I could love a series better than the Sopranos, but the Wire was the ultimate for me.

  • Ronnie

    The True Blood series fallows the books ( the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlain Harris ) There’s 7 books so that means 7 seasons. They aren’t cancelling it its just done.

    • mahh

      There are 13 books not 7, and it does not follow the series at all. The books are wayyy better then anything they filmed for the show.

  • cinamax

    i like banshee

  • el lobo

    Most programs go through a growth and decay process. For example A&E He’ll on Wheels started out as a great series and degenerated into a piece of shit.

    • Charley512

      First, amc, not a&e, second, not shity, great, and to more entertain you, 13episodes, not just ten! And we love Anson Mount!

      • DennisJ

        100% totally absolutely fully completely and utterly agree with you! It’s by far one of the best shows on period end of.

  • el lobo

    Treme finale capracorn pablum.

    Boardwalk empire, I will miss Harrow in the next season, he was the only interesting character in the series.

    • James d

      Harrow is in “american hustle” check him out

  • Jilliefacee

    If you miss GoT that much, you could read the books.. They’re sicc! :))

  • Jilliefacee

    If you miss GoT that much, you could read the books.. They’re sicc! :))

  • Milliexfarmer Williams

    Just watched the season finale of Ja’mie and Getting On. I understand why Ja’mie is concluded, although I hate it but I pray the powers that be at HBO have enough sense to bring back Getting On. I worked as aC NAfor 23 years and I felt like I was watching a day in my life. I laughed, I cried and I reminisced. Bottom line, it’s one of the best shows on television today. I really hope this means something. I’ve never seen a more realistic depiction of the long term care industry. ..and that , sadly, is what it is….an industry. Thank you .

    • Wendy Carson

      I did so enjoy Getting On. One of the Best I have seen in a long time.

  • Milliexfarmer Williams

    Just watched the season finale of Ja’mie and Getting On. I understand why Ja’mie is concluded, although I hate it but I pray the powers that be at HBO have enough sense to bring back Getting On. I worked as aC NAfor 23 years and I felt like I was watching a day in my life. I laughed, I cried and I reminisced. Bottom line, it’s one of the best shows on television today. I really hope this means something. I’ve never seen a more realistic depiction of the long term care industry. ..and that , sadly, is what it is….an industry. Thank you .

  • Kait

    I don’t think they’re just canceling all of these shows.., they get a little bland after a while and sort of repetitive! They have to think up new concepts.. they cant have true blood season 27 it would get so old.. they have to cut it off some time is what I’m getting at!

  • WalterBishop

    I suggest they save the money on that crap show Girls and spend it on the a couple more episodes of “The Throne”.

    • Ralph Schmalph

      Girls is cool, especially when they do quirky things, which is all the time, just like real girls.

    • Jamie Reynolds

      I agree. Love Love “G.O.T”

  • viki

    I agree sopranos, trueblood, hung and boardwalk empire were the best shows HBO had and they cancelled hung and are going to cancel trueblood and sopranos ended boardwalk empire and the last season of trueblood season 7 are the only decent shows left. and after the 7th season of trueblood they are going to cancel it too. i dont understand why they keep cancelling all of the good shows and leaving all these stupid shows on that nobody likes. HBO used to be great. I’m not sure why they dont lisson to there fans and not cancel the shows they like and please please if you do cancel trueblood or boardwalk empire air a halfway decent show that people would actually like!!

    • steff

      WELL, boardwalk empire will have to end when they are done telling the story… right?

      • FredY

        it IS ending, so the OP is actually right ;)

    • that guy

      because you spelt lesson wrong, its listen.

      • TD

        Spelt? Really?

  • ed

    Seriously what’s up with Game of Thrones??? WTF why is it only on every spring and is there only 10-15 episodes a season. I like the show but how are you supposed to follow a show that’s only on 25% of the year??? Other shows broadcast a lot more episodes!!!!!!!

    • Richard

      Because it takes alot more time to make the best serie, then just a serie?

    • nicole

      They film in like 4 countries

    • Jay

      so they can sell blu-ray discs

    • el lobo

      How long do we have to wait until the asshole Joeffry has his karma leveled.

    • Matt

      A lot of shows only have 10-15 episodes a season, Game of Thrones shouldn’t receive any special treatment.

      • Picasso

        Matt read the books….I couldn’t wait. Holy Shit crazy. Just read and you will understand.

    • john

      Why do people think quality comes with numbers????? Idiot

  • Tony Pujols

    Hbo used to be good, but besides boardwalk empire and true blood theres nothing else i like. it looks to me like HBO is going on a more feminime side.. they cancle all the kool guy shows like entourage, hung, make it in america bored to death… And in return we get stupid chick shows like girls, veep, and that dumb politics show… I tried watching hello ladies, but those retard nerds on it did not do it for me… lately im more into showtime, since they seem to focus more on us guys,, ray donovan, californaction, shameless and homeland are great shows at the moment…. if it wasnt for boardwalk or boxing I would leave hbo aready…

    • groovy chick.

      the fact that you think hung was for guys.. cracks me up…

      • Florida guy

        Its a reminder for guys how gullible woman are and we should be taking full advantage of this fact. Thank you :-) (:)

    • groovy chick.

      also come on newsroom, smart and brave man to stand up for what is right.. and banshee that is so man show I don’t know how you don’t like those.. and gezzz game of thrones.. wow.. still cracks me up you think hung was a guy show.. hahaha… sorry but it does.

    • steff

      im note a dude, my favorite shows are the sopranos, and now boardwalk empire!!!

    • Parker Ambler

      Please do us all a favor and edit your post before you hit send. A couple words of grammatical advice: Instead of an ellipsis (…) you can just put a period where a sentence ends. Also, two commas (,,) just isn’t a thing. One comma or nothing. Finally, capitalize proper nouns, such as Ray Donovan (which is both a name AND a show! Double whammy!) In terms of the content of your post, the presence of a woman in a leading role doesn’t make something any more feminine than the presence of a man makes it masculine. HBO continues to take the risks of producing cutting-edge television programs that other networks don’t have the guts to make. Mostly, I like that HBO has many shows that pass the Bechdel Test. Give it a quick google search. If you give well-written female characters a chance, you might find that you actually like them.

      • Tanked

        Lol, I believe you just got burned TP!

      • Dakota Fred

        I don’t want “cutting edge”. I want good solid writing, story development, acting and interesting as well as entertaining content. That eliminates almost all of their current lineup. They seem to be following seasonal trends rather than providing long term everlasting tried and true substance. I assume by “guts” you aren’t by chance referring to “Luck”? Didn’t think so. Dumb cliches and excessive nudity aren’t “cutting edge”, so what are we left with to fill that category? Well, as far as I can tell, after next season, not much, if AnYthInG,,…

      • T

        Youre kidding right? “HBO continues to take the risks of producing cutting-edge television programs that other networks don’t have the guts to make.” Lol. Um, they used to put our quality shows, i.e. Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Big Love, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Carnivale, etc. Now the only show worth watching is Game OF Thrones, which I wholeheartedly agree is amazing. The rest suck. One example: True Blood. That shittastic show has sucked giant ass for years now. Stopped watching after season four it stunk so bad. And I am a fan of the books. That show is pure shit, plain and simple. I could go on but you get the point. Starz created Spartacus, which is one of the best shows ever on television. HBO would never have the guts to make a show that kickass. Showtime created Dexter, which – in it’s prime, is also one of the best shows ever. HBO is *not* the only cable network to put out quality. In fact the opposite actually. Get a grip.

    • Matt

      Ever heard of “Sex and the City”? “Stupid chick shows” are nothing new to HBO. If you don’t like what HBO airs, pick up your remote and change the channel. You have HBO AND Showtime, so chances are you have hundreds of other channels to choose from. Contrary to what you may believe, “that dumb politics show” (I’m guessing you’re talking about “The Newsroom”), is actually a great show, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t like it because it’s too smart for you.

      • thinker

        Could the reference be to Real Time With Bill Maher?
        Maher is pretty nearly a rabid Liberal, whereas I fall between the Libertarian and centrist ConConservative camps. Maher makes a concerned citizen think through their own point of view or consider another.
        In my experience, the majority of people are no longer individual thinkers and theeeffort required to be fully informed is just too much trouble.
        Consequently, we are suffering the current national experience.

        I’m with you as far as the sad state of the populace which kills decent programming! !

        • Matt

          Yeah, I thought about Real Time after I made the comment.

      • Henry NY

        Newsroom is nothing more than a group of wanna be comprehensive witty condescending snobby patronizing hipster smart ass annoying “look at me, how smart I am and how fast I can talk about it” one-after-the-other comments rolled up into an hour of meaningless fictional crap. There are only two redeeming qualities, Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer… the rest of the cast and story is.. meh

    • watcher

      Incorrect. Boardwalk Empire continues. I suggest you be willing to understand that Wahlberg has been wise as a producer and or a director.
      When the story is done, it’s done. The era depicted is good for a little more imho.

      • Jy33

        WRONG. Boardwalk is cancelled after next season. And yes, it is WAAAAAY too soon to go away IMO. The story isnt “done”. In fact, it could continue for many many many years up to Gotti’s reign and downfall.

  • BulldogmomJ

    Would it be too much trouble or too much to ask for HBO to provide the exact date for the start of Boardwalk Empire Season 5?
    First Jimmy and now Harrow. What is with killing off all audience favorites?
    Yeah! Complain. Complain.

    • Nahojism

      That’s something only great shows can do, and still be great.

    • Neko

      The creators of Boardwalk said they killed off Richard because they felt the “time was right” they would rather kill him off while people still cared about him and liked him before people started to dislike him and his character becoming stale and old news…
      Personally… I think it’s crap cuz… I really would love to see more Richard… Since Richard and Capone are my 2 favorites. I SERIOUSLY thought Eli was going to die at the end of season 4… I can’t believe he made it out alive… Or Gillian for that matter…

      • el lobo

        Watching Gillian get her due was as good as watching a skin flick.
        I despised her treatment of Harrow.

