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True Blood Season 7 on Blu-Ray: A Review

by Jacob Klein
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So you’ve been collecting these True Blood sets for SEVEN years now and he apex is finally upon you.  The seventh and final season of  True Blood is finally arriving on November 11th 2014!  Don’t care about this review and want to order?  Here’s a link to get yours reserved.  On Amazon you’ll even get it THE DAY OF if you ordered in time. You know what you’ll be doing with your nights this winter: rewatching all seven seasons of True Blood with your friends and loved ones.

We were lucky enough to receive this boxed set a bit early (we’re just cool like that) for review and, as always, HBO delivers on their complete Blu-Ray and digital HD package.

Let’s start with the packaging itself.  Maybe it’s just better to show you:


Okay, okay there are some discs, a box, a leaflet– fine!  Where are the hot pictures of Eric Nor….oh:


Mmmmm there we go, that’s what mama needed.  Anyway, the discs also feature THE EPISODES in their fullest HD Audio and Video glory so let’s talk about that for a second.

As far as I can tell this is the highest resolution you’ll be able to find True Blood in. If you’re on Comcast like me you only saw the show in 740p.  These are in full 1080p resolution.  If you don’t know what that means, well you probably don’t need to worry about it.  The sound is great on my full 5.1 dolby surround system so no need to worry there either.

The Special features are off the FANG.  Here they are:


I took a look at the Final Days on the Set and Blood Lines which I hadn’t seen on HBO before.  Both were informative for the super fan out there.  The Farewell piece was aired on HBO just before the finale so if you saw it there, this is the same thing.

Are you convinced?  Do you need to sink your fangs into this thing RIGHT NOW!?  Well if it’s on or after November 11th, go for it.  Order it right here and a handsome man will drive up to your house in a brown van to deliver you the goods.

If you’re a REAL super fan you should check out The Complete Series on Blu-Ray as well which comes out the same day.

Farewell Bon Temps!  We’ll miss you.

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Ray November 14, 2014 - 1:11 am

True Blood: Season 7
has its blu-ray version and now go for yours. Own your blu-ray to watch it by
Aurora blu-ray player with your friends is fabulous.


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