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larry-david-Season-9-Curb-200x300Here at HBOWatch we receive all sorts of comments on our various articles.  But I wanted to highlight a comment we recieved on our previous article about the posibility of HBO comissioning a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  The following comes from someone who refers to him or herself as a “David Disciple”  In it, he or she implores Mr. David to keep the laughs coming with a new season of Curb.

Dear Mr. David, HBO network & affiliates,

I implore you to appreciate that while expensive bottles of wine, Knicks & Yankees tickets, stolen floral bouquets, upscale restaurant gift certificates, anonymous donations, German shepherds, mulatto baby dolls, large teddy bears, Seinfeld dvds, freakbooks, kidney donations, Paul Simon tickets, sewing machines and violins may have their respective moments, that the gift of laughter will NEVER go out of style. PLEASE keep up the good work in season 9- we’re counting on you!

the greater community of aspiring social assassins

Please consider the following poll a petition to HBO and Larry David to create at least one more season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Let’s demonstrate to the show creators that we, the people, will support such an action!

[poll id=”15″]

So far we have little to no information about the a season 9 other than ‘HBO wants it‘.  We’ve tried out best to reach out and we did get a response from Cheryl Hines on Twitter who plays Larry’s (ex) wife on the show:


We’ll certainly update you immediately if we hear anything else! Until then, check out the other 8 seasons of Curb on DVD, On Demand and HBO Go.

UPDATE:  Larry is working on a movie for HBO.  It’s not a new season of Curb but I’m betting it rings true to fans of the show!


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