The end is in sight for the current season of SILICON VALLEY and VEEP so eyes are turning towards the next two comedies on the schedule. That will be Season Two of HBO’s well received BALLLERS with Dwayne Johnson and the debut of Danny McBride’s VICE PRINCIPALS with Walton Goggins. Both shows arrive on 07.17.16.

Each has dropped video clips to be shared. Up first is BALLERS which will air at 10:00pm. It has already launched a Season Two Tease. Here is a slightly longer Season two Trailer:

The show also dropped a clip on NFL Draft Day and we’ll share that one as well.


Also out to catch our attention is the new comedy VICE PRINCIPALS which debuts at 10:30pm Sundays. All we have had is a 1:26 Tease clip. Now they offer a bit more. Here is the Trailer, clocking in at 1:56.

There is even a little chat clip we got to share between the two leads playing rival vice principals in the same school. I’m kind of lost on that concept to begin with. I never went to a big school or anything and only had and to this day only have one vice principal in our school district. Whatever. Enjoy this –


That is the first time we have seen a good explanation about what this series is about. The adult behavior in this school is worse than the expected teen attitudes of the student body; in that situation clearly lies the comedy.

That is all we want in the end, right? Just some good comedy. Are you ready to see  Spencer Strasmore battle the competition to keep a strong client base? Or to see two boneheaded vice principals battle it out for the head position at the neighborhood school? If you are looking forward to the return of Johnson, McBride and the rest then hold out for mid-July on HBO. In the meantime, enjoy the concluding episodes of the acclaimed SILICON VALLEY and the Best Comedy winner VEEP.

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