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Girls: “Gummies”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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With the show over the years, we’ve watched the characters evolve and learn how to grow up and be adults. Nothing could be more grown up than Hannah discovering that she is pregnant.  While it is no easy decision to make, for now, it appears she is set on having the baby.  How will this affect her life going forward? image

Hannah is able to tell her mother the news when she comes to visit. At first, the news seems to be happy, but as Loreen (Becky Ann Baker) begins tripping on too many pot gummies and her thoughts take a turn for the dark side. Loreen has been struggling since the loss of her husband to being gay. While on the surface she seems to be doing well, Loreen hates being alone and feels that she will stay that way until she dies. Tripping on ganja, she takes off across the city and Hannah and Elijah have to track her down. Once they do, Loreen accidentally drops the news about the bun in the oven to Elijah, who is less than thrilled. Elijah is getting left behind by the person who used to be his partner in crime. But now that Hannah has this big life changing event coming, she needs to grow up and be more focused and responsible. This is going to be a change for her, let alone her roommate who gets high on Adderall and wanders through life aimlessly. Let’s see what the creators felt about this part of the episode –

Meanwhile, Marnie is barely making an effort to work on things with Ray, and he knows it. While he is likely still unaware of the cheating, Ray sees that Marnie has very little interest in being with him and being a supportive partner.  Reeling from the death of his friend and boss, support is what Ray needs right now and since Marnie can’t seem to provide it, maybe Shosh can?  I sense a reconnection in the works for these two.

Girls_Gummies-300x177Adam and Jessa decide to make a movie about their love triangle with Hannah. While they have started filming, Jessa is not entirely thrilled with the scenes. Adam shares a few intense scenes with Hannah’s character and Jessa doesn’t think this is necessary. After all, the story is about Adam finding love with Jessa, so why focus so much on the past with Hannah? And while in a relationship as the new partner you never want to focus on the exes, Adam would also not be the man he is now were it not for his relationship with Hannah. Through that partnership, Adam grew up and evolved into who he is now.  In fact, he has always been my favorite character because of this growth and evolution. While the other characters were more self-involved and petty, Adam actually realized who he was and how shitty of a person he could be and he changed.

Next week we will get to see Hannah tell Marnie her news and since Marnie is fairly self-involved I’m sure her response will be to question how this baby will affect her life.  But Hannah also breaks the news to her dad and his partner, and hopefully, their response will be a bit happier than her mom’s reaction.  Because while Hannah can be irresponsible, it is still exciting news that she is planning on this new chapter of her life, even if she will need help and support. Marnie meanwhile will get to continue dealing with the effects of Desi’s addiction, which I can’t imagine will be pleasant. Personally, I am wondering when Marnie will grow up and stop blaming everyone else for her problems. I hoped after the revelation of Desi’s addiction she would wake up a little bit. But after the recent therapy session, it is apparent that Marnie still lives in her own little world.

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