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“Ballers” Season 4: Post Game PlayBack

by Alexandra Mitchell
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The fourth season of Ballers has just wrapped and it was a season of change for most of the characters. But not all. Spencer (Dwyane Johnson) made some big moves all season but saved his best for last. Joe (Rob Corddry) figured out how to make the business work after losing Lance (Russell Brand,) though no one is sad about that one. Ricky (John David Washingon) takes a stand but takes a larger fall. And Charles (Omar Benson Miller) gets to finally make decisions. It’s been quite a ride.

image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fshowsnob.com%2Ffiles%2F2018%2F10%2FBallers-s4e8Spencer has had a few ups and downs through the seasons but the second half of this season was especially brutal when he attempted to finagle a deal with his kinda girlfriend’s son Q (Eli Goree) and the Anderson brothers to take ownership of a network tv deal for college football rights wherein not everyone knew the full details. Shady AF. It’s against NCAA regulation that any student accepts bribery or gifts from schools trying to elicit their favor. So the NCAA fights back and states Q is no longer eligible. Spencer files a lawsuit because he wants the NCAA to accept the damage they put on athletes and the lives wasted on the field. In the end, no deal is made because neither side backs down. Though, Q does get his eligibility back.

After the debacle with Lance, Joe needed to regroup and figure out how to make the business work. Luckily, some lesser seen characters got to fill the void and be on camera a little bit more. Vernon (Donovan Carter), Reggie (London Brown), and even Terrell ‘Sizzle’ Suggs get in on the action. They help Joe turn the company around and get a Nike contract. Teamwork makes the dream work! Though Joe might just have to come back around to that old business partner…


Ricky and Charles have always been close, but this season especially their stories have continued to intertwine. Ricky makes some bold political statements at a neighbor’s house, prompting Charles to have his own inner conversation about race and what kind of man he wants to be for his daughter to look up to. And that means supporting Ricky. However, Ricky has certainly been busting it hard this season, trying to make it back on the field. But it isn’t just physical prowess, it’s steroids. Charles tells Ricky to forget he even told Charles but that he’s on the team. Though instead of giving Ricky the spotlight, Charles gives another signed player the shining honors, much to Ricky’s disappointment.

Here is how the episodes broke down –

Episode 6 – “No Small Talk” sees Spencer hitting that roadblock with Q. The episode was written by former NFL Steeler Rashard Mendenhall.
Episode 7  – “The Kids Are Aight” is where we see Ricky lose his cool and Joe launches his business plan for a street skater gang.
Episode 8 – “The Devil You Know” offers a lot as Spencer takes a big risk with the potential to blow Quincy’s deal, and Charles finds a new vision for the team as he deals with Ricky.
Episode 9 – “There’s No Place Like Home, Baby” was the season finale. Through Strasmore’s diligence, Q wins out and Ricky’s performance drug use comes to a head.

It all went out like this:

Having gone four seasons, it is a good question to ask what might be next for the show. This season saw them leave Miami and try more extreme sports. Could next season be international? Perhaps they take a vested interest in soccer? Formula 1 racing? Who knows. But Spencer’s final fight with the NCAA is a good point. Student-athletes push themselves on the fields and the courts, trying to be bright enough to go professional. Everyone wants to believe they’ll make it but so many don’t. Is paying college athletes the way to go? Sound off in the comments with your answer and what you want to see next season!

Thanks for joining Bernard & I for Season Four of Ballers.

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