Jeffrey Wright Mentions WESTWORLD

WestWorld_logo-300x248Right now we don’t have much on WESTWORLD. We wish we did, but you know how unpredictable HBO is at doling out information and imagery…only when they are ready. But, in surfing around to dig up something on the series we found this clip from The Queen Latifah Show with guest Jeffrey Wright from November of 2014. 

He talks a bit about his character on the show. He plays, as we reported on 08.06.14, Bernard Lowe, director of the Programming Division of the amusement park. His “keen observation of human nature provides him with boundless inspiration for his life’s work—creating artificial people.” Take a look at the clip:

Yeah, we know he didn’t shed any new light on the subject or show a clip (he states only one episode was shot at that point), but he did show an enthusiasm for the series. He also eludes to the notion that plenty of what we will see is the behind-the-scenes action of the park. The original movie touched on that whole notion as well with the Gunslinger being brought back in for work. Wright will be that character overseeing the development of the artificial life populating the environment, programming them and ultimately scrambling to troubleshoot the problems when the programming goes awry… or is it more trying to outwit an evolving artificial intelligence.

He joins Anthony Hopkins is Dr. Robert Ford, the brilliant creative director of Westworld; James Marsden is Teddy Flood, a newly arrived gunslinger in pursuit of a local beauty; Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores Abernathy, a Western girl who discovers her entire life is an elaborately constructed lie; Thandie Newton is Maeve Millay, the beautiful and sharp madame of Westworld, Sidse Babett Knudsen is Theresa Cullen, Westworld’s terse operations leader, responsible for keeping the park from sliding into unscripted chaos and Ed Harris is the Man in Black, a mysterious villain.

We eagerly await WESTWORLD and Jeffry Wright’s involvement in it. Maybe, we can find more tidbits like the one above as we wait for the series’ arrival in mid-2016.




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