‘BETTY’ Episode 3: “Happy Birthday, Tyler”

It is her birthday, can’t you tell?

“Okay”, you ask, “who in the hell is Tyler?” The answer, some off-screen tyke who got a birthday balloon snitched off him so that Kirt had something to give Janay for her birthday. Yeah, can you tell it is not going to be the best of birthdays? It’s not going to be the beet of episodes either as this one lays thick with the street vibe and less on plotline substance but, as we’ve learned with this gig, that is the way it’s made. Just roll with it.  

The plot threads are as follows,; Kirt tries to give Janay a good day, Honeybear dodges her interest Ash at first but comes around to talking to her later in the day and Camille still tries to tough it out with Bambi and the boys, The biggest plots though seem to be with Janay and Indigo. 

Oh, Indigo, you’re in trouble!

Janay is out to hunt down Yvette (Jalyssa “Jules” Lorenzo), who is the girl accusing Philip of harassment. As the girls set out for s club to celebrate Janay’s da her mind is on Yvette. She knows what she looks like and spends her time searching the crowd for her because, hey, everyone must be at this club. It appears that Ash is there and that is where she and Honeybear finally connect. We’ll see where that goes Janay also links up with her interest when she confronts a girl that looks just like Yvette. It isn’t her though but it is her twin sister Celia (Breanna “Brenn” Lorenzo.)   Hey, it can happen. A bit of a tussle works out there and the end result is Janay’s birthday ending with her & friends sitting in a cop cruiser.  

That leaves Indigo. She has a serious problem going on and it should take an episode or two to resolve. She lost some of Farouk’s merchandise. That means she is now in debt; she must make up for the lost income. As Farouk points out though, the bigger picture is the bigger problem He answers to a higher-up named Carl and he isn’t going to care to find the purse short. Indigo needs to come up with the money and fast That is the biggest threat played out in this show, so let’s see how it plays out.  

Now all that seems a lot but these scenes played fast sandwiched between montages of skateboarding, celebrating and club dancing. Lot more plot to come we hope as Episode Four continues with the lives of our Betties.  

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