Crashing Season 3: Episodes 1-4 Review

Everyone’s favorite awkward comedian Pete Holmes is back for the third season of his show Crashing, and we’re ready to see what awkward hijinks Pete gets himself into this time around. The end of last season had Pete clenching a college tour and bidding adieu to his relationship with Ali. But that doesn’t keep Pete down for long.

When Pete returns after a long college tour, he gets the chance to audition at the Comedy Cellar. For Pete, this is a huge deal. He’s pumped and he wants to spread the wealth by helping out a younger comedian named Jaboukie (played by Jaboukie Young-White.) Pete brings him back to New York to help get him exposure in the comedy world. But poor Pete. Jaboukie scoops the set Pete was trying out for. Ouch. Everybody out here for themselves, fam.

Kat (Madeline Wise) and Pete

Being the wholesome act that he is, Pete gets invited to do a show at a synagogue.  Not his usual religious crowd, but people seem to really like him. Well, his ex-girlfriend Ali (Jamie Lee) is still not his biggest fan and she’s moved on, but not before some disparaging comments about Pete’s wardrobe. TBH she’s not wrong. That jacket wasn’t great IMO. But he runs into a girl named Kat (Madeline Wise) who thinks it’s okay and the two hit it off. Sexually. In the span of an afternoon the two have sex twice before Pete goes to his synagogue show. She’s pretty polar opposite of Pete, but he really likes her. Now he’s stuck between the Lord and a girl. Guess who wins?

Ensconced happily in his new relationship, the two are like any new couple in love. Spending lots of time together, infatuated. He even blows of Leif to see her, which was again such an Un-Pete move and super douchy. I get you like your new gal, but Leif (George Basil) has actually been super supportive of Pete and was trying to get him in with some celebrities. Pete completely blows him off. Not cool, dude. But apparently, Pete’s too cool about his career because Kat wants him to be more aggressive. I get it to a point. I’m not sure I completely buy the law of attraction, but things do come when you work for it. Networking, new avenues, etc. When you put in the effort to find things, they’ll come. She just seems a tad too forceful. Not sure I’m completely a fan of Kitty yet.

Ali (Jamie Lee), Pete Holmes, Jason (Dov Davidoff)

The first half of the season wraps with Pete and his old bark boss Jason (Dov Davidoff) going to New Jersey for a show set. An apartment is kept for comedians to crash at when they come to perform. “Comedy Condo” houses a surprise guest for Pete. His ex-girlfriend Ali! Awkward, but not too bad since they seem to have moved onto mutual respect after the break-up. But Ali and Jason do not get along which causes some grief when original headliner Jason makes some bad jokes about consent and gets moved to middle act and Pete gets headliner instead. Ali thinks she should get headliner but the owner disagrees. Annoyed, she goes out on stage and torpedoes Jason’s act by mocking people who don’t respect consent. It is fraught with drama. But she’s also not wrong. After the whole weekend including some disappointing video sex, Pete returns to church shows.

The second half is probably going to be packed with even more antics. I know at least Kitty will meet Pete’s parents soon. Ali has made several appearances this season, which delights me because I adored Jamie Lee last season and was desolate when the relationship was ended as I figured we wouldn’t see her again. Could Kat be a mere stopover relationship? Could Ali be sticking around as more than just another comedian? I like Kat and I like Pete being more adventurous, but I don’t like pushy, especially in relationships. We shall see. What do you want to see happen in the second half of the season?

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