Westworld: Scenes of the Season

The first season of Westworld went off with quite a bang and continued the season with twists and turns and everything in between. I watched and rode the roller coaster of emotions along with everyone. But by the end of the season, plenty of moments stood out as monumental. Here are my top five scenes of the season.


Ford Cleans Up


When Bernard starts asking questions, we as the audience had to wonder how Ford was going to react. Bernard wants to know everything, access all his past “memories” to discover who he really is. Bernard gets the information after attempting to manipulate Ford. He refuses to give up in knowing all the information, but Ford is not willing to give up easily. An override exists in the Host that was built by Bernard that even he didn’t know he had built. So in true Ford fashion, he cleans up the mess.


Dolores Kills


As William and Dolores wind farther into the maze and the park, Dolores begins to experience little changes in her personality. She’s learning more of who and what she is. In the exchange above, you notice the tiny flicker of emotional change across her face. And without hesitation, Dolores takes down four armed men. But the best moment is when she says, “You said people come here to change the story of their lives. I imagine a story where I didn’t have to be a damsel.” Chills.


The Man in the Black Hat


As the season continued to flash by, this revelation caught me by surprise. While it is normal for science fiction stories to tell multiple stories on different time paths, I had no idea this one was coming. We find out that William has been visiting the park for years and truly becoming who he is inside. And in a turn of events, we see that he is the Man in Black who has been occasionally tormenting her. Because he did love her once, and it caught him hard that she didn’t remember him. But deep, deep down, she did remember him. But was that always there, or did the maze bring those memories back?


Bernard Realizes


While the Man in Black revelation was a “woah!” moment, this one was an”OH MY GOD” moment. As the episode continued, little tidbits suggested there was something more underneath the surface. But none as stomach dropping as Bernard asking, “What door?” As we know, Hosts are not able to see anything that interferes with their programming. As Theresa discovers the paperwork of his prototype, it sinks in that Bernard is not a man at all, but one of Ford’s Hosts. Not included in the above clip is when Ford instructs Bernard to kill his lover Theresa. And you can’t help but think that Ford has done this before.


Dolores Kills Again

The board makes it known that Ford will be on the way out of the park soon. In fact, once he reveals his new story he is supposed to retire immediately. But Ford is not one to go down easily.  Or at all. At least not on anyone’s terms but his own. This is just was Ford does as he announces his new plans for the park, which seem to include mass terror and murder, starting with his own. He can’t leave, and he can’t break all of his toys so no one else can play. So what other option is there besides programming the toys to kill everyone else?

With such a solid first season and an absolutely incredible finale, I cannot imagine what will come with the second one.  These were just my picks for the best scenes of the season. Agree? Disagree? What would you say stood out most?

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