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Boardwalk Empire Casting For Final Season 5

by Jef Dinsmore
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People_TravisTropeNews should be starting up soon for Season Five, the final season, of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and HBOWatch will try to catch it. Here is a bit of casting we noted. A young actor by the name of Travis Trope (right) will be playing the role of Slim a kid who comes into town to work for the unsavory bloke Mickey Doyle. Just what significance this lad has with the gangster crown is unclear, but it can’t be good.

Think about it for a second. Slim, is going to see or hear something he shouldn’t. It will get him in danger, only to be rescued by a main player OR what he knows will aid in bringing down a big player, possibly Mickey Doyle (Paul Sparks). All will be revealed on BOARDWALK EMPIRE this Fall.    

To start to get you back into that Jazz Era mood here is the final scene from Season Four.

Season 5 premieres in the Fall.  We’ll update our schedule when we have an exact air time.

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