The GIRLS Are Back: Season 2 So Far (Eps 1-3)


The ‘GIRLS’ are back! We’re now three episodes deep in Lena Dunham’s two-time Golden Globe winning series and things are slowly spiraling out of control for our protagonist and the rest of the crew. Forget the shy, self-loathing Hannah of Season 1. Season 2 has unleashed a more bravos Hannah, a girl who’s tired of getting pushed around. Her hormones may be a little out of control but she’s still just as awkward and hilarious as before.

But it isn’t just Hannah- all of our characters have taken a complete 180 from last season. (Except Charlie, he’s still a little bitch.) Ray and Shoshanna have rekindled their love after a hilariously awkward episode 1 reunion. Jessa is loving the married life alongside her sugar daddy husband, John Thomas. Marnie has taken up a job as a sexy hostess where she’s reacquainted with the fun-sized artist, Booth Jonathan. As for Adam and Hannah, well, they’re a bit on the rocks. After barging into Hannah’s apartment, Adam finds himself leaving in handcuffs for prior offenses. That may not have been Hannah’s intention but she still seemed pretty indifferent.


O, and Elijah f***** Marnie. That happened too.

So what do you think of all these drastic changes from last season Girls fans? Personally, I’m ok with most of them. I like how Ray turns on his baby voice in bed – if a guy tells you he never talks like that from time to time with his girl, he’s probably a liar. How can you not smile at the over-the-top canoodling between Jessa and John Thomas? Who can blame the guy? With a girl like that I’d buy her 10 puppies. Marnie’s decision to work as a hostess is a little edgy. I think Booth really hit home after accusing her of “quitting at the first sign of struggle.” Perhaps he’s being a bit harsh, or perhaps harsh is exactly what Marnie needs. She gets plenty of that from Hannah in the final scene of Episode 3: ‘Bad Friend.’ I don’t expect this confrontation to carry over very well. But I also think it will blow over after an episode or two, just like their previous fight in Season 1 which ended with Marnie moving out.

Truth be told, I flat out don’t like Hannah this season. I know, I know, she’s trying to discover herself and experiment and all that bullshit but it’s all going a bit too far. It was originally hard to empathize in season 1 because of her pathetically low self-esteem, but now she’s climbed over that hurdle and replaced it with negligence and selfishness. Her outburst on Marnie pretty much outlines my point. She cuts deep, that’s for sure, but how about looking in the mirror. She chases Adam around for all of season 1 trying to win his heart, then once she has it she invites her ex-boyfriend to move in. After Adam is hit by a car, he’s essentially broken goods. So Hannah calls the cops and he’s arrested, showing seemingly zero remorse. Hannah’s other love interest, Sandy is given the boot after admitting her ‘essays’ are somewhat trivial, nothing really happens. To any artist or writer this can be a great opportunity to hear differing opinions on your work. But no, Hannah sees this as the opportunity to call out Sandy on his political beliefs, ending their short lived relationship. I thought the whole coke ordeal was pretty hysterical. “I love coke it’s like a f***** therapy session in here.” Hannah certainly left her mark on the night. Ending her relationships with Marnie and Elijah, then blowing the basement creep, Laired in the hallway. Way to go Hannah. Looks like you’ll have two stalkers now.

Personally, I think Hannah is the ‘bad friend’ of this season.

Thats one man’s opinion. What do you think? Here’s a preview of episode four:

OH and in case you missed it. Episode four is available RIGHT NOW due to scheduling against the Super Bowl. Go watch it!


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