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BETTY S2: “Sugar We’re Going Down, Swinging”

by Jef Dinsmore
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You know, it seems rare that everybody is happy all at once on BETTY; there is always a holdout. For example, they are all upbeat but Janay and when Janay turns around and has a happy moment then someone else gets a bad, sad vibe in her stead. The proof of that is in this third episode of Season Two.  

It starts off as a bad day for Janay. She is the leader on the work detail to get the new indoor winter skate zone in order. You know, clearing clutter, moving in the ramps & halfpipes and such. But the guys are so disrespecting her but then again, she is just ranting & barking at them. She always seems to have a beef, but having said that, things just won’t get done without her. She wants to make it work for all. By episode’s end, things do come around in her favor. BettyS2_Ep3Pic

Everybody else seems to be hitting it off pretty well. Even though Camille is a bit stressed over her photo gig she rallies with the aid of Indigo. The best, fun scenes of the show so far have been to repartee between these two. A lot of fun banter goes on between them that sparked. Indigo, with some experience behind her, is willing to help Camille be the proper model for the photo gig and manages to get a few good shots. It puts Camille out of her comfort zone but it is still all fun. Indigo does it in exchange for a favor – Camille needs to join Indigo on an escort safe date, once again placing Camille out of her zone. They have a great time with their date and haul in some nice cash at the end of the night.  

Kirt had her happy moment too. She is still on her quest to fulfill a need. She is investing in educating the boys on such things as how to find the G-spot. Yeah, crazy, right; to the point of idolizing her? She is their mentor, guru, god. Funny. Complete strangers want to meet her; want to thank her for her profound wisdom. One girl wants to jack her up due to a misunderstanding; the girl thought Kirt was ‘showing’ her boyfriend how to find the erogenous zone not ‘telling’ him how to find it. Besides, Kirt is a lesbian. Well, their conversation, as the picture indicates, got a little personal. Where does that lead?  


Janay a bit frustrated, as usual, is not hitting it off with the boys until Sylvester backs her up and yells at the bros to respect and listen to her as she is the one in charge to make the indoor space happen. Sylvester & Janay spend the rest of the time hitting it off, laughing and having a good time. He even asks if he could give BettyS2_Ep3Pic2-300x273her a kiss and just like that – Janay is happy and just like that it means someone needs to be sad. This week it happens to be Honeybear. She doesn’t get a lot of screen time this episode but she isn’t happy because she learns that Ash has been partying without her. Ash arrives at the building drunk. Nothing is really said but Honeybear suspects that Ash has spent time with the barista chick alone. Honeybear doesn’t let on her feelings are hurt but the relationship now seems damaged a bit. Ouch! 

Where does it go from here? Are Janay & Sylvester an item now? Are Indigo & Camille going to be rolling in the money? Is Kirt’s notoriety on the street for real? And what of Honeybear’s relationship? Whatever happens, they’re going down swinging. 

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