    • steff

      THATS WHAT IM SAYING! i get attached to a character and they kill them off!

    • MitzyGirl

      Boardwalk is DEAD TO ME now that Richard is gone. Game of Thrones is all that I have left, now. Sad.

    • el lobo

      Agree completely about Harrow.

    • Matt

      The new season probably starts about the same time of the year that every other season has started.

  • SorosBotActivate

    Gervais has said there won’t be another season of his show, as they have gone through all of the podcasts they completed.

  • Brian

    Any news on what series HBO could possibly pick up to replace True Blood?

  • kaydeeole

    I wish there could be AT LEAST ONE happy ending on Broadwalk Empire! They make me cry every friggin season finale! Harrow went through alot!! I hate you for killing him off!!!

    • groovy chick

      he was a soldier, sacrificed his life for the happiness of the woman he loved and saved his best friends son from the evil perverted woman… he is a hero.

  • Mike Bohn

    HBO is the best period. Anyone who doesn’t think it is the money is brokeass loser with a shitty job. The entertainment value is worth more than anything – drugs, video games, movies, sports, sex. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is a complete fool.

    • Flydoggy

      2 words for you…Breaking Bad

  • VeryInteresting

    I agree The Newsroom is a great show. Does anyone watch any of the bastard series that HBO puts on Cinemax? Strike Back and Banshee are great shows in their own right. Wont garner any Emmy’s (Hence Bastard series on Cinemax) none the less they are very entertaining and I consider them a wicked indulgence. If you haven’t heard or seen them please take a peek

    • Kee-ajfa P

      OMG! Banshee is Amazing!

  • JoBlo

    The newsroom is the best series I have ever seen, in no way is this a typical stupid show

  • Elocin

    Ugh… Why so long until Game of Thrones HBO???

    • Gail


    • Tonya Worley

      It is better than the Tudors…or Downtown Abbey

  • Jordanluv

    For all the people who don’t like trueblood or hbo then don’t watch or take it of your package instead of complaining it very simple solution I for one love trueblood an game of thrones cant wait for it to start I hate the time in between shows that’s stupid to me but the only reason I pay for hbo is for those two shows :) I’m hooked keep making more trueblood !!

    • Srob321

      Trublood was an incredible show the first two or 3 seasons, they lost me when they atarted all the fairy nonsence and goblins and orcs, that show was better than that.

  • Robbie Moraes

    This is why I dumped HBO. Stupid shows with stupid Cable Packages that cost more then the Federal Budget.



    • Robbie Moraes

      It always was stupid. All these HBO shows are stupid. That;s what Cable TV is now. STUPID SHOWS.

      • Bmonster McCarthy

        Hey nitwit, if you think cable tv is just “stupid shows”, either you’re too damned dim to understand/appreciate actual intelligent, adult tv, or you have utter shit taste and like to watch network tv. That’s where truly stupid tv is, too, there are just far more channels on cable tv. Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Rectify, Mad Men, Dexter and minseries Top of the Lake are anything but stupid. Now True Blood, that’s another story. Not completely ‘stupid’, but way overly melodramatic, and the whole vampire thing is so tired.

  • mel

    Don’t cancel True Blood!!!! You already took Dexter away!!! If you do I am cancelling HBO. Not worth my 20.00 a month anymore.

    • X

      Dexter’s showtime not HBO

  • j sprinkles

    We will continue with another east bound and down but you canceled the great show luck!! Bad call!! Luck was an awesome show with real potential all off the rest suck with an exception for game of thrones I’m canceling my HBO packeadge

    • Robbie Moraes

      Oh if it was such a great show, how come no one was watching it?! Stupid Fool.

      • lujk

        people were, it got canceled because of troubles during shooting (horses getting injured or dying)

  • Toby

    Look at EXPAT’s comment: a perfect example of why we Americans don’t care what we’re thought of.

  • ExPat

    Look at these comments! This is a perfect example of why the world has no respect for Americans. Nowhere else will you see such all a collection of “entitled”, whinny, arrogant @$$ #%&s.

    • So brave.

    • Robbie Moraes

      If you don’t like America move away who anti-American idiot.

  • RUGS


    • Not sure what you mean. Over at We’ll have our own “What’s on in December” later this month.

      • Robbie Moraes

        Yeah, where is it? It’s gone. You are a liar.

  • SI

    Wow what kind of piece of shit links a joke spoiler to their own show this is why everyone pirates ur shit glad ull be outta buisness in 2 yrs CYA soon

  • Justin Wayne Jones

    I am getting tired of waiting so long for Game of Thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oseana

      me tooooooooo

    • SorosBotActivate

      Imagine you are waiting for the next book….

  • mchack

    Does anyone know when Capadocia will continue? What time and day of the week was it originally on?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      HBO Latino’s CAPADOCIA will air its Season Three on Friday nights at 10:00pm beginning on 11.01.13. Season One & Two can be seen on HBOGo.

      It premiered on 03.02.08, a Sunday, so I suspect it must have aired on Sundays at 9:00 or 10:00pm.

  • So glad Carnivale is on HBO Go. Where’s season three, though???

    • SRM5

      There is no season three. The show was cancelled after it’s second series. If you search you can find the creator online talking about what he planned for the characters and some of the storyline.

      • God, first Deadwood and now this? WTF, HBO?

  • Indy

    Cancel Girls Plz Ive has enough of that over weight bitch

    • SRM5

      You don’t have to watch it. Not that hard.

    • TeamEricNorthmanForever

      HATER! that over weight “bitch” is a genius!

    • Val


  • bigcrazewolf

    We want Vice back on ASAP

  • Nick

    I’m canceling hbo after true blood, hbo cancels everything premature..i hope everyone else cancels their subscription too…

    • Dennis Eijs

      Yep, we should go to a crowd sourcing possibility so fans can continue series, and not be dependant on network idiots.

    • Lisa

      As much as I love the characters I think there is only so far that show can go.HBO likes to stop while they are ahead. I rather look back on the show and say damn every episode I watched was amazing then to think it was drawn out for too long.

    • COJeff

      Cry baby…

    • Nahojism

      Do you think seven seasons is premature?? It’s well over its lifespan. I’m glad they cancel it and make room for something better that doesn’t use nudity to cover its flaws.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    The last time we reported on OPEN was on 09.09 Here is the link – OPEN. Ryan Murphy is said to be in production on it but I think as of late he was focusing on promoting the new season of “Glee” and “American Horror Story”.

    As promised we will give you the news of anything further as we get it.

  • Pam

    Any news about Anna Torv doing the HBO series Open? Has filming started?

  • HBO Love

    You’ve neglected to mention new HBO show Looking, which is set to air in January.

    • Kathy

      January 19th at 10:30pm – 92 days

      • Jef Dinsmore

        Yes, it appears we have to edit our Schedule list above. We will get on that.

  • Jim Horton

    I can’t believe all the good stuff is gone now on HBO. You’ve had great shows for many years. Oh well, now I can save 12 bucks on my Directv bill. Bye bye HBO.

    • Anonymouse

      You actually pay for TV? HAH!

  • Me

    Will the serie Single LAdies season 3 also showed here on HBO?

  • Dennis B

    “Ali’s Greatest Fight” is a masterpiece on one of the greatest and most significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions of the 1970’s. In my opinion should be required viewing in every law school. Moreover, it provides a very detailed insight on the working of our nation’s highest court. Thank you HBO.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We’re glad you liked it. Check out our review on the front page!

  • Abasi

    Game of thrones I really like only all the dark people are slaves and that’s some B.S., damn people know who Hannibal is in true history, all the Greek gods copied from Egyptian Culture and yet dark and or black people are slaves on this show is not correct historically! Not that ur trying to be factual cuz it’s a show but NOT ALL black come from slavery…all you people with college degrees should know this…Benjamin Banner etc…

    • Jess

      This show is not based on our history though is it.

    • Gilrean Treebane

      Also, not all dark people in the series are slaves. What about

      Salladhor Saan, the Lysene Pirate? Also, the unsullied come from a variety of backgrounds. It may seem like a lot of dark people are slaves and with good reason. All the slavers are in the south where the sun shines more brightly thus darker skin pigmentation. In the seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the north, there are no slaves as slavery is forbidden. Since the story is mostly concerned with Westeros, we only really see the Free Cities and the rest of the south of that world through Dany’s perspective and as she is kinda hell bent on amassing an army by freeing slaves, We don’t get to see much of the peoples who are not slaves.

      In short, the view you get from the show is a narrow one of that world. Read the books and use your brain (if you have one).

    • ConfederateHero

      Dont be so ignorant Abasi. In todays age, African American slavery in the US, seems to be the only well known example of slavery in recent history, hence why you are hyper aware of what you perceive to be “racist” . “Blacks” were favorable in the southern US because of their genetic resistance to viruses such as malaria(among other reasons.) Clearly you are the one harbor a bias perspective. Just relax and enjoy the show.

    • ezekielkane

      Its a fantasy show, based on a fantasy book. Mabie try and think before you talk, rather than opening your mouth with your small minded perception and hoping for the best.

  • Bill Maher spot on

    I agree that the number of quality shows on HBO has declined in recent times. I am a huge fan of Real Life with Bill Maher, whilst he has a clear political preference, I still feel he is relatively fair to the “opposition”, especially if you consider how the other side would likely act in the same situation … Anyway I like he is not afraid to say what he thinks, even if he may not always be correct or fully unbiased. To the show, keep up the great work.

    Game of Thrones is so very well done that I understand and appreciate the time being taken to do a quality show. As others have pointed out, quality takes time and what’s the rush?

    Also hoping for more sci Fi & fantasy options. hope American Gods is done by HBO. And can’t wait for an Entourage movie … Bet the soundtrack will be awesome!

