Two Big Names Emerge for HBO’s Westworld

We usually like to wait until there is some sort of substantial evidence before reporting a news story like this. But so long as we frame it in the proper context, that of “rumor status” in this case, we think that most HBO Watchers are able to handle information like this and enjoy the speculation either way.


FilmDivider claims to have sources close to the Abrams/Nolan Westworld project whispering of casting nods to Sir Anthony Hopkins (yep, the one and only) and HBO vet (True Blood, Mildred Pierce) Evan Rachel Wood.

Hopkins would play the role of Dr. Ford, the man who runs the futuristic theme park full of robots (yeah, this show is going to rock your futuristic pants off).

Wood would (heh) play a character who was described thusly:

Dolores is created to be a sassy farm girl; the beautiful girl next door type who has no idea that the life she’s living is a lie. She’s essentially a slave to the guests of the park but has no idea – although this probably won’t remain the case over the course of the series, should there be a full series order.

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We’ll leave you with a stunning photo of Rachel to swoon over:



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