Jeff Daniels Tweets about THE NEWSROOM Season Three


Even though HBO has not officially confirmed a Season Three for the ACN crew come next summer star Jeff Daniels let a little something leak out on Twitter today. Here’s the tweet:


The only other indication that another season was forthcoming was from Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming head, who has also made statements to the likelihood. We previously noted his  comments to the Television Critics Association in July.

 Now that the Daniels comment has surfaced look for HBO’s official statement once the scheduling particulars with Aaron Sorkin are finalized. Also look for THE NEWSROOM to be present at the Emmy Awards coming on 09.22; the show was nominated for three awards including the Best Actor in a Dramatic Series nod for Jeff Daniels himself.

Also don’t forget the 2-part season finale coming on 09.08 & 09.15 respectively.

When does The Newsroom season 3 start? We won’t know the exact date until next year but we’d guess you’ll be seeing ACN on your televisions in Summer 2014, similar to the scheduling that happened this year.

More as this story develops.


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