Crashing: Episodes 5-Series Finale Review


While this post would have been just a round-up of the second half of the season, after finding out Crashing will not be renewed for a fourth season, we now have to bid adieu to our favorite, failing comedian. After his trip to New Jersey, Kat (Madeline Wise) is still upset with Pete about hanging out with his ex Ali (Jamie Lee). Which she finds out about right as she and Pete arrive at his parents’ house. Oops. Though Pete insists everything is fine, Kat doesn’t believe him.

While Kat has issues with Pete’s mother’s relationship with him, Pete’s mother (Audrie Neenan) has issues with Kat and her lack of a bra and approach to religion. Kat returns the awkward favor by having sex with Pete quite loudly that night. To which, Pete’s mother informs him that Kat was faking. Because a mother always knows? Personally, I don’t think you should pay attention to anyone’s sex noises enough to know what’s real and what isn’t.


When they return to the city, Pete is meeting up with some comedy friends to celebrate Ali getting on Seth Meyers. Kat was not actively invited and she, of course, pulled the classic “I want you to want me to go” rant. So Pete awkwardly invites her along. Ali is understandably nervous and her boyfriend Ted doesn’t really get it. Pete pumps her up and it’s just another reminder of how great a guy he is. Then during Ali’s routine poor Pete shushes Kat. Already not appreciating Ali’s jokes which she believes to be about Pete, she really doesn’t like that. Cue to a drunken (on Kat’s end) argument outside ending when Kat storms off. I get where Kat is coming from, but doing an impression of a person with a disability is very not okay. Wasn’t funny when Trump did it, and not funny from her. Ali consoles Pete, but he ends up back home where Kat has crashed in his bed.

a6e736603e5c11e9950b0649b373be7a.jpeg?body=.eJwly8EKhCAUBdB_uWsXlqbpz8TTeUWRJKZQxPz7BLM_50EsR4bHmahUCLR8RtoZvpbGAhe81lLghu_1KLCmZWpt_byDDFtljFQ8xK5j5wYZpNEuKKsCW8Jfz0dJVF-_ZV7w_QGV2yHFPete then heads out on his religious tour, where he is making mad, good money. But at the same time, he clearly feels something is missing. Much like we’ve seen with Pete from the beginning, he’s torn between the religious life he led and the dirtier life outside of that. He’s working to find a balance not only in his spiritual life but also his work life. What kind of comedy does he want to do? Can he do both? On top of that, he’s dealing with ditching Kat and how to handle that break-up. Eventually, they sit down and Kat spells out feeling like a consolation prize until Ali was available again. I don’t really think Kat is right. I think Pete really did want things to work with Kat but that she was just more intense, extroverted, and wild than him. People can successfully be friends with their exes. Pete is on good terms with his ex-wife. Just because the sexual part of their relationship ended doesn’t mean they can’t save the rest of it. And Ali had certainly moved on as well. cq5dam.web.1200.675

In the finale, Pete happens to get booked to open for John Mulaney. On a misunderstanding. It felt like a punch in the gut on his behalf. Before even finding out, he calls and asks Ali to come but she’s at home mourning the loss of her relationship. When Ted goes to walk Ali’s friend to her car in the last episode, I totally thought he was cheating on her so I wonder if that is in a deleted scene somewhere. While Mulaney is trying to find someone higher caliber, it doesn’t pan out so Pete gets the stage time. I’ve got to ask. Is John Mulaney a dick? I genuinely can’t tell if he is or not. Which I guess is kind of his thing. I just wish I could know one way or the other. He does get Pete a spot at the Cellar and Pete kills it enough to get the tough manager to occasionally give him spots. Not only that, but he leaves and meets up with Ali and a smooch.

I’m so sad to see the show go, but I am glad it ended this way. It would have been amazing to see Pete and Ali have more of a future, but I’m glad they at least ended up together. From the very beginning of their arc, I felt like they had great chemistry. And I feel like she’s what Pete needed in a partner. She was smart, sassy, but also loved comedy and stand-up. And she challenged him. I look forward to seeing what Pete Holmes does next. Jamie Lee, as well. It was a joy watching Pete’s character change and evolve over the seasons. Definitely one of my favorites at HBO! Was it one of yours? 

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