BALLERS Season Two Trailer

Ballers_SpencerandJoe-300x166Whoa, Dwayne Johnson would just pound us if he knew we neglected the Trailer for Season Two of BALLERS. We better take care of that. But first, just in case you put the show out of your mind let’s get up to speed.

Johnson plays Spencer Strasmore, a former pro football player now financial manager, surrounded by athletes with big deals and the babes that aren’t far behind in the hot, fun locale of Miami, Florida. It is the world of BALLERS Season One played out for 10 episodes from 06.21.15 to 08.23.15 alongside THE BRINK; that show fell off the brink into cancellation, but BALLERS gets to come around for another season.

If you recall at the end of the premiere season Spencer was moving up in the manager ranks, but at the price of cutting out his partner Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry). He stood fast to the plan that they were a team and together they end up celebrating that fact and the great contract won by their client Vernon (Donovan W. Carter). Players Charles (Omar Miller) and Ricky (John David Washington) have had their own struggles to keep in the game or transition and by season’s end they have improved their lot too. All is well as we move into the sophomore year.

Well, the big deals, the athletes and the babes are all still there and it appears that Spencer & Joe are strutting their high confidence all over the place. But remember –

You’re no one until you have enemies.

It looks like that is the gist of the upcoming season as Spencer goes up against a multi-million big boy named Andre. Oooh, get ready to rumble in expensive suits!   


We have no idea how easy a time all the Ballers will have in Season Two but we know it is going to be rockin’. And if you are still just hung up on calling it a Sports ENTOURAGE it peaked high ratings for HBO and was favored by the critics. No specific premiere date has been stated but we believe it to run July-September this year accompanied with the premiere of VICE PRINCIPALS. Are you pumped for more BALLERS?



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