Felicity Jones is a ‘GIRL’!

Felicity-Jones-GirlsPhoto via DailyNews by Andy Holzman

Not that she wasn’t before.  She is a Girl on Girls, tough.  Okay let me start again- those eyes make us forget ourselves!  As of today we can confirm that Felicity Jones (The Amazing Spiderman 2, Northanger Abbey) will be appearing in HBO’s GIRLS! Director Jesse Peretz announced the casting on twitter yesterday and The Wrap scooped it up:

An HBO representative also confirmed that Richard E. Grant (“The Iron Lady,” “Gosford Park”) will make an appearance on the show for season 3.  

Two Brits, eh Lena?  Can’t say we blame you as both of them are wonderful.  No word yet on which characters these two will be playing but since the departure of Charlie we’ve all been left wondering how the story will unfold. Though Lena did recently “comment” on that:

Har har, Ms. Dunham. Though a Mad Men / Girls crossover pilot might… oh nevermind.

We’ll update with an official announcement about a Girls Season 3 premiere date when we have it. Our best guess would be “Q1 2014” which would put it right about where it was last year and the year before. Though the need for a rewrite after Christopher Abbot abruptly left the series could be hamming up the premiere schedule.  Hopefully we get to see our Girls sooner rather than later.

We’ll let you know when a season 3 air date is official.


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