“CRASHING” and “HIGH MAINTENANCE” Return in January 2019

On one hand, we are hesitant on what AT&T‘s WarnerMedia will do with HBO in the new year and on the other we are excited for what increased content is ahead in 2019. The new year is still over a month away but it is shaping up already. We know that TRUE DETECTIVE arrives January 13 and now we know that a week later two accompanying comedies join it Sunday nights.  

Details come via a press release: The HBO comedy series CRASHING and HIGH MAINTENANCE will return with back-to-back season three premieres SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, starting at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT). 

CRASHING, created by and starring Pete Holmes, kicks off its eight-episode third season SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 (10:00-10:30pm ET/PT). The series draws on Holmes’ own experiences as a comedian, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the world of stand-up comedy. Season three credits: executive produced by Pete Holmes, Judd Apatow, Judah Miller and Igor Srubshchik; co-executive producer, Oren Brimer; producers, Josh Church, Dave Rath and Greg Fitzsimmons. 

If you recall, Season Two ended with Pete breaking up with Ali. He was kind of forced of performing a style of comedy he was not comfortable with and went toe-to-toe with Ali and it ended up exposing things he was just not happy with and the end of the relationship seemed to be the end result. So, once again Pete’s head is not in the right place until he heads to the college crowd and the humor they enjoy. Maybe, he will rally in Season Three and maybe the newest trailer can give us a clue. 

Moving from Friday to Sunday night, HIGH MAINTENANCE, created by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, returns for its nine-episode third season SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 (10:30-11:00pm ET/PT). The critically acclaimed, wholly unique show uses The Guy, played by Ben Sinclair, a marijuana dealer, to weave in and out of various stories about New York life, including his own. Season three credits: created by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair; executive producers, Katja Blichfeld, Ben Sinclair and Russell Gregory; producers, Willy Friedman, Gwen Bialic and Emi Irikawa.  


The show doesn’t have a new trailer or image yet heralding the new season, but it is nice to see HIGH MAINTENANCE move from Friday late night to the primetime Sunday schedule. This series is presented in a more episodic style as opposed to a serialized continued thread, which simply means if you miss an episode you are not losing plot points. However, at the conclusion of Season Two, we did see The Guy dealing with some life changes. We will have to see what happens to him and whether or not we see familiar clients in the new season or more new faces.  

Look for more details as we add CRASHING and HIGH MAINTENANCE to the winter schedule.  


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