The Newsroom Season 2 Premiere: “Second Thing We Do, Let’s Kill Maggie”


David Pergolini already has a great review of “The Newsroom” Season 2 premier and it’s a good thing, too, because when I watched this episode I only had eyes for Maggie. She’s been a thorn in my side from the very beginning.

It was with steely resolve that I sat myself down to watch this episode. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let Maggie get to me this time, I was just gonna sit back, ignore the little blonde idiot and enjoy the show. Much to my surprise, Aaron Sorkin must have read my mind because Maggie not only had very little airtime, she also got bitch slapped – big time – in the end.

Look, it’s no secret that Aaron Sorkin either loves scrawny empty-headed women with long stringy hair or he just plain thinks women are only born to bake and breed, but most of the time his female characters at least appear to belong in the story. Maggie, on the other hand… Maggie’s just batshit whacko and sticks out like a sore thumb.

From the very beginning Maggie has been a distraction and sheer torture for me to watch. In the pilot episode she decides to assert herself and tells boyfriend, Don, that she’s not going to follow him to the 10 o’clock news, she’s going to stick with Will because she thinks he’s trying to do something good. Go, Maggie! Except…

In the very next scene she’s whining because Don can’t meet her folks for dinner and Don doesn’t make time for her and Don’s only interested because she’s handy at 2 a.m. when he needs a little something to help him relax.

Then Jim enters the scene. There’s a new guy in the newsroom and rather than focus on her work like any real, intelligent career-minded woman who’s low-man on the seniority pole would do, Maggie is torn between two lovers and she turns into a bumbling idiot whenever one of them is around. She spends the rest of the season teetering back and forth: Should I stay with Don because I’ve already invested so much in this relationship or should I go with Jim because he respects me for who I am?

I get it. Maggie’s young, and young people, women and men, make stupid relationship choices. And sometimes they even let it affect their work. But Maggie is so over-the-top screechingly ridiculous and immature it’s embarrassing to watch. No professional woman in her position should be having personal, relationship conversations with her boyfriend in the middle of an office full of people, and no professional woman in her position would.

But what really put the whack in batshit crazy whack-job was the final episode of season one. Here’s Maggie, standing in the middle of the street, rain-soaked and muddy, screeching at the top of her lungs to a busload of “Sex And The City” tourists, that reality is nothing like what you see on TV. This, I suppose, is supposed to convince us that Maggie really is intelligent and wise beyond her years, but all it really does is highlight the fact that she’s nothing but an immature, idiotic, screeching idiot.

maggie-prettyBut, wait! In the season 2 premiere we see Maggie enter the room. Her blonde hair’s gone. Now she has a grungy pixie cut, a vacant stare, she’s wearing blue jeans, boots and a sweater, and she barely utters a word. There are hints that she witnessed some unspeakable atrocities while covering a story in Uganda but that’s not the best part of this episode.

Next, Maggie confronts Jim – again, in the middle of the newsroom – and asks him if he feels awkward seeing her at work now. To which Jim replies, “It’s only awkward because you want it to be.” Which she does. Maggie is so hoping that Jim is pining away for her just as much as she’s pining away for him, but it’s her fault they’re in this predicament. Thankfully, Jim doesn’t let her off the hook.

But here’s the best part: Don and Maggie are now living together and Maggie’s cousin has a crush on Don. Not only that, she knows Maggie really doesn’t love Don, Maggie loves Jim. So she sends Don a link to a YouTube video recorded by one of the tourists on that Sex And The City tour bus. A video of Maggie shouting, “And mostly, when you fall for a guy and he’s going out with your best friend, it doesn’t work out!”

Don, the good guy who thinks he’s a bad guy so he works extra hard to be a good guy but sometimes screws it up because he’s trying too hard, tells Maggie it’s over, he’s going to a hotel, she can have the apartment, and she should call Jim. And then he walks out the door.

And Maggie. Sobs. Silently. Finally! Thank you, Mr. Sorkin.

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