Girls: “Hostage Situation”

The final season of Girls is underway and in the second episode of the season, things go a little crazy. But after five seasons of these characters, crazy is all we know. So without crazy it wouldn’t be the show we’ve come to know and love.

As previously mentioned, this show wouldn’t be itself if it weren’t for our favorite characters acting in insane ways.  As last season ended and this season began, I had hope for Marnie. Sure, she and Ray called each other ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ a lot, but I had hope that maybe Marnie was on a good path and finding her center and being less of a selfish human being. Nope. Once a cheater always a cheater, I guess. Marnie now finds herself embroiled in a torrid love affair with her husband, soon to be ex since they are in the middle of divorce proceedings. Marnie, you utterly dumb moron! You’re wasting your time and energy on a selfish awful musician when you have an amazing devoted boyfriend Ray, who is actually a decent human being.  But Marnie wouldn’t be Marnie if she wasn’t pushing away something good for something shitty.

imageHannah gets roped into the drama and tags along on their runaway romance. She confides in Elijah what is going on and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Elijah spills the beans. Hannah meets an amazing woman running an antique shop who graces Hannah with a free tea set. But as Hannah is not one to gently care for things, it isn’t surprising that by the end of the episode the tea set is broken.

Shoshanna is coming back into adulthood after a disappointing turn last season. She has started a new job in marketing and is interested in reconnecting old friendships as a way to network. What Shosh is starting to realize is that the friendships she has now are not the friendships she wished she had. But how much of that is derived from wanting to advance her career? Everyone goes through the evolution of friendships. Some friends drift apart, some stay in touch periodically, and some spend lots of time together. Many people maintain relationships in an “I’m an adult and have lots going on but when we see each other it feels like no time has passed” kind of way.  the-awkward-reunion-girls

Shosh is realizing that she pushed friendships aside for Jessa, and is now resenting Jessa for that. Which is understandable but Shosh chose to give up her friendships. Jessa didn’t force her. Of course, Jessa makes the point of telling Shosh to grow up, which Elijah points out is kind of funny. But really I think any of them claiming to be adults is humorous. In the haste of the situation, Elijah blurts out about Marnie and Desi so we know it is only a matter of time before Ray finds out and Marnie has to face the music. I have a feeling that facing that situation is still going to be better than dealing with Desi in the dark and middle of nowhere. The titles always have meaning for the events of the episode and in this case “Hostage Situation” can have a few different meanings.  It can refer to Hannah being hostage by knowing Marnie and Desi’s romantic tryst secret. Lena actually confirms htat in the clip below.

But, it can also refer to Marnie and Hannah being held hostage in the house while high Desi scares the shit out of them from the outside of the house. Shoshanna feels held hostage by her relationship with Jessa because she’s family and she abandoned relationships for her in the past. What do you feel held hostage by in your relationships? Secrets? Lies? Old friendships that don’t mean what you want them to? No matter what you feel hostage to, you can count on our Girls to amuse you for another week.

The preview for the next episode leaves no notice of what the rest of the characters are dealing with but instead focuses on Hannah as she meets with an author who is quite wealthy.  What lessons will Hannah learn?  Or maybe we should ask, how will Hannah offend him and screw it up?

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  1. I was so disappointed in this episode. Every season since season two has had its moments when I have fallen out of love with the show, I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon in season six. I feel like the characters have lost all relate-ability and the situations in this episode were farcical. I mean, what was the tea set thing? Was that a metaphor? I don’t even know. Its fun, sure, it always is, but i feel like its lost that certain something.

    I do like the conflicts in characters at the moment, the writing it always going to be good, i just found myself going ‘what the fuck?’ half way through and not in a good way. Also. Desi on oxy this whole time? I just don’t know whats going on anymore. Fingers crossed for episode three.

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