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THE NEWSROOM Casting For Final Season

by Jef Dinsmore
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People_KeithPowellThere is very little to report right now on the third and final season of THE NEWSROOM. All we have to share is a new character to the series and who personifies that role. Keith Powell, who you might recognize from 30 Rock, is making his presence known in the ACN bullpen. He will play Wyatt Geary, the new Human Resources Vice President at news station.  Nothing else to report but it is good to know that the third and final season of the newsroom is in production and on the way!

That is all we got. HBOWatch just thought it was time to bring THE NEWSROOM to the forefront as we anticipate its return later this year. Oh, and we also found this Season Two piece that you might like. You are welcome America.

The Newsroom season 3 will premiere some time this year, unless otherwise stated by HBO.  Either way we’ll keep you up to date on our season schedule page.

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