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BETTY S2: “Good Luck With That”

by Jef Dinsmore
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It’s Halloween and the Betties are still feeling moody, though they do try hard to have a good bash at the skate spot. They are even in costume, and Farouk from Season One makes an appearance. The crux of the episode is to determine just what has the girls are going to do about their collective agita.   

Kirt was trying her best to be annoyed at the runaround she was getting in seeking out Skate Church. Remember, last episode she and Shelby were out to find it. Well, it turns out that the place really does exist. The episode opens with the two waking up inside the mysterious place after all. Skate Church is the shell of an old church complete with stained glass and vaulted ceiling but instead of an alter & pews it has huge skate ramps built inside. Whoa! Though they do revel in the space Kirt’s troubled.   BettyS2_Ep5Pic1-300x216

See, she had a dream in which the boys were just out of hand with what she taught them. They were handing out free tampons to any female who walked by, helped them with their strollers whether they needed it or not and took on catcalling construction workers. She is worried she has created a real mess. She spends that morning a bit cold towards Shelby and Shelby leaves hurt. Ah, Kirt, this crazy little quest you are on is messed up. You flirted and had sex with Shelby, who is Michah’s girlfriend and fell in love with her and now you just drop her. So, good luck with that.  

For Honeybear, a scene once again reaffirms her uncomfortableness with the threesome. One she never really agreed to be a part but two-thirds of it seems to be going on well without her. This storyline has really not gone anywhere for me. We’ve known Honeybear’s opinion for a few episodes now and I thought that the scene, pictured here, was going to escalate it forward but it didn’t. She BettyS2_Ep5Pic2walked away yet again just not engaged and sought out male companionship at the party. So, good luck with that.  

Janay, dressed up as Tina Turner, has that party in full swing with her cousin providing all the snacks. In a nice gesture, the price of admission is canned goods to be given to a local food pantry. She talks to her cousin about her frustration with Sylvester. He points out that Sylvester is doing the right thing in the age of MeToo and taking it cautiously. Well, it is just too slow for Janay. She wants to ramp it up. Her cousin’s suggestion was to go talk to her man and get on the same page, however, that is not what happens. By the time she links up with Sylvester, she is drunk on her ass. No conversation is going to happen, instead, Janay is trying to grind on him and get him out of his wild cat costume. He will have none of it because she is drunk. For him, when it’s time they will do it right but Janay in her belligerence just slurs that she’ll find another man who will. So, Good luck with that.   

BettyS2_Ep5Pic3-300x275Camille is feeling like crap because of the soured video deal and how it left Tai, her friend who started her on the video gig. Camille discovered that the video crew had edited Tai out of the clips he was in and made it all about Camille because they saw her potential as an ‘influencer’ which is a fucking thing now. She seeks out Tai at the party dressed as a banana to make it right with him. Will she make it alright? Will she get another crack at the job or is she done? We just don’t know so, good luck with that.   

That leaves Indigo. She has been in the bluest of funks since the bad date. Remember, she almost took the bait and took $5K in exchange for sex. She confides in Camille on what happened, but it doesn’t solve anything. Camille does get Indigo to go to the party, dressed as an anime character, but Indigo was still in a funk. Farouk ended up giving up a ‘mollie’ for the BettyS2_Ep5Pic4evening but before that kicked in she had to bitch at Janay for not charging admission. It gets a bit worse for Camille & Indigo when the escort date they teamed up with (you know, the one that gave Camille the autographed skateboard) shows up. I’m sure neither of them really wants it known that they are doing a little escorting service. So, good luck with that.   

And good luck with BETTY’s final episode of the season next week. A few issues need to be resolved. 

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