‘BETTY’ Episode 5: “Perstephanie”


This was another of those episodes strong on style but little on substance, but the substance provided came out to us strongly. What can we say, all the Betties are having issues and we, the viewer, have got to feel it. 

 Well, we don’t feel everyone’s woes exactly as we start with Kirt. She is high om ‘shrooms, remember? She is lolling along the streets and even buys a white rat from a pet store (yeah, she admits along the way that she bought it; kinda hard to steal one) as her new friend. Later though, in a park she treats Philip, Charlie and Judah to her stash and they all space out to nature and the rat. It is fun & trippy babble but puts us in a haze too as it does nothing for the story. But silly fun isn’t going to hurt us. 

Betty_Ep5Pic2-300x179Janay, Honeybear & Indigo are still hanging out before they go their separate ways. Quiet Honeybear is more there for moral support but it is Indigo that convinces Janay to confront Donald about his alleged behavior. If you recall Janay had a heart-to-heart with Yvette at the pool and the reveal of that talk struck a chord with Janay because the unwarranted sexual moves Donald put on Yvette are the exact same moves he put on Janay – feeling her up while she slept. When she confronts Donald about there is a solid bit of substance found in their discussion. It was the whole we-were-dating-and-I-wanted-to-play speech facing the whole no-consent-if-I-was-sleeping stance. A good scene. We don’t know who wins the issue until a montage later in the episode.  Betty_Ep5Pic3-300x126

Camille still can’t figure out Bambi. He is still dismissing the whole sloughing off bailing her out and just treats her so coldly without explanation. She tries to seek answers, but he is too brusque with her and it hurts. One of the guys tells her that everything is at Bambi’s whim regardless of who they are. She is still left hurt. Ash is left hurt also. She and Honeybear have good dates but it all comes crashing when Honeybear’s father almost sees them. We know Honeybear is living dual lives, her home life & her street life and she struggles enough to make it all gel for her to the point of quickly balling off her relationship with Ash. She just walks away. A little later in the final montage, we see Honeybear’s pain. 

Betty_Ep5Pic4That leaves us with Indigo. After rallying behind Janay, she went off to make some dough to still pay off the drug debt, by going to the model shoot she got hired for. It was another funny moment in the episode. The shoot’s director was pushing the girls into their mindset for the shoot. He had all black models dolled up but was shouting out ‘white trash’ imagery at them. Hah! What a mess. And what a mess the Betties are in. As the ending montage reveals – Kirt lost the rat and realizes she needs her Betties back; Camille and Honeybear have decisions to make; Janay deleted the vlog she and Donald were doing thus making her decision and Indigo aborts the model gig still leaving her in a dilemma.  Betty_Ep5Pic5

 In the end, the Betties link back up to forgive Kirt. Oh, and the last shot has the rat peek out from Kirt’s backpack and that white rat’s name is – Perstephanie! 


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