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‘BETTY’ Season One Finale: “Ladies On Fire”

by Jef Dinsmore
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Here we go with the final episode of a fun little series. Get out your skateboard! 


If you recall it all started with Kirti just wanting to get an all-girl boarding session going on a regular basis. The boys (the patriarchy) were crowding the spaces bumping the Betties (the matriarchy) from getting some board time in all the key places. Well, after a detour of issues, which are not all completely resolved, the gals are out to try it again as the season concludes.   

It all starts with Camille, in a cramped space, popping tricks in obvious frustration (she is liking still stewing over how Bambi is treating her) when a young girl appears. Camille BettyFinale1-300x237begins to teach her how to use the skateboard when Kirt walks up. Together they introduce the girl to the board when her irate father approaches and admonishes them for touching & influencing his daughter. Ouch – that didn’t go well, in one sense but on the other hand, Camille & Kirt bonded; Kirt apologized for Camille getting some jail time and they launched their team-up to try the all-girl session again. Come on, you already know it is going to be a success upon the episode’s and the season’s end! 

Of course, a bit more happens before then. The one girl in the biggest trouble has been Indigo. She owes lost drug money to big-bad Karl through Farouk, right? She explains to her dealer that she tried to make it back by doing a modeling gig but bailed out of the sorry affair with the Gucci jacket on her back as proof. Hey, that Gucci jacket is worth money and Indigo tries to get Farouk to contact his boss so she can give explain and give him the expensive goods. There is only one catch, which ties up this plot line up in a pretty (Gucci) bow. There never was a Karl, Farouk made it up because Indio wasn’t taking him or his business seriously. A little heart-to-BettyFinale1_Pic2-300x165heart clears up the whole mess. A nice little scene to see. Ingo may have wrapped up her street issue, but there still is trouble on the homefront.  And how about Janay and Honeybear? Is life rosier for them now that both Donald & Ash are in the rearview mirror? Well, Janay truly seems past Donald. They did have an uncomfortable encounter on the street, but she handled it well. But it does lead to wondering if whether Donald, in a meek and pathetic way, is going to start stalking her in Season 2. As for Honeybear? Well, even in her conversations with her friends, she is so quiet and shy. It is like she can only express herself via her film work. We learn that she sent such work to Ash and as Ash watches it, we find Honeybear, in her own way, saying how sorry she was that she screwed up the relationship. 

BettyFinale1_Pic3-300x184As the episode, there is a great turnout for the all-girl sesh except for one. Kirt doesn’t make it to the session as a car door opened as she was boarding by. Janay calls her to see where she is at and Kirt answers on an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Oh, almost forgot, one other didn’t make it to the session. Tony Hawk, in a cameo wasn’t given a flyer because he wasn’t female. Anyway, Kirt said she’d be alright; just go and make the event happen. And twenty-five or so Betties dominate the skate park! 

Now, we are left to wonder if there will be a Season Two for BETTY.  

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