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BETTY S2: “Sweet Tooth”

by Jef Dinsmore
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A lot seems to play out in the fourth episode of the season. That just means the episode had so much to tell that the skateboarding montages got reduced down, which is okay by me. So, what’s up with each of the Betties? Well, that’s what I’m here for.  BettyS2_Ep4Pic4-300x229

Well, for Kirt the cast comes off and with it the warning of no boarding on it for a while. She’s on the board the second she is out of the clinic and straight to the indoor park. Hey, she needs to catch up on her skills. Plus, she needs to bail from the overwhelming boys flocking to her. She created a monster with that whole thing and flees. To her rescue is Shelby, the flirty girl from the last episode. The ‘sweet tooth’ of the title is in play between these two. Some chewing gum they share ends up sticking their hair together. Got to have a funny scene, right? As a part of Kirt’s fucked up ‘mission in life’ they are off to find the Skate Church. They get sidetracked along the way and told that it is just a myth. Are they on a wild goose chase? And what if Kirt’s whole life purpose, as she sees it anyway, comes to a lurching halt?  BettyS2_Ep4Pic1-228x300

Honeybear once again is put off by discovering Ashley & Vanessa in the tub together after obvious sex play. It doesn’t help when she was out with friends who were talking about relationships and the subject of three-ways came up and a girl spoke up about becoming the third wheel with her boyfriend and another girl; it left her single woman. Honeybear ends up having sex with a male friend in spite. We can’t see who it is but it might be the guy she joked with on the ferry a few episodes ago. 

Camille and Indigo are still hitting it off as pseudo-business partners. Indigo is out to make them some big bucks including with Camille’s clothing deal. Over the phone, she acts as Camille’s manager and asks for a couple of grand for the next shoot. They book it but Camille is not happy with the way she is treated. Janay sees her frustration and reaches out to her. Whoa, back up a bit. When we first see Janay in this episode, she is hitting it off with Sylvester but is her usual self otherwise. She launches into Indigo when she sees that Indigo commandeered the indoor park for the photoshoot. Indigo reminds her that she obtained the space for them to begin with and she is making a living so don’t fuck it up. Janay wasn’t having it, then she went and supported Camille. Since Camille dropped out of the shoot Indigo didn’t see the big bucks.   


Things kind of go south for everyone to wrap up the episode. Kirt’s quest to find Skate Church leads her on a road trip to absolutely nowhere; Camille’s gig dies; Janay not sure how far to take her relationship with her man and Indigo, while eating elegant pastry with a client, (another ‘sweet tooth’ reference) is offered 5K if she is willing to let him give her oral sex. Is she ready to take it that far? Is she ready to become a prostitute?  Can all of our Betties sort it out and turn it around? Perhaps we will find out in Episode Five. Enjoy BETTY.   

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