    Finally, HBO please make it easier for subscribers to access the schedule, not just current schedule, but the UPCOMING schedule as well! Had to troll through several sites including HBO GO app to find this site.

  • NE PA

    Game of Thrones Season 4 in spring 2014………..what!!!! Too long between seasons with not enough episodes……..GRRRRR!

    • Tony Hall

      I hate when people complain…Every season started end of march and first few weeks of april..Now people re complaing about…Every show out there has a premiere 1 year later,,,Dawww

  • Leigh

    HBO Series trump all. Although, some are simply an acquired taste, all follow the rule of being damn good. Sopranos, Carnivale, Oz, Rome, Extras, were all great and if they popped back up with new seasons, I’d be watching them again. But HBO continues to release top-notch series after series; especially with Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Girls (acquired taste), Boardwalk Empire, and hopefully soon to come American Gods (I certainly hope so). Keep em coming, I’ll keep watching.

  • chelsea1

    I love, love, love The Newsroom. Please bring it back for Season 3!!!!!!

    • Shon Kelley


      • Informed American

        Ugh what? It’s the best show on TV and written by Aaron Sorkin, the best writer on TV… Get half a brain and you would enjoy it. Until then just keep on keeping up with the Kardashians and watching teen mom you dult..

        • Shon Kelley

          If you enjoy liberal drible its great!

        • Shon Kelley

          Liberal drible. And like you, the ratings suck!

  • The Beaujetto Socialite

    I used to love HBO great shows on my Sunday night..for me and my hubby but now it seems it is going down hill..what happen HBO?

  • Nicole Gauthier

    I just want you to know that I will be cancelling my HBO after True blood ends I watch GOT but it is Cheaper for me to buy it at seasons end I like Boardwalk but you don’t have previous seasons On demand and I didn’t catch them alll previously so whatever…. I think VEEP is RETARDED and you could step up the fantasy shows a little… you seem to be forgetting that it was the Fans that gave you your status as a Great Network… why are you not giving them what THEY want?

    • Shola Faparusi

      you can watch all the seasons on HBO GO…online as long as you are a subscriber.

      • thank goodness or i’d miss everything!

    • Robbie Moraes

      Try the Porn channel, as True Blood was nothing but brainless porn.

      • ziya

        well not for those who read the books

  • jay

    other then GOT and B.E. that is – not worth18.00 a month on dtv after B.E. ends this season. HBO has really gone down.

    • The Beaujetto Socialite

      you are so right..I thought I was only person who thought that..

  • jay

    schedule generally sucks

  • forcedshowime fan

    Boredto death was fucking brillant… shame on u hbo for cancelling it .but your right give the great family fucking tree ano ther seasi n …stupid cunts

  • Snowman

    I thought game of thrones was this fall like it was last year

    • ChellaBear

      GOT has always been in the spring. Boardwalk has been in the fall spot for the past 3 years & GOT in the spring

  • douchebag

    Hey assholes I am in a hotel w HBO and all I want is your schedule. You gum up the works with self promotional bullshit. Thanks for nothing.

  • earl

    more deadwood

  • HBO subscriber

    Chronological order, alphabetic order, something than just listed…Come on HBO You could do much better than just posting the information randomly…

  • Bills

    Deadwood back! Please! Thank you

  • Blender Racket

    A wonderful show idea for HBO:

  • Girlsgirlsgirls

    Girls not airing until 2014!!?? I’m sad! Love that show!

  • BooHBO

    I too will miss “How to Make it in America!” I am also disappointed to learn there will be no more “Enlightened,” “Hung,” or “Bored to Death!” I do not understand why shows like “Eastbound and Down,” which I love, or “Family Tree” get slots whereas great shows, like the ones mentioned, are cancelled!?! : / Pretty bummed!

    • Mishka

      Promotion and views. Eastbound reaches a larger audience and is easier to promote. BTD and Family Tree reach a smarter audience. Unfortunately in this world, larger does not equal smarter. These execs sit in a board room and base their decisions on some very bottom-line perspectives. Budget added to promotional fees = x-amount, subtracted by overall revenue. I imagine when they do the math and attempt to project what will work over a 5 year span they figure who gets cut and who doesn’t. Not to mention they try to save money for new shows coming in. And I’m sure I’ve only touched on the edge of how they work…

    • The Beaujetto Socialite

      right! I loved those shows…what has happened to HBO

  • Victor

    “How to Make it in America” NEEDS to come back on air!

    • Alex93

      Holy truth!

  • Soda

    Any news about David Simon doing “legacy of ashes”

  • Guest

    Has American Gods been Green lighted yet? If so when do you start production>

    • Jef Dinsmore

      No it is non green-lit. So far we are left with the understanding that the screenpaly is being written by Neil Gaiman himself and at a snail’s pace as it seems. IDon’t look for it on 2014.
      I think we only keep it in the loop here at HBOWatch because we love the notion that it may appear on HBO some day. and the fact that many, liek you, keep beinking it up. When we hear anything concrete we will certainly announce it.

  • just a fan

    Almost a year in between seasons is ridiculous. Fans of game of thrones deserve better. i love the show. The planning of which i detest. 10 episodes in season 3? Come on?

    • You love the show, yet you detest the planning. Just take a while to think about that statement.

    • Brian

      If they made it shorter in between seasons they would catch up to where the writer is in the series a lot faster and then you would be waiting years inbetween seasons…

    • Mishka

      If you follow George R.R. Martin then you know he takes a long time to write a book. A very long time. GOT is very unique in the sense that the show is following the author literally book by book. In fact, Martin himself writes the screenplay for at least one episode every season. This means, despite how contractually obligated Martin may seem, HBO and GOT viewers are very much at the mercy of Martin’s creative process. Kind of makes you think about these 20 minute shows like GIRLS and Entourage that come/came out once a year with plots that are a fraction as complicated as GOT or Boardwalk. Really opens your eyes to the possible process behind any given show.

      • The Beaujetto Socialite

        why not get faster writers? I am sure plenty of talented people out here that can come up with some more 20 minute shows..

    • Gilrean Treebane

      If you’re really that in need of a Game of Thrones fix, give the books a try. It’s quite interesting re watching the series after having read the material in the books. It also helps so much with remembering who is who.

  • Kc135mom

    Oooh. I concur with Jim, “Bring Deadwood Back!” Set a new “gold standard” with the writing and sets/locations were spot-on authentic. But the casting? Oh my! The BEST. Ian MacShane was absolute perfection as Cy. Timothy Olyphant? Eye candy with substance! All casting was above reproach, but did I mention the writing???

  • Adariah

    Grrrr. What am I supposed to do until spring of 2014???? I have already watched seasons 1-3 multiple times and read all the books twice….need a new Game of Thrones fix….Now!

    • Gilrean Treebane

      Well…. there’s always fanfiction…

  • jim

    Bring DEADWOOD BACK!!!!

  • mlbergermann

    I miss Hung!!! It was just really getting going!! The characters were fantastic !!! Tonya’s pimp, Lanore’ new young one, the x wife making her way, and the kids!!!! Absolutely hilarious!! Who would think those two have those kids!! I loved this show!! Creative and different from the main stream. Very entertaining!! Bring back Detroit’s happiness consultant basketball coach!!!! Want to watch what happens next!!

  • I Heart Monkey!

    Thank god for Family Tree! So funny! Love British comedy. Please bring on season 2, can’t wait for more Monkey!!

  • gogole

    viens dans le 9/3 Que jvou montree Komen on fé une séri AIIIIIIIIIIIE

  • gogole

    C 2 la merde vautre séri C tro long ùùù

  • gogole

    234 days too long

  • gogole

    please game of thrones fast fast

  • Mike Osiecki

    Veep should go up to at least 10 seasons

  • Mike Osiecki

    Season 2 of angry boys please

  • lor

    I Miss LUTHER ;-(

  • John Kuehner

    its all over the internet that HBO will show the patriot yue fei a chinese soap airing in china right now. it is so good that my wife actually watched the 65 episodes in chinese and she is vietnamese. i caught some of it and it is so good i told my wife to not mention it because i cant wait to watch it even if i have to read all 65 episodes its that good. i read all episodes of shanghai bunt and it was fantastic. it would be a major hit in the USA. what i don’t understand is i can’t find anything about it on the HBO sights.. does anyone know any information about yue fei airing in america

  • HBO Watcher

    For your information, the Ricky Gervais Show is officially over. Ricky stated in an interview that they would have had to do more podcasts in order for their to be material for another season and felt that the entire process would lose its innocence since they’d specifically have the animation in their mind. Anyway, that’s why there’s been no announcement on its renewal or cancellation.

    • Mishka

      I think Ricky’s right…

  • Alex93

    HBO, I’m ready to beg you to bring “How To Make It In America” back. Really, this is the awesome, interesting and great show I’ve ever seen before. It wasn’t getting the rating because nobody knew about it two years ago. But now I’m sure the number of fans of this show has become so much more! Now rating has increased in ten-fold!!! Very interesting story, really good acting, I know this show is doomed to success! You HAVE TO continue to make season 3! I can confidently guarantee you that you’ll not regret it, and make many fans happy. I hope you will make the right decision.

  • Renee

    I’m going to miss how to make it in America…and as for other cancelled shows,
    aside from Rome, #1 ladies detective agency was my favorite. It deserved way many more seasons than one. Hbo dropped the ball there.

    • Mishka

      I LOVED Rome. Sadly HBO decided they couldn’t afford the elaborate-ness of the show. That mixed with the complicated story line (very well-paid writers yet confused audience) created a block out of no where. I guess the only answer was to drop the show and give the reigns to Showtime’s ‘The Tudors’ and Stars’ ‘Spartacus’.

  • tangcameo

    The less I hear about Treme the more I worry. No release date for season 3 on DVD (even as they mention the release date of GOT season 3, which aired six months after Treme) and TBD/Fall 2013 for the season 4 airdate?

