Big Little Lies: “Burning Love”


Last week, we saw Jane continue to struggle with the school as they remain unsure of Ziggy.  Their uncertainty mostly at the behest of parents who continue to squabble.  She also makes a trek to meet the possible Mr. Saxon, who turns out not to be the one. Celeste continues going to therapy, without Perry, which leads the therapist into raising some difficult questions. Madeline tries to cut herself off from her previous tryst, feeling that she’s jeopardized her marriage enough and wants to fix things.

BigLittleLies_Ep06pic3-300x200Now, this week brings a fresh set of stresses to Monterey as Madeline’s play officially opens.  Her past catches up with her, though, as Joseph’s wife asks about the affair.  And if that wasn’t enough, Madeline has dinner with Bonnie and Nathan to look forward to, or not look forward to.  Bonnie discovers the secret of Abigail’s project and when she shares with Nathan, he understandably flips his shit.  Selling one’s virginity for charity is noble, but not well thought out.  Madeline flips her stomach which spills all over the table.  Ick.

Celeste has continued going to therapy without Perry and her therapist is making slow roads on helping Celeste see the light.  I have to applaud the show for the incredibly well-done perspective of the abuse dynamic.  Celeste doesn’t see herself as a victim at first.  If anything, she admits that she antagonizes Perry into hitting her.  This is a classic example of an abuse victim, who are conditioned to believe that they are at fault for the abuse.  That the abuser would not hit them if they didn’t act the way they do.  But as the violence continues to escalate and Perry’s comments become more threatening, her therapist is able to convince Celeste to look at an escape apartment.  On average, a victim will attempt to leave aBigLittleLies_Ep06-300x200t least seven times before successfully escaping and that is the most dangerous time for a survivor as 75% of victims who are killed by their batterers are killed after or in the attempt of escaping.

Perry’s temper isn’t the only violence to hit the show this week as Jane and Renata actually come to a physical scuffle.  A petition is started for Ziggy to be suspended, much to Jane’s dismay.  While Renata isn’t behind the petition, her snarky responses to Jane’s worry is ill-timed.  After her outburst, Jane feels terrible and goes to apologize.  The two have a heartfelt conversation and realize that they are coming from a very similar place: a mother’s worry for her child.  They are both trying to be protective mother bears, and bears can get vicious.  For now, these women are trying to bury the hatchet, and not in each other’s backs.

Next week’s finale should be a bombshell of an episode.  We will finally know who bites the bullet.  And who delivers the kill shot, as trivia night finally arrives. Audrey and Elvis are everywhere to be seen.  As is Joseph, possibly stalking Madeline because he can’t get over her.  But is she over him?  Will Celeste get away from Perry, or will she possibly die trying to escape?  Will Jane find out who Ziggy’s father is? So many questions, that will hopefully be answered in next week’s finale!


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