Judd Apatow’s CRASHING Picked Up As HBO Series

Back in September of last year we learned that Judd Apatow was looking for another series to bring HBO’s way. We didn’t know then that GIRLS, where he serves as an executive producer, was going to end in 2017. Luckily he had CRASHING in the works with colleague Pete Holmes. That concept has just got picked up for a series.

                       Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow

CRASHING is a single-camera comedy all about a comedian who spends his lonely life crashing on other comedians couches  all across New York City after his wife leaves him. It sounds like a simple premise, but consider that Pete Holmes plays the only recurring characters and each week he is in a different crash pad bouncing comedic moments with the guest comic of the week. The question is are the comics featured, including Holmes, playing themselves, some absurd version of themselves or do they get to do a character? You can also ask just which comic talents will Apatow & Holmes be able to draw in for the gig?

It could be interesting to see. HBO apparently thought so as it snagged up this comedy in a few months’ time. Apatow and Holmes executive produce, with Holmes’ manager Dave Rath serving as a producer alongside Josh Church (Trainwreck) and Igor Srubshchik (GIRLS), while Oren Brimer (The Pete Holmes Show) is a co-producer. It is written by Holmes, as it is autobiographical, and directed by Apatow. All there is to date is the pilot which won HBO over. Further details are forthcoming. 

In the meantime can you think of some NYC-based comedians who might make great appearances? How about Billy Eichner, Jim Gaffigan or Colin Quinn? Would he crash at a chick’s place like Janeane Garofalo’s? Of course there are big names like Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Colbert, Howard Stern and John Oliver.

(Source: Deadline)


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