  • Alexander

    what the fuck is up with “How to make it America” is over stupid fucking politics

  • aro

    every when does the episode of Girls start?

    • No official premiere date for Girls season 3. Could be early 2014 if it sticks to the last two years.

  • Lobwedge

    Hung needs to come back, WTF! That show was awesome and cancelling it really pisses me off!

  • billy

    Walking dead is awsome cant wait for it to return

    • Tiffany H.

      I agree, but why post it on HBO’s page. You do know that’s a different network? AMC.

  • raggdolly56

    Game of Thrones you rock wouldhave like to see another seaon of enlighted just to finish it. True Blood I counting down the minutes.

  • Sunny

    what about Capadocia?? is it coming back

  • impatientUK

    “Why don’t they film the next season of game of thrones while the current is being aired! 3rd season finished only another a year until the next season, fantastic. I know they need confirmation from the top to authorize another season but a year wait, come on you can do better than that.”

    • DutchPerson

      confirmation my ass! GoT is wildly popular, there’s just NO WAY they could posibly think that the show could get canceled, NO WAY. I’m sorry, I’m upset we’ll have to wait so long.. :'(

      • Mishka

        Millions of people would cut HBO off entirely if GOT was cancelled. That entire cast and production crew is backed by its viewers.

  • Ebolah

    Wow! I had big respect for Michael Douglas and Matt Damon before watching “Behind the Candelabra”. This is a wild documentary (the reason I said “this” is because I’m watching it now). I have heard of the artist named Liberace from older folks like my mother & other older people a while back. But seeing Michael Douglas & Matt Damon doin there roles. Boy! iI know any story i’ve heard or any thought anybody Ever had about Liberace. They have more 2 add 2 dat now.

  • chris

    I loved rome, hung, big love, 6 feet undet. But what are they thinking, I cant stand veep or newsroom. I want to be entertained not boared to tears. They need a new programer or new person who decides on shows. Game of thrones is the only good show they have left, Im going to cancel HBO after as soon as game of thrones ends unless they can get some quality shows back.

  • jfcjr

    Deadwood was the best of all the series. Why did it go away ??

  • Maximillian Power

    how to make it in America was AWSOME! Carnivale was AWSOME! Treme shortened season??! LAME! I hear shortened true blood LAME!!!! and deadwood… lowsy fucks better make a few movies to finish that series

  • Alice

    Replacing Peter Dinklage with Warwick Davis? Sorry bad move don’t make a change like that after 3 seasons. Not sure I will continue watching. Come on rethink this. Nothing against Mr. Davis.

    • Daddy1x

      Who ever said anything about that?

      • Nicole Gauthier

        they would never do that, he is too popular people would flip out

      • CJD

        It’s a big whoosh on Alice’s part. That was an April Fools joke that apparently some people actually fell for…

  • Karen

    How can Game of Thrones and Candelabra be on at the same time of the same day?

    • They’re not. Behind the Candelabra is on in that slot this weekend, and GoT is taking a break for a week. Episode 9, “The Rains of Castamere”, will air on 2nd June.

  • Al Swearengen



    We only signed for HBO for the best show on TV-THE NEWSROOm and yoou are not showing it. Are you afrid to show intelligent comedy shows???

    • Shon Kelley


  • K

    LOVE TRUE BLOOD, Boardwalk Empire & Game of Thrones – PLEASE keep the episodes/new seasons coming!!! Thanks for the great entertainment HBO!!

  • eazyr

    Bring back DEADWOOD HBO cocksuckers

  • Norma B

    I am so glad Boardwalk Empire is coming back this fall, love the show.
    I cried and cried at the end of Spartacus, I was hoping for another couple more seasons. At least let Spartacus and his men get their people to safety away from the Romans.

  • alleycat26

    There is a great book out there called switched by Amanda hocking and I think they should pick up on it and make a movie or tv series!!!!

  • jjcc

    Please bring back Enlightened. At least 1-2 episodes so that they can bring it to closure.

  • Marta

    Is there any plans for a Sopranos movie?

  • I like hung but it disappeared.

  • tired of paying for hbo

    Man bring hung back! !! How hbo just end it like tht w/o a finale….even tho hbo sucks at ending series

  • Terry Nell

    Why are HBO & STARS so hostile to heterosexual males? Anyone thats
    ever watched Spartacus, Game of Thrones or any other HBO/STARS original,
    is obviously aware that the pen!s seems to pop up in every other scene.
    Yet they always avoid the vagiina. Some Spartacus & Game of Thrones
    episodes do have a few scenes of full female nudity. However, as soon
    as the women disrobe its apparent that something is strange! Each woman
    has been digitally altered or is obviously wearing a patch of fake
    genital hair, which is called a “merkin” or a pubiic wig, to conceal her
    vag!na from being visible! To say this looks laughable is an
    understatement! In HD it literally looks as if someone (at the last
    minute) digitally painted over it or used scotch tape to put a furry
    pubiic wig in place! This artificial and laughable looking PG Rated
    female nudity takes political correctness to another level. No problem
    with the male nudity, but why the female censorship? There are even some
    articles online about it. HBO and STARS always claim to be willing to
    break new ground. They will show the most graphic violence and male
    nudity imaginable. But, if a woman gets nude they cry foul and digitally
    censor the vag!na or cover it with a genital wig! Really? HBO &
    STARS have a hateful double standard when it comes to full frontal
    nudity. Always willing to show a peniis, but NEVER a vag!na. They just
    keep showing the same old tired female breast shots or very rarely a
    lame censored with fake hair bush shot. Why should only females and gay
    males get to see the full monty? Fair is fair. I paid a ton of lettuce
    for HBO and just wanted to be treated fairly as a heterosexual male. I
    will be getting rid of HBO. I hate politically correct feminist driven
    censorship! HBO and cable have lost a ton of heterosexual male
    subscribers over the last few years. I won’t subscribe again.

  • Ex-HBO Subscriber

    Enlightened cancelled? Ok, no prob. So is my subscription to HBO!! See ya :(

  • alkel

    Enlightened was one of the best shows on television since The Wire. It will take a few years for everyone to get that. So sad it’s gone.

  • QuayBird

    Thank you for this!

  • “I’m walkin’ here!”

    ‘LUCK’ Deserved a fight. Hiding behind livestock liabilies in order to justify canceling a new series with such obvious momentum and potential building up is clearly a cop-out at this level. HBO annoys me, how recklessly they choose their battles, and the collateral damage left behind.

    • nptexas

      I just copied your comment in my own post to HBO. Yours is so spot-on. Luck was so good. As was Enlightened. I just don’t get it with HBO sometimes.

  • mars281

    Game of thrones is awesome but i was deeply disappointed on there battle scene with the green fire…hell even Sparticus has better fight scene..they were hyping thebig battle and at the end it seemed to be some what of flop for me…pls lets have some improvement on that sense thanks

  • JP

    I liked Bored to Dealth and Hung, I am sad to se them go. However, i got to enjoy them for several seasons and I can handle the cancelations. Luck is an entirely different story, I don’t give a shit about the horse that died bring my show back. This show has Boardwalk Empire potential!!! HBO is falling behind Showtime on quality series. I used to watch as many as 8 HBO series and its now down to 3. I now watch 7 Showtime series. Get your shit together HBO and realize your customers are not going to cancel their subscriptions because of PITA.

  • Barb Mac

    just finished watching the newsroom season one thru on demand. Amazing show that everyone should be watching!! Fun! incredibly smart and addictive. can’t wait for season two!

  • ctjester35

    I agree with most comments here. I enjoyed HUNG, to bad they could of had a great ending. I loved Rome too, but expected them to drop it.

  • Robinson Crusoe

    Thomas Abrams is correct. . .I too enjoyed “Bored to Death” maybe HBO is secretly afraid of success.

  • Taye

    I think true blood and Game of Thrones should have two seasons a year. Omg that would be soooooo great!

  • Nicke

    can’t wait !

  • AliciaBarry27

    I’m so mad they canceled bored to death but at least they are making the movie to sum it all up. I miss carnivale too :(

  • MorninGangMusic
  • Igor Polcheski

    Phuking Azzwholez cancelled HUNG.. Jerks

  • Cc

    Don’t cancel Enlighted! Curious to see season 3!

    • Cc

      Doh. Enlightened.

  • fuck your name

    HBO sucks now, if they have a good show they’ll kill it or ruin it like true blood.


  • Julian

    Really gonna miss How To Make It, I was hoping I could get some tips lol

  • I with they would bring back The Life & Times of Tim and Bored to Death. I also wish they would have at least one decent show running all year and/or make more than 13 episodes of something. HBO is losing a lot of money by not doing this. I only subscribe when my shows are on. Right now that is True Blood, Newsroom, and Game of Thrones. I used to watch Boardwalk but I can’t watch it now that they killed Tommy.

  • Crystal Gilley

    I love game of thrones, boardwalk empire, treblood, and enlightened. Cant stop watching these shows!!!!!!

  • a hand

    billl maher, who watches that angry guy……..cancel tbhat hot mess…..and let us have our bored to death. maher’s a serious waste of time

    • Wrapped13

      Really?? Serious waste of time?? Another opinion that can’t be trusted…

    • ChelleC

      hey do not mess with my Bill I love him

  • Legalize Weed

    Oz is better than every show listed above, combined. Bring that shit back you dicks.

  • Nay

    I can’t wait for Game of Thrones & The Newsroom to come back ! Ive been waiting for so long for The Newsroom. Awesome show. And I’m glad to know Girls signed for season 3 ;)

  • Sasd that TREME is going off…

  • Please Buy terra Nova give me one more season dreaming about living there every night..

  • suck me

    thomas abrams your a waste of oxygen to this world

  • Kris

    I love Neil Gaiman and can’t wait to see HBO’s rendition of American God’s. Great novel!

  • Noob Alurt

    So whats ever happen to The Cocaine Cowboys HBO Series?

