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Preparing for TRUE BLOOD’s Final Season with Official Trailer

by Jef Dinsmore
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BloodTearThe final season of TRUE BLOOD is approaching quickly. Are you weeping tears of blood over it? Well, some are and some have thought that the series ‘jumped the shark’ a while ago. Either way the concluding episodes should be bloody fang-tastic. We have provided you with plenty of information as of late with some Teases Photos & Casting News, Production facts, Updates and plenty more. What we haven’t given you is the Official Season Seven Trailer, so be glamoured by the following.   



Holy Horrors! I don’t know if you were glamoured or just scared freaking bloodless. There is a war coming that will be full of gore the way only TRUE BLOOD can give it to you – wet, steamy and bloody and Bon Temps is in the middle of it. I think you better arm yourselves with sharpened implements and watch this show with the lights on. It will all take place in ten quick episodes. But not to worry, it can always be reborn on HBOGo or via Amazon Prime.
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