Hope for a 9th Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm


Is Curb Your Enthusiasm like “the one that got away”? Do you think about it from time to time with love, longing and a tinge of regret that there wasn’t just a little bit more? You’re not alone. Millions of Larry David fans’ eyes widened with delight as he released an HBO Film: Clear History last year. We all got a taste of what Larry could still do on HBO’s air and most of us wanted still more.

The TCA press tour has been giving us tidbits on every show’s future this year as HBO’s top brass field questions about Game of Thrones, True Detective and even Curb Your Enthusiasm.

HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo had a little story about a run in with Larry David recently:

“I said, ‘So, David, should I emotionally get Curb out of my head?’ And he goes, ‘No, no, no, no, no.'” he told reporters today.

We never put CYE season 9 out of our heads, Larry!  Never!  Are we scaring you? We’ll back off now, sorry.

HBO is also staying true to LD saying adding this:

“As long as he’s thinking about it, we still have a place for it,” Lombardo said.

We started an open Letter to Larry David begging asking nicely for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Add your voice to the chorus if you feel so inclined. The above news is prettay, prettay, prettay underwhelming in terms of an actual commitment but isn’t it good to know that both HBO and Larry David are planning on coming back to TV sometime in the future?

LD may not be a very patient man but so must we all be.  It’s going on 5 years now but we’re still holding a torch for you, Larry. Don’t make us grab a boombox and play it outside of your bedroom window.

More on Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 when we have it.



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