  • greekWoman

    i love this song

  • swiftpop

    A lot of American and British TV series are now available on Netflix. Not the streaming subscription but the DVD sub. Tonight, instead of the dreg on HBO, it’s back-to-back ‘Inspector Lewis’ for me. But not impressed with ‘Midsommer Murders’. I thought too much like Lewis without the character development. But everyone to his/her taste. ‘Para los sabores, Dios hacen los colores.’

  • swiftpop

    Looking forward to Veep, Life is Short, and The Newsroom. Three great shows for intelligent viewers. BTW, highly recommend The Hour, a BBC series on Netflix.

  • I think I’ll just cancel HBO. I only got it to watch “The Newsroom.” Which I did. And loved. Now after waiting for-EV-er… I have to wait until JUNE to see the second season? Really? Jeezus.

  • American Gods..I’m looking forward to that show. It’s been in development since 2011.

  • Kristjanna

    BRING ON THE NEWSROOM, can’t wait!


  • Not as CRAZY as you

    You people care far too much about television.
    “oh no, how dare they? what are they thinking?!”
    Calm down. There’s plenty of excitement out there in REAL life.

  • emma.peru

    TRUEE BLOOD waiting for it …so awesome

  • John

    So sad about how to make it in America

  • What happened to the big c? I’ve been away from HBO for a bit?

  • I loved Rome, It feels so incomplete, there was so much story left to tell…the Caligula era would have been great.

  • scooba


  • koolnightes

    Not many people are commenting on “Newsroom”.. I think it was and will be great….But June is air schedule? .And of course “Real Time With Bill Maher”….Mr. Political Correct

  • im excited about ‘The Newsroom’ ‘s 2nd season – BEST SHOW since carnivale

  • ebonyeyedbeauty

    I would like it very much if HBO would please bring Bored To Death back for another season!

  • ebonyeyedbeauty

    I am very disappointed that Bored To Death was cancelled. I would like to see another season of Bored To Death.

  • Hung was just starting to get really good…

  • Sofie

    So glad that ENLIGHTENED is coming back on for a 2nd season! Phew. I am amazed that a show this intelligent and risky has actually found a place for itself. Laura Dern & Mike White are both geniuses. The show is brilliant and hilarious.

    • Hardly hilarious but Enlightened is very good and food for thought. I love Laura Dern.

  • I love, love Girls!!!!! So excited that the new season is coming on soon. I agree that I hate the long wait for G.O.T and T.B. I can only get my show fix by watching Utube and reading bios on wiki.

  • mrjonessr41

    Why June for the newsroom? Glad they cancel led hung that was garbage.

  • Bengals girl

    Girls and Veep are both awesome! Can’t wait for season 2 !

  • erin

    I do not understand how hbo intends to be in the running for anything this year when the premieres of there shows are between a year and 18 months after each season finale this year i was so excited when canada got hbo but honestly cancellation is looming why should i pay cable fees for 18 months of reruns hbo has great shows but its a graveyard shows go there to die….. bad programming….. to bad hbo used to be great

  • armrotrob

    Can’t wait to see The Queen of Dragons. She is a GODDESS….

    • Deocto

      Mother Of Dragons?

  • So excited for Eastbound & Down Season 4. So amazing that they’re bringing it back. I hope they do at least 3 more seasons. Ending it at 3 seemed too short for such a successful comedy. Ending at 4 seems too short. Danny McBride is a genius.

  • shaun Braddish

    Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones are awesome

  • Schick

    I feel that way about Rome…a very good show and canceled after two seasons. They better come out with something good or replay Entourage or Sopranos or else they will lose me until Boardwalk comes back out!

    • Getting rid of Rome was a huge mistake and not letting it have closure was mean spirited.

  • Amy

    Can’t wait for Newsroom Season Two!!!!!

  • Dan

    Remake The Dark Tower as a HBO series!

  • Thomas Devereaux

    who is the artist for this song?

  • Charles Shimkus

    I hate waiting so long for the next seasons of Game of Thrones. Every time one season is over, you have to wait close to a year for the next season. I guess you just can’t rush greatness. It should be well worth the wait though.

    • Me

      You could always read the books it’s based off of during the wait :) The first two seasons were based off the first and second book respectively, so you can just read those two if you don’t want to get ahead of the show, seasons 3and4 might be trickier to do this with though since they’re going to split the third book into two seasons.

    • You should have been there waiting for him to write the books. Pure torture. One year per season seems like paradise in comparison.

  • ThisKid

    I was looking forward to the next series after Boardwalk Empire and now GOT doesn’t start until Mark 2013? What happened to HBO starting one after another? Always kept me tuned in on Sundays. Now I just won’t watch HBO again until next March.

    • Have you tried Girls? Enlightened might be a good one too. They start in January. HBO usually takes the Holidays off (with series’, at least) as most networks tend to do.

  • Truebloodfan87

    this bites!!! no pun intended why is the break for true blood sooo long havent they taken enough time already with breaks in the seasons now we gotta wait over six months argh!!!

    • I’m in your camp…and it always feels like we just get it back and they take it away again! I’d love to see more episodes…just to make the season longer so that it doesn’t seem like it takes so long for the next season to start!

  • JBailz

    You mean 31st.

  • Joe Blasco

    How come angry boys isn’t available on On Demand or HBO GO?

    • “I’m walkin’, here!”

      Great sho– More episodes, please!!

  • Nick

    Please stop making True Blood so cheesy and get back to the root of it. Maybe even back to following the books which would be a far better route! Well, in comparison to an orgasming birthing fairy!

    • GooglyEyedMoose

      HBO has nothing to do about that, that’s what makes them so great. They let the people do whatever they want with THEIR show and thats why they turn out so great. Seinfeld could have been a lot funnier if NBC didn’t get in the way. I totally agree about true blood though, so stupid now..

    • I, Personally, am glad they are not following the books from A-Z…it gives it it’s own spice and personality. If they stuck to the books some of the most favorite characters (Lafayette) wouldn’t be part of it, and even some of the relationships would change. Yes I was slightly disappointed when they didn’t turn Jason into a were-panther like in the book, but I was still just as entralled with the rest of the story…if it were the same it would be predictable.

      • F.R.

        I love Lafayette but otherwise I wish they’d stick to C. Harris’ story lines a tad closer. Also, I’m very apprehensive that the show will go downhill with Alan Ball’s departure (liking his new venture though, Banshee).

  • Jericho

    Bring back Jericho!!!!! Hbo buy the rights and make that show awesome

  • I am sooooooo glad that HUNG is gone.. I also am happy to see that True Blood and Game of Thrones are coming back.

    • I loved True Blood the first season but seriously feel that it has started to lose it’s charm. Conflicts are failin to feel organic and even in a world of fantasy it has started to feel outside the realms of possibility given the characters the writers have developed.

      • Its not the writers they are pretty much going book by book, and so far there are about 7-8 of them with new ones on the way. Its the author I think she is starting to pull stuff out of her a** because she wants to continue to make money insted of leaving well enough alone.

        • the first season was pretty much by the book, but nothing since then has even come close the the written version. they’ve taken this on a whole different rollercoaster

      • dev

        The series has gone completely off book since season one – if you’ve read the books or even knew the author’s name your opinion might have more credibility.

  • Greed Sucks

    Im sorry to disappoint everyone the networks have ZERO interest in what you and I like they are interested on one thing only MONEY and lots of it. If not enough people watch it tough – they are very harsh in ameica much harsher where I live – very few shows get chopped here aftaer a few episodes, but in the uS after 3 episodes it well get pulled. Yeah I loved bored to death – so much shitty american slapstick but that was great. Then there was Harrys Law – so well written such strong dialogue, but probably too expensive to make – remember the richer you are the more money you want. Greed is probably the worst trait humans have and it WILL get worse.

  • dannyd

    when is angry boys coming back miss that show so much

    • Jacob Klein

      Angry Boys was a one-time series as are all Chris Lilley shows. Im assuming he’s making another one and it will appear on HBO too! Check out Summer Heights High if you haven’t already.

  • Frank Sebodka

    Why did you cancel How to Make it in America and Bored to Death? They were you’re two best shows since Entourage ended.

    • Gustavo Velasquez

      Sorry paw they suck and hbo has better shows like boarwalk empire game of thrones true blood amd even oldies like oz and rome are way bettee! DEADWOOD as well one of my favorites

    • The fact you liked Entourage suggests your opinion is stupid and can’t be trusted.

    • tyler

      Entourage got me into watching hbo series and I loved it! I liked how to make it in america and was sad it cancelled..but then found game of thrones and my faith with hbo was re-established..trueblood is awesome and this newest season is the best..cant wait for entourage the movie, one of the only series to have a complete and full closure to an epic show.

  • “im so glad HBO cancelled Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America” said NO ONE EVER!!!!

    WTF are they thinking? and if those shows werent getting the ratings to justify at least some closure w/ a final season, WTF are you people that subscribe to HBO thinking? what horrible shows are you watching instead? Boardwalk, Game of Thrones are awesome shows…hopefully Curb comes back…getting annoyed w/ True Blood but i still watch it…glad Eastbound is coming back…i watch all the big mainstream shows too but why arent people raising hell for these cancelled shows? i was hooked, especially on Bored to Death and Hung and they pulled the rug out from under…at least bring those 2 back

    • J

      SOOOOO AGREE!!!!!

    • Bored to Death was good, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. And hung was total garbage.

      • name

        agreed, watched hung through recently and it was awful. Bored to death was hilarious with no end really in sight, would have enjoyed more of it tho.

      • John

        That kind of show doesn’t need to go anywhere – its just pure fun and comedy! Have to say, AGOT sucks big fat monkey balls if you’ve read the book!

    • bfcg

      Were you not around for Rome? how about Carnivale ? Those programs were awsome. At least they gave Carnivale some closure but Rome just fell off the map.

