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9 New Images from True Blood Season 7

by Jacob Klein
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Waiting Sucks but you know HBO always has your back when it comes to giving you a little bit of a tease while you pine endlessly for more True Blood. This WILL BE the final season of the summer smash hit but we’re hoping the show goes out with a bang and does the series justice.  We’re counting on you, HBO!  Here are the latest still images from the series released just this week:


True Blood season 7 premieres June 22nd.  Will Sookie and Bill get back together? Is Eric Northman even alive? Check out the first full trailer if you haven’t already for some clues. Just be sure to be there at the end.

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VL Vanderveer May 3, 2014 - 11:41 am

Interesting – still no signs of Pam OR Eric. Pam we know should still be alive. Also quite a few background characters are MIA. This does not bode well for Bon Temps.


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