It is time at HBOWatch to keep the buzz going on the new drama series of the summer – THE LEFTOVERS. There is already an official trailer or two out and there There has been some conversation as well, but first, here is the latest clip –

Also there has been talks with Lost co-creator Lindelof as he now adapts the Tom Perrotta novel into  the upcoming HBO series. Entertainment Weekly has an interview we can glean good intel from. EW asked about what the vibe of the upcoming series was and here is Lindelof’s response.

“This is going to be a show about sudden and abrupt loss and more importantly, what will at least in its initial presentation seem to be one that you can’t receive closure from. If someone dies, that’s a horrible thing and they must be mourned. But in this instance, you don’t even know if you’re supposed to mourn who’s been departed because they could be walking through your door tomorrow, or you could be zapped up or down or sideways to wherever they are. So this lack of understanding as to what just occurred is the most pervasive feeling, not just in the moment that it happens but certainly three years later when the story starts.”  TheLeftovers_Theroux

One  of the focal characters, evident via the video clips we have seen, is the local sheriff Kevin Garvey played by Justin Theroux (pictured). He was asked about that character specifically. 

“It’s somewhat of an ensemble drama but at the hub of all these characters is Kevin Garvey. There’s that old, classic mythological construct of the sheriff of the town as the guy who’s going to keep order in a world that is basically on the brink of chaos. That’s the jumping-off point for him. But there’s a lot more nuance to that, and we have no desire to do what we would call traditional cop stories. They are a little bit more old-school sheriff stories, like Gary Cooper in High Noon, where it’s not about watching him do the job of the sheriff but the fact that he is the one that everyone is looking to to solve a very large problem just puts this tremendous pressure on him that is enormously dramatic to watch. Especially because he’s kind of coming apart at the seams just like everybody else is but he’s not allowed to show it.”

There is plenty of mystery surrounding the series of course. Is the “rapture” truly of a spiritual nature? Who are the people clad in white PJs? Are people testing there invincibility by jumping off buildings & burning or drowning themselves? Or are those suicides depicted done by those left behind who think that they also can return better off if they disappear as well? Who were the chosen ones and how were they chosen over others? We can also ask what happened to this poor soul?  TheLeftovers_PoorSoul Damon Lindelof also told EW that –

You’ve got this big, crazy, supernatural — potentially spiritual — idea that informs every episode of the show that we’ll ever make, which is that this thing happened, this sudden departure of 140 million people which depending on what side of it you’re on, could be the Rapture. There could be some yet-as-undetermined scientific explanation for it, but still it’s miraculous. The traditional way of telling this story is you’re in immediate aftermath of this event. It’s all that anyone can talk about. Dropping into these people’s lives three years later and saying ‘This is the moment in which they get back to their lives as they were or they decide that they can’t get back to their lives as they were,’ that’s a much more interesting idea. So all decisions that the characters are making is informed by a supernatural idea, but the show is not presenting ongoing supernatural phenomena.

Tune in June 29 as the answers begin to be revealed. Also check back here at HBOWatch for continued posts about THE LEFTOVERS. One final question remains –



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