      • drb

        I KNOW! Rome, Carnival and The Wire. Still upset about all three of those

        • John

          THE WIIIRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • alkel

          The Wire writers never intended it to go beyond where it did. It was a built in close date. Same with Treme. These guys are smart enough to know exactly what they want to say, know how to say it and then shut up when it’s been said.

          • I understand but that is my point exactly. It was so good I will always want more!

      • I dont feel that carnivale got closure at all and it was truly fantastic. What a shame it’s gone. Rome I never got aroun to watching but I heard good and bad things about it.

        • Fishhunter

          Shut up you fish.

      • John

        ROME was understandable, I fucking LOVED that show, but just knew it would not carry on. But there is NO EXCUSE for cutting Bored to Death – that was a fucking awesome show!!

        • ROME = awesome

          ROME was canceled because it was INSANELY expensive for HBO to make. ROME was very ambitious and went way over their predicted budget, which is why HBO canceled it. I LOVED the show (big roman history guy) and I’m disappointed they did not continue it.

      • Rob Field

        Rome just fell off the map? The series ended with the reign of Caeser Augustus. That’s the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire. Doesn’t get much neater than that. Seemed like they were done.

      • Maximillian Power

        Carnivale was the best show HBO ever made that and deadwood pissed me off something fierce when then cancelled them.


        Rome was cancelled due to the enormity of the budgets required to produce it. It killed me to no end that it was cancelled as that was the next best thing ever after the Sopranos.

        Deadwood was ok, nothing special. Hung was BRILLIANT and refreshingly different and as great as the show was, Rebecca Creskoff always got me super excited. What a BOMBSHELL! She was the first sign that I was developing a thing for redheads but I think she actually kick started that desire in my brain. Now Christina Hendricks gets me by. LOL

        True Blood has always been a joke of a show though it is entertaining. The funniest thing is to see how Eric POSES every time he is shirtless or wearing a simple tight t-shirt. Just as ridiculous as the locker room scene in Top Gun. LOL!!

        East Bound and Down, Wheeeeew, lucky us! That is some crazy ass crap right thurr. Just another fine example of SOMETHING fresh and different and all-around hysterical!!!

        Biored to death unfortunately, I found was an acquired taste. Like the office, you had to watch it a few times in succession to really get into it but once you did you appreciated the uniqueness of the writing and the acting was superb.

        Enlightened… Where to start?…

        I feel it was a superbly written show but they cast the wrong person int he lead. Laura Dern is just too whiney and awkward no matter what character she plays. She made the show far too dreary and depressing and it (her annoyance) took away from the storyline. She did a great job and creating truly awkward moments but there were far too many.

        Mike White needed to do the tough thing and drop her and by not doing so killed his wonderful idea.

        As for “The Wire”… good riddance!!!

        I mean do we have to put up with the CRAPPY ACTING??!?!????!? [cue in Charlton Heston]

        Seriously just all around bad acting and the extras and supporting cast did a better job that the leads for the most part.

        • You’re seriously writing off Deadwood and The Wire? Wow…

      • nightowwl

        I still miss Carnivale. One of my all-time favorites.

    • J30mg

      Agree…. Just just started watching these shows recently unaware that they had been canceled & was pissed when realized it. Maybe another network will pick em up?

    • Nick

      What about deadwood?! I felt there should’ve been one more season.

      • MchnGunKelley

        Deadwood was the worst of all. totally great show and ahead of its time back then

      • MchnGunKelley

        Deadwood was the worst of all. totally great show and ahead of its time back then

      • ChelleC

        Dead wood ran it’s course but we would still like to see it sometimes not all people got enjoy it

      • flaming

        watch full episode @ Stream32com

    • HM

      I agree! Love Bored to Death and cannot believe it has been cancelled.
      HBO PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Very clever scripts and funny.

    • Matthew Roscoe

      I agree, I was pissed when I found out Hung was cancelled. Sure it didn’t get the best ratings, but I thought It was a great show. Boardwalk Empire WAS a great show (it’s still decent, but I think killing off Jimmy Darmody was a big mistake). I’m not going to lie, I lost interest in the show after that happened. At least Eastbound And Down is coming back, that is another show that made me mad when it got cancelled. Let’s hope HBO is smart, and doesn’t cancel The Newsroom next.

      • Tamara

        Yeah after they killed Jimmy I vowed not to watch it again but, I’ve found myself continuing to watch.

        • Matthew Roscoe

          I watched a few episodes of the following season, but it just wasn’t the same.

    • Tamara

      I agree 1000% about Hung. I want to raise hell who do I voice my opinion too. I loved loved that show..

    • cook

      I have been asking the same questions since Deadwood was canned for absolutley zero reason. Had a huge following and was left hanging on a cliffhanger. If I could afford it I would bring it back. Was a huge hit. So was Bored to death and Hung. I do not understand their thinking at all. most networks would do anything to get the quality shows HBO just tosses out the window.

    • Harry Langdof

      Watch game of thrones online on

    • Sophia Low

      Hi , if you want to watch online just look for AccessTv, it’s the best quality I think so it’s worth the price – accessTV . info

  • Reg

    Love to know when season two of GAME OF THRONES will be released on DVD for purchase. It’s about time they put together a decent series for TV, BRAVO!!

    • No release date yet but we’ll post it when we get one. Unfortunately they usually do those just before the new season….. don’t decapitate me!

  • Tracey

    No more Hung, No more Bored to Death, NO MORE HBO SUBSCRIPTION!

    Everything that was good is gone, there’s nothing worth watching right now. Enlightened sucks, it’s so damn boring.

    Maybe when Curb and Ricky Gervasis air, I’ll come back, but right now I’m not paying for this schedule – it’s completely not worth it.

  • Jen

    True Blood is my favorite show currently on HBO or any other network, but why, WHY is it so SHORT??? 12 eps really?
    LOST did it right, the TB crew should take note of that.
    Sopranos was my favorite HBO show before that.
    Bored to Death is okay, I only watch for ZG and TD that other guy I want to punch in the face.
    I really just can’t get into any of the other shows, even the so called “popular” shows like GOT, EB&D,BE.
    They just don’t appeal to me.

  • omg i cant believe i have to wait so long for the next seasons of Game of Thrones and true blood only reason i got HBO was because of these 2 shows very disappointed i have wait so long

    • Me

      Quality takes time to create, patience is a virtue :)

  • ramble-bramble

    So why early 2013 for Parade’s End if BBC is releasing it August 24? I read somewhere that HBO was hoping Parade’s End would be able to knock Downtown Abbey out of its spot as top historical drama. If that’s the case, then HBO better get a move on, or else people will just download it illegally and you’ll lose any money you could have made from an earlier release.

    • Well to be fair Downton Abbey doesnt start until Jan 2013 so.. should be right on time!

  • Parade’s End begins in the UK this Friday!
    So when do we get it in the USA??????
    I’m currently halfway through the book and am really looking forward to this!

  • Cajunzachery

    Please. Bring back Hung and how to make it in America. And bored to death, I’m lost with out them. Please don’t ignore the people

  • Kyrissaean

    SO glad to know you’re bringing back Treme! I’ve bought the first two seasons and will buy the third but definitely will be watching also. The show is great and brings back tons of memories of the 5 months I lived there. The actors are all great as well and miss John Goodman’s character so much! He did such a wonderful job and kept it real. Counting the days until I can watch again! Keep up the good work!

  • Sarge

    Another show that I would like to see HBO pick up is “Dead Like Me” I know its and old show and I don’t even know if HBO had it in the first place…

    I think though that it would be awesome if they could fund atleast one more season to see if it will take off again. Mandy Patinkin as Rube was great, he fit the part perfectly and was sad to see him go in the 2009 movie…

    I think that if HBO was to give the creator, Bryan Fuller full creative license this series could take off again! 2 seasons was way to short for such a stroke of genius!!

    • norina

      YES, YES, YES!!!

  • Ellen Younker

    Any word on Parade’s End?

    • Funny you should ask.. no premiere date yet but we did just post this tidbit:

      Early 2013 is our guesstimate. Sorry we dont have more air date info!

      • Ellen Younker

        Thanks for your info. I’ve been puzzled by all the silence and lack of PR. Also sad that we’ll have to wait so much longer in the US than the UK for this outstanding production. I appreciate your updates.

      • Alicia

        6 monts after the UK premiere? That’s as bad as what PBS did with Sherlock. I don’t understand these decisions.

        PBS openly acknowledged that there had been rampant illegal downloading of Season 2 of Sherlock because of the massive delay, (and Cumberbatch’s legion of young internet savvy fans) and are taking steps to shorten the time between BBC’s premiere and the US’s. Seems to me that HBO should take a cue from them.

  • Corey

    I know this isn’t really your expertise, but I love this list and was wondering if there was a similar list for Showtime shows somewhere. Navigating their official website to find out premiere dates is way harder than it should be.

    • Not that I know of =/ I’d make one but I don’t think their line up is as large or diverse! It would be a list of like 4 shows, right?

    • I have to admit that I only liked your comment because your profile pic is Bjorn.

  • Ron

    Any word on when we can see more of the walking dead???

    • Ron

      Or am I thinking of another station?…

      • Corey

        That’s AMC and it comes back October 14th.

  • Gayle

    Where did Sex and the City go? I know it has been around a long time but I have not seen them all.

    • Hmm really have no idea. Cinnemax commercials are often on HBO. And sometimes people get ShoTime programs confused with HBO as well. Check out the Cinnemax YouTube feed and see if those register!:

    • Other networks have reruns of this show frequently, but they tend to be on late at night or early in the morning. I’d suggest renting them or checking it out at a library! I haven’t seen every episode either…I may just do that myself!

  • Summar Brown

    Wow!! Game of Thrones season 3 starts in March of next year?!? That sucks!! We will forget everything by then!!!

    • So get a hold of some DVD’s and reacquaint yourself with the characters! That’s what I intend to do….

