Girls Season 3 Episode 10: Role Play

This weeks episode of Girls leaves behind dead Nana Flo and tackles the much more important issue of Adam and Hannah’s relationship. Hannah was warned in previous episodes by a small handful of people that Adam would become a nightmare since being cast in a Broadway play. Up until now, Hannah had brushed off such nonsense, knowing full well that Adam wouldn’t be so predictable, alas, it would see the inevitable has happened. 


He isn’t exactly being a nightmare per say, but their relationship is most definitely strained. It begins as Hannah gets absolutely annihilated at a bar with her friends from work, she very gracefully pukes up what looks like a raw egg down her dress and her lovely co-worker takes her home with him. From there she continues to have a little vomit and he washes her in the shower. Not the most flattering scene in the world, but hey, that’s Hannah! She returns home in the morning frantic that Adam has been worrying about her, but he hasn’t, his worries have been more directed towards the way he should wear the collar on the coat he has to wear in the play. She has a shower and vaguely tries to seduce him into having sex with her, to which he rejects her advances saying he doesn’t want to “get sticky before rehearsals”. This is not the sex crazed, slightly perverted maniac we grew to love in the first season, this is someone else…who are you and what have you done with Adam?!


Feeling awfully deflated after being turned away from going to watch Adam’s rehearsals, Hannah meets up with Elijah and they sit in Hannah’s bed wearing silly bandannas and discussing the matter of Hannah and Adam’s sex life, what happened to it and how to revive it. Its not unusual for the sex in a relationship to become something more ordinary as time goes on, but I can understand Hannah’s utter dismay at Adam literally turning sex down. Its just plain wrong.  So she goes all out, she dons a horrific blonde wig and tries to seduce Adam in a bar under the persona of a wilting wife of a business man. He starts to play along but she, of course, takes it to far and he ends up getting punched in the face. They persevere and reach a point where they are having sex in the very ordinary missionary position, Hannah decides to change her story and instead she is a cheerleader and he is the weird boy at school. Adam alarmed at the nonsensical narrative structure of what they are getting into withdraws, zips up and tells Hannah he can’t be dealing with her drama and he is going to stay with Ray. Hearts break. 

Meanwhile, Marnie is hired by her insatiably annoying former colleague Su-Chin who is opening a new gallery. Su-Chin is literally the epitome of what I personally hate about big city girls who sort of make it in the arts world. She condescendingly asks Marnie if she would like a job as her personal assistant. Marnie who is struggling through various personal issues right now has formed an alliance with fellow singer-songwriter Desi. You can see it in her eyes, the lust, the wedding bells, the desire to launch herself at him until he mentions his girlfriend Clementine and it all comes crashing back to reality. Oh dear. 


On a much more serious note, Jessa and Jasper (Richard E Grant) are continuing their catastrophic foray of cocaine taking to a point where Jessa’s head is uncontrollably shaking. Shoshanna, sick of their utter bullshit, sets up a meal with Jasper, Jessa and Jasper’s daughter Dotty. Dotty, a wonderfully British allergy sufferer declares that she loves her father and wants to take care of him but he must ditch Jessa in order for that to happen. With the buzz of the cocaine dying off Jessa sits in the doorway of her apartment smoking and solemnly declares to Shoshanna that she is a junkie. Acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery, Here we go again. 

Two episodes left and it looks as though everything is going tits up with Hannah and Adam, Jessa is alone and addicted to drugs and Marnie is swallowing her pride for the sake of a job in an industry she feels passionately about. I feel the next two episodes are going to be a bumpy ride. 

Here’s a preview of episode 11:

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