Rob Kazinski Joins True Blood Season 6

By Jacob Klein on Nov 14, 2012 to True Blood

True Blood fans my be lamenting the shortened season but this round of new episodes will still have bite with the addition of Rutger Hauer and now Rob Kazinsky to the cast.  The English actor is probably best known for his portrayal of Dr. Rick Appleton on “Brothers & Sisters“.

You may have thought that Sookie Stackhouse would fall for one of the men already in her life such as Bill Compton (now Billith Compton) or the uncontrollably attractive Eric Northman.  Or maybe even the hairy lumberjack-wolf, Alcide?  Scratch all that.  She’s apparently getting it on with a new faerie love interest (Kazinsky) who comes to the aid of Sookie and Jason, helping the siblings learn more about the vampire-related murder of their parents.

We’ll bring you more spoilers and information as we get it.  True Blood season 6 is slated to begin in Spring of 2013.  Will this be the series’ last?  Leave us a comment below and give us your feedback on that and the newest additions to the population of Bon Temps.

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I hope this isn’t the last season.. Most of all i hope Sookie and Eric will find together in this season.. I really like them together :D

I really like the show, but too much time by between season, which is causing to lose interest. It’s a TV show and shouldn’t take as long or longer to create a new season as it does to create a human being or longer. Come on people get it together especially went the new season are starting to kind of suck (no pun intended).

if it’s going to be the last season then there shouldn’t be a new guy coming in , Poor eric !

I really luv this show but is it just me or does sookie get around lol I don’t know I guess that’s a big part of the show they keep us guessing on who she is sleeping with next lol;-)

I hope this isn’t the last season. Love love this show! Can’t wait till the new season airs

omg I pray it’s not the last, I haven’t read the books but I get sooo angry when the seasons end, they are way to short.

I also like the newest member of the show. I too once thought sookie would be with Eric but the new fairie sounds interesting, we haven’t seen many of them.

i hope & prey it’s the series last season.. it will be intresting to me to see if the rantings drop in the Spring s6 series since other networks have Spring series already active.. if the show goes to a season 7 it will continue down a road of filler’s till the writer’s feel the need to either hook Sookie up with Eric ( like the books) or she ends up alone. we bookies will find out which way CH went with Sookie suitor’s in the Spring when the final book is released.. **shrug**

Its interesting that the books and possibly the show may be ending at the same time. Coincidence?


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