    • ChelleC

      that is why the play episodes from the previous seasons running to the start of the first episode of the next season it sucks to wait but being provided with memory refreshers is always appreciated.

  • Kelly(lilmissrenner)

    Can’t wait for Game of Thrones season 3!! Also excited about the Dark Tower series! “The man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed” :^)

  • Schedule Updated with a new Premiere date for Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones season 3 will air/start on March 31th, 2013. That’s a month sooner than we thought!

  • jerri

    I would like to see your series on John Adams.

    • Yeah they sometimes play it on President’s Day or other patriotic holidays but otherwise you’ll need to grab it on DVD or Blu-Ray.

  • Gay Specking

    When will Parade’s End be telecast? I can’t get any information.

    • ChristianDs

      Yes, I would also like to know when HBO will be airing Parade’s End. BBC has scheduled it for August 24.

  • Jack Rabbit

    I always thought a network show called Dirty Sexy Money would have been much better on HBO. We lost it from the writer strike a few years back. HBO should pick that up, get the same cast, better more invested writers and spin it the way it should have been spun.

  • Updated with exact dates for Boardwalk Empire Season 3 as well as Treme Season 3!!

  • Kris

    Well I have to say I’m not to hip on any of the HBO shows running right now. Can’t wait until fall though when Boardwalk Empire starts up again and hopefully Curb Your Enthusiasm. What’s with the political shows lately? Veep and now The Newsroom. Please bring back Angry Boys too!

  • Frederik

    WTF? Game of Thrones Season 3 in spring 2013!!!! we cant wait that long mann! why didnt u film it almost through before releasing? u KNEW it would be a huge succes!

    Im really dissapointed… i might read the books before and ditch it… PUHA som man siger på dansk

    • Bruce C

      I did exactly that. The book sword of storms basiclly starts where HBO left off since they are doing the series following the books. It is very good and worth it, and honestly if HBO is to scared to budget a production until a season ends then losing customers is part of the game. Ditch HBO and read the books, its worth it.

  • I canNOT wait for Girls to come back! Such a witty and honest show! Wish they were doing more than 10 episodes/season.

  • Abhishek

    Please Air Game of thrones Season 3 sooner than mentioned.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please!

    Dying to watch what happens next. :D

    • Awesome

      Read the books if you want to see what should happen next.

      • Barters

        I started reading the books after watching the first two seasons. The books are simply brilliant. Do yourself a favour and get into them. You won’t be disappointed and your TV experience will be all the more rewarding for it.

        But well done HBO, the series is the best I’ve EVER seen. Easily. Get whoever over saw this genius, and have them cast an eye over the dark tower please. If they can pull that one off it’ll be killer

  • I agree, Linda, GIRLS is a fabulous show – witty, clever, and so very original. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. My only complaint is that it’s only 1/2 hour long!

  • Linda

    Hbo… Whatever you do… Please keep ‘Girls’ going for more seasons. It’s a very clever show and woman of ALL ages can relate!

    • It’s renewed for a second season and rumored to be premiering early! I have no doubt that it’ll get a 3rd season assuming the second season is at least as good as the first!

    • jacki

      …sorry, i disagree that this show appeals to all women-frankly i find it SCARY that young women today act this insipid and shallow. i am a single female, 60 who thanks GOD i never was like this at their age! Geez, you’re worried about MAKE-UP?! We had a war to deal with and educating the planet! No, this is a show for YOUNG WOMEN, don’t lump the rest of us in here!

      • Eduardo Pacheco

        i agree! These idiot girls are not what women need to be seeing. It makes me sad that that is what we are reduced to. American girls are stupid. great for america.

  • Florin

    game of thrones realise in 2013 ? :( ain’t fair i want it now !

  • Kayla

    i love game of thrones. Danny is my favorite character, the imps cool too. wish i didn’t have to wait till next yr to see s3. but it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. thx hbo and everyone who made it!!!!!! :)

  • I really wish and I know many others the same, How to Make it in America wasn’t cancelled.

    If thousands of people right in it could come back. Or once the DVDs get around a bit and it’s popularity builds do you think it will
    Come back?

    • Not hearing any rumblings about it coming back. Though Eastbound and Down just came back from the dead and the finale made it seem like that show was dead forever. Anything could happen I guess!

    • lois mcginnis

      LOVE how to make it in America – needed more exposure but it was great. could even have been an hour show.

  • Greg

    Hello, are you sure Enlightened will premiere on the fall? I mean, Sundays will be already packed with Treme and Boardwalk Empire (according to that Summer 2012 video) and I might be wrong, but I read that you wouldn’t be programing on Mondays anymore

    • Good point Greg. Though I’m guessing BWE/Treme premiere in September and Enlightened might start up 10 weeks later in the Fall/ early winter. Though they could roll all three at once! Enlightened season 1 was in October 2011. I’m just betting on something within 2 months of that date.

      • Greg

        I was thinking more like it would go to January and premiere alongside that Woody Harrelson/Matthew McConaughey drama and some other comedy (maybe Veep or Curb Your Enthusiasm or Life’s Too Short or they could just premiere a new comedy).

  • Faye

    I wish you would have picked up “The Firm”. It was an excellent series and always kept our family and friends on the edge of our seats. Is it to late????

    • I agree with you 100% about THE FIRM! I am shocked at the way the Networks cancel excellent Thinking! SHOWS!! Did you know Harry’s Law was cancelled too?
      But then they say TV is on an 8th grade level and it shows.

  • Doifinius

    Game of Thrones : watch 10 weeks and then wait 40 ? Again…. :(

    • bennm

      yea kinda weak,just 10 episode the only time things get action is in de last episode…feels like milking out season one,never should kill off mr stark

      but then again the last episode whas freaking damn hell good

      but come on hbo let us waight this long ist right.
      i get it cost time but do at least more episodes with more action/magic

      • Kayla

        yeh the magic and action is what really turns it on but i love the slower intimate dramatic story stuff, its like a soap with a amazing action move, epic hbo and george rr martin

  • Samantha

    Is Homeland coming back? I didnt see it jn this list. I really liked that show.

  • Mark

    I’d love to see season 9 of Curb. You guys need some new comedy for guys. My wife got that new Judd Apatow series Girls. All the shows I like got canceled Bored to Death, How to Make It in America, Lucky Louie, and Entourage ended now. How about getting Jerry Seinfeld ( I highly doubt he would) to do a new show, but I was shocked to see Julia Louis Dreyfuss. I would love to see Jason Alexander and Michael Richards in a show.

    • I agree. We’re just fans here at HBOWatch but I’d like to see another show that appeals to the people who loved those other HBO guy comedies. I’d expect one next year.

      • Mark

        Ya hopefully some news soon. I’d rather have a new season of curb over everything tho. Second a new show with either Jason Alexander, Jerry Seinfeld, or Michael Richards. I guess none of them want to act anymore? Too funny back in the 90s.. I’m getting old

    • kliput

      I’m very sad to see “Bored to Death” was cancelled. I really loved watching it. It was understated, clever and blunt. I’m reading that it’s described as a guys’ comedy, and as a woman, I highly enjoyed it as well. Perhaps its a co-ed kind of comedy. Either way I’d love to see some new episodes air sometime somewhere!

  • pinx

    Love love love “game of thrones” can anyone tell me a show similar? Omg i love it..favorite and best yet

    • Kayla

      its not really like it but i love the tudors just cuz its a great story but they do have action in it.

  • Care for Treme

    I am hungry for some of the spicy gumbo that is Treme. I havent been to NOLA in 20 years, but the minute the theme starts playing, I am jumping up to dance, and can almost smell the best
    food in the world. HBO has done a wondeful job showing the diversity, danger, excitement and beauty of one America’s great

    • A new season of Treme is on the way! Looks like it will premiere this fall. I’ll post an article when we get a firm date.

      • Actually.. updated schedule from TBD to Fall 2012. I’d expect it alongside Boardwalk Empire & Enlightened.

  • John

    I love game of thrones I would say its one of the best series HBO has brought out to date.

  • Mary Hamilton

    l spent many years in the Big Easy So I love TREME. excellent cast, writing/plots are terrific In total it’s excellent. WHAT CAN i SAY ABOUT THE MUSIC? HEY! I GET UP AND SHAKE A LEG AND i’M 67.
    plz,plz plz don’t take this wonderful series off the air.
    And couldn’t we have actor John GOODMAN BACK, MAYBE HE REALLY DIDN’T GO IN THE big muddy/ maybe fell in hit his head.OR
    Maybe he disappeared for a while to get his head together, or he has Amnesia and suddenly re appears at the house – on the porch drinking a local brew. He’s back kkkkkkkk!
    tks mary w. hamilton

    • The problem with Treme is that if you are aren’t from New Orleans, or intimately know the venacular quirks of its language or the perculiar carnival that passes for its culture, the show comes off like an insiders-only, we-know-but-you-don’t tale that only serious jazz buffs and the “indians” (whatever they are) can understand and enjoy. Treme is at base, snobbish, self-serving, and it doesn’t allow outsiders in on its too-long, too-tortured scenes that debate which obscure jazz trumpeter played what obscure drummer, or why so-and-so from this or that neighborhood can’t wear red feathers. Really – this is what New Orleans lives for?
      Treme should be shown with subtitles and on-screen Wikipedia references so that its non-Orleans audience can decipher if this show is really about something of substance, or (as most of us have come to understand) if Treme is only an HBO-induced travelogue with an indulgent group of children for whom the tragedy of Katrina are allowed to appear more substantial they they actually are or ever were.

      • aleks

        Or it could be that you’re a moron with no taste. Insiders only? Indians whatever they are ? Wow, you’re such a tool.

      • nptexas

        All the music stuff is over my head and I still love Treme.

    • The problem with Treme is that if you are aren’t from New Orleans, or intimately know the venacular quirks of its language or the perculiar carnival that passes for its culture, the show comes off like an insiders-only, we-know-but-you-don’t tale that only serious jazz buffs and the “indians” (whatever they are) can understand and enjoy. Treme is at base, snobbish, self-serving, and it doesn’t allow outsiders in on its too-long, too-tortured scenes that debate which obscure jazz trumpeter played what obscure drummer, or why so-and-so from this or that neighborhood can’t wear red feathers. Really – this is what New Orleans lives for?
      Treme should be shown with subtitles and on-screen Wikipedia references so that its non-Orleans audience can decipher if this show is really about something of substance, or (as most of us have come to understand) if Treme is only an HBO-induced travelogue with an indulgent group of children for whom the tragedy of Katrina are allowed to appear more substantial they they actually are or ever were.

  • Pamela

    I love the spring trailer and the song, too. Can you tell me what the name of it is, please?… Game of Thrones would make Tolkien proud and HBO has done it right!!

    • The song in the spring 2012 image spot is:
      “One Moment Away – The Afters”

      • Pamela

        Thanks so much!

      • Sarge

        Good song \,,/

  • N Jacob

    Thx for the video. I was looking for the song and manage to find it with it.

    Thx again

  • Anon808

    Any news on the Untitled [David] Ayer Political Series that was announced in February?

    • It sounds really awesome but nothing other than the brief story on Deadline a few months ago saying it was a “complex and provocative political thriller about U.S. Special Forces soldiers who take on new lives undercover inside the LA underworld, blurring the line between the war on terror and the war on drugs. ” Once we have a title or ANY info I’ll run a story and put it on the schedule! Thanks for your comment though!.. oh and let me know if you hear anything different.

  • Tim

    Life and Times of Tim?

    Fantastic show!

    Without Tim or Curb, I’ll cancel my HBO.

    • haha yeah I like that show too! Not sure if it’s coming back for a 4th season. I’ll add it to the schedule once we know for sure! hopefully I won’t have to add it to “cancelled” :(

      • Sorry man.. looks like HBO cancelled it. :(

  • Philip Ingati

    What about The Event,we really need it

    • I’m not quite sure what that is… Like boxing events?

      • L Boogie

        The Event was not on Hbo,it stared Blair Underwood and John Ritters son Jason Ritter it was on NBC.

        • L Boogie

          Great show someone needs to pick it up

  • Gary

    Sucka that luck was cancelled, best show in tv, bring it back!!!

    • Ron Robertson

      “Luck” should NOT have been cancelled. Once in awhile a series should be kept going because of its merit, not because the moronic masses can’t keep up with the plot lines.

  • Schedule Updated:

    True Blood: June 10th
    The Newsroom: June 24th

    Added: DVD and Blu-Ray Release Dates

    As always, please comment here with shows you’d like to see added to the list!

    • Bre g

      Yeah i want Hung added to the list!

    • Tammie F

      I would like Hung and How to make it in America added to the list!!!

  • If you’d like to see a show added to this list please comment here! Feel free to express your excitement for your favorite HBO shows also!

    • amber

      I lovee east bound and down please bring it back that show is hilarious no its brilliant I loved it since the first episode.

      • Adam

        Eastbound Season 1 was hilarious… Season two went downhill, and fast. Season three was a train wreck… :/ It’s almost as it the writers just stopped trying.

        • completely disagree…season 1 was great…season 2 was the best one by far…season 3 was ehhh…

    • Sarah

      Thank you so very much for bringing Treme back this fall. We have really missed this show ! Also,wish you could bring John Goodman back. Maybe he didnt really jump into the river????? A lot of possibilities there. Sure would like to see him come back

      • julie

        I am sooo happy to hear that Treme will return in the fall of 2012! I am in love with this show! I look forward to it!

    • The Don-na

      I only subscribe to HBO for Hung, Bored to Death and Curb your enthusiasm. Without at least 2 of the 3 there’s is no point. It’s too exspensive and the movie selections suck…

      • Curb Season 9 should be on the way (no confirmation yet). Sorry to hear about Hung and BtD. Have you tried Girls and/or Veep?

      • chris

        so sorry to hear HUNG is cancelled. I love Boardwalk Empire,Girls, Treme and getting into VEEP. Better movie choices please.

      • Karen

        I know, I am mad they cancelled Hung, I loved it!

    • Jeff hempel

      well about 8 months before the walking dead aired, i constantly sending hints to hbo they should do a zombie survival series would of been a home run :).

    • BV

      Any news on the Chris Lilley series (angry boys, summer heights high, we can be heroes)??? Loved them all but haven’t heard anything about new seasons or spinoffs.

    • Shea

      Please bring bace (How to make it in America) That was one of the best shows.

    • stephanie

      game of thrones needs to be longer it was getting so good and then all of a sudden it was over what happened with everything the dragon lady and everyone else please some how make the next one awesome and worth watching

      • Laurie

        Love the show Game of Thrones and Enlightened but just loved Girls. I even had my older son take a look at it and he thought it was great!!!!. I was looking to see the date Enlightened Starts again!! (wonderful show)

        • Nitin

          I am waiting to see Game of Thrones season 3. I love this serial very much.

    • Andrew

      Game of thrones in 271 days!??? that is highly, highly unfortunate, basically a year til season 3 -.-

      • FreedomWriter

        I’d be much more excited if I could actually see the videos.
        Only America is a little unfair…
        The rest of the world wants Game of Thrones and True Blood too!!!

      • Sarge

        I know, I just came here to find out when they were going to release Season 3, kinda hoping that it would be this fall since it ended back in June.

        A year is definitely a longggggggggggggg time to wait :s

    • Jake

      We want many more seasons of curb your enthusiasm larry

    • Awww! Why did you have to go an cancel “Hung.” I loved that show and theall the characters and the crazy predictaments they got themselves into. It was off the wall, but there was a sweetness to it too.

      • Bre g

        I agree. Please bring it back! It was just starting to get really good

    • Kelly

      You aired a trailer several months back and I haven’t heard anything else about it, and it’s not on your list. I’m pretty sure it was a series. Main character became a servant or something to make money and take care of his family. Looked very bizarre and peeked our interest. Any idea what I’m talking about? Please give me more info…

    • Navakas

      Magnificent and an absolutely riveting character performed by Buscemi. Season 3, after 8 Emmy’s, excellent! A blockbuster fall of 2013 Alantic City Movie premiere, would be genius. Scorsese’s artistry could bring back the relevance of the distorted separation of self from reality , in parallel with a commentary of contemporary corruption.

    • Ellen Younker

      When is Parade’s End scheduled, please?

    • Ashley

      I can’t believe you cancelled Hung! Boardwalk Empire and Hung are the only reason I pay for HBO.

    • not Bridget

      When can we see Parade’s End? Have been waiting for a year–love the book! Now BBC is dumping publicity; it will probably begin in the UK late August.

      Still no clue on the HBO website….

    • Valerie Bergman

      When and what channel is Veep? I have not been able to find it and others say they have been watching.

    • Tweetsa

      Hi, I’m wodering about the release date of Parade’s End on HBO. Any news?

    • Argus black

      Hung cancelled.. How to make it in america cancelled… are you kidding??? i don’t know whose decision are these but i know one thing.. he’s definitely a moron..

    • Ariel

      Cannot wait for Dark Tower and American Gods! Super excited! Game Of Thrones s. 3 too, well worth the wait.

    • Sasha

      Hi, I’d also very much like to know when Parade’s End is scheduled to run in the U.S. It starts on 08/24 in the U.K and it would be lovely if we had a date for it in the States please. Thank you!

    • Daniel

      I have been highly disappointed in HBO since they cancelled carnival…. Now u cancel other highly rated shows. It seems to me that you wait till a show gets really good and then cancel it for what appears to be no reason at all. Maybe its you don’t wanna pay for it anymore or your just stupid I don’t know but if money is the issue consider the fact that people pay money for your channel and if you keep taking away what we love than you will stop making money and you have to worry about paying anyone because you will be cancelled. I’m a big fan of Game of thrones and my wife is a fan of true blood and its the only reason I still pay you for your channel. I’m just waiting for you to cancel them as well. Carnival was a award winning series and you cancelled it like it was crap and I will never understand why.

    • Jim

      Philip Marlowe -old hbo series – hbo should air re-runs

    • LindseyC

      I wish TB season 5 would’ve lasted longer than 12 episodes but I imagine Anna Paquin’s pregnancy had something to do with that. I gotta say season 4 was an absolute nail biter, for me. Season 5 started off slow and ended with a bang! So excited for season 6!!!!

    • JanetteP.

      I love Game of Thrones and Newsroom and I cant wait for the new seasons to start, But why are the seasons so so short? It makes waiting an entire year unbearable.

    • bjorn quinto

      i cant wait for games of thrones. season 3.. i hope we are still alive at march 31st 2013

    • Elaine

      I love “Newsroom” ! I got HBO just for this show, and I will likely unsubscribe until it returns next year.

    • Jackie

      Please, someone tell us when Parade’s End is airing. Predictions seem to indicate 2013, but a REAL date would be much appreciated.

    • Bring back “How to make it in America” and “Hung” … definitely “How to make it in America”

    • Tammie F

      Please bring back How to make it in Ameica and Hung!!!!! I got HBO for for those two reason. I watched all series of each on HBOgo to get caught up for the next season. Wow a disappointment. I hope someone else picks them up. I loved the cased of both series. Wow! Thats all I have to say about that.

      True Blood and Girls is my only other two I watch, But Hung is what got me to watch all of the other series.

    • Bob C

      Although the newsroom has a “Left Wing” adgenda, I really like it.
      Will the show start a new series in the fall? Bob C

    • Ingrid taylor

      When will you be airing Parade’s End?

    • Kat45

      TRYING to watch the new season premiere of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and the picture absolutely SUCKS. WHY IN THE HELL does it have to show like I’m wearing DIRTY SUNGLASSES!!??

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