Ratings for HBO’s Girls, Episode 1

By Jacob Klein on Apr 16, 2012 to Girls

Girls-RatingsIt seems like critics can’t stop talking about HBO’s new series Girls. If you were fortunate enough to catch the first episode last night you weren’t alone. 1.1 million viewers tuned in to see Lena Dunham’s new program and that number is sure to rise as the series gains a bit of buzz.

Compared to HBO’s other new comedy series, Enlightened, these ratings numbers are great news considering that series both won awards and was renewed by HBO for a second season. We’ll see how Girls’ numbers rise as these weeks go on. 10:30 is a bit late for some and we wonder if the series might see better numbers online as well as with recorded viewings. ter numbers online as well as with recorded viewings.  Overall these numbers aren’t bad considering the time slot and comparing them to other successful HBO comedies.

Other HBO programs that night fared well also with Game of Thrones holding steady at around 4 million viewers and the series finale of Eastbound & Down clocking in with 1.6 million viewers. We’ll have more numbers for you next week as Veep premieres at 10PM.

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