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Ballers Season Four Premiere: “Rough Ride”

by Bernard Leak
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Ballers is back and the crew has moved from Miami to Southern California. Spencer, Joe and the gang have forged new paths in hopes of finding success in Los Angeles. The season premiere did a good job of saying goodbye to the old way of things and clearing a path to a new way of living. The usual suspects are in play and their story-lines continue to evolve in a predictable way. It is a series about managing the careers of football players now and then so aside from dating/love interest plots, the career trajectories are pretty much aligned with what most professional athletes do.

Spencer (played by Dwayne Johnson) learns he is on the ballot for the Hall of Fame. We learn of his disdain for LA because of his older brother’s suicide, William Strasmore. While it seemed as if this would be the main reason he’d want to pack things up, Spencer decides to stay and give LA a try. This season, he and Joe (Rob Corddry) embark upon a journey to purchase SportsX. You know, after three seasons, these two guys just click. Their chemistry is consistent, they play and fight like real friends and it’s a bond that keeps the show familiar and interesting. Anyway, they have their sights on this other agency which manages extreme sports athletes. Russell Brand makes an appearance as the owner of SportsX.

Ricky (John David Washington) and his baby mama are setting up shop, but unbeknownst to her, he’s over it already. A young guy in his prime, he’s still viable on the field and it looks like he will do everything in his power, behind everyone’s back, to land on a football team; although the odds don’t appear to be in his favor. So far, his only option is the Cleveland Browns. And it appears that they are just as bad on a fictional TV show as they are in real life. Charles is the new GM for the Los Angeles Rams and has to deal with the politics of being the manager. To fire people or not? That is the question. His wife Julie was not in his episode which I personally thought sucked. Their relationship is one of my favorites on the show. It will be interesting to see how the two survive marriage. Are they bi-coastal? Is she moving there?

All in all, it was a solid debut for the veteran series. The traditional relationships are still in play and moving to Los Angeles could be a good move for the crew. Los Angeles is a big city filled with ample topics of discussion. We saw first hand SportsX pitching their big star, a surfer, to the guys. It’s an open industry and with Spencer and Joe in town, it’s theirs for the taking! This season had more action then most of last season. I’m hoping it continues to stay this interesting week in and out.

Be sure to catch Ballers on HBO every Sunday night at 10:00pmEST. You can see the full Season 4 trailer below.

Also here is a different look of what is ahead for all the players of Ballers.

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