Paz de la Huerta not in Boardwalk Empire S3

paz-de-la-huerta-boardwalk-empire-season-3-200x300According to several reports around the web, actress Paz de la Huerta will not be a part of Boardwalk Empire season 3.  HBO has decided not to renew her contract and we won’t speculate as to the reasons.  This could possibly be because of creative differences but it could also just mean that the show is moving away from her character who was playing less of an important role as season two went on.

Either way we’ve enjoyed her on Boardwalk Empire and we’re sorry we won’t be seeing her again.  This doesn’t completely rule out her possibly return in season 4 or beyond (or a surprise appearance at the end of season 3) but we wouldn’t bet the boardwalk on it.  Many characters will be leaving the show for this new season with many new ones taking the stage.

Boardwalk Empire season 3 premieres in Fall